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"There's a crime in this city every thirty-six seconds, and it's our job to make sure that doesn't rise to thirty-five seconds!" -- Chief Fontaine, MAD Police Company

Municipal Assault Division

The Municipal Assault Division (AKA: MAD Police, MPC) is a government-backed Police Company and a subsidiary of the supercorporation Kyo-Sec in overall charge of peacekeeping throughout the Kyotian Guilds. The MAD Police Agency specifically holds jurisdiction in Sub-Electronica, including both the undersea dome and the landing pads on the surface.

The MPC is an example of a typical Police Company. Most officers are licensed bounty hunters hired by the company, paid a flat rate and collecting additional pay, or 'commissions', based on the criminals they arrest. The MPC uses a point system to determine the worth of criminals derived from the crimes they've committed. As such, a purse-snatcher or shoplifter would be small change, while a serial killer is considered a big score.

As bounty hunting in Kyogara is restricted to licensed individuals, members of MPC are considered licensed due to their affiliation with the Police Company itself. Many, however, are also privately licensed so they can better deal with cases that take them beyond the borders of the Guilds.

Assault Division

The MAD Police are only a Police force in spirit. As Sub-Electronica is home to a handful of often violent crime families, the officers of the MPC are typically pulled from the same crop. Officers are often brutal and no-nonsense, with little tolorance for crime. Many Officers carry firearms in addition to their special powers. The company headquarters also houses a PT-83 'Lawman' light tank , reserved for extreme situations.

One must remember that the MAD Police isn't a simple municipal police force, but a government-backed paramilitary peacekeeping force. Officers in the MPC hold the most weight in Sub-Electronica, but those who are privately licensed bounty hunters can still act in the MPC's interests abroad.


The MPC issues licenses based on the skills and job of their officers.

  • Rank C -- A C-Rank is usually a desk jockey. This rank has its own promotion system and rules, as many C-Rank officers volunteer for this sort of work. Other ranks are sometimes demoted to C-Rank as a form of punishment.
  • Rank B -- The B-Rank is usually affiliated with light security. Since most people don't actually try to go Security, though, most of the B-ranks are rookie officers.
  • Rank A -- A-Rank officers are the backbone of MPC. It includes detectives, beat cops, and some specialists such as K-9 cops and negotiators.
  • Rank S -- S-Rank officers are always SWAT. They're considered elite, and have their own promotion system. While SWAT often works with other ranks, some consider them elitists.
  • Rank O -- O-Rank officers are command figures. The Chief, the Captains, and the Lieutenants are all O-Rank officers. It should be noted, reaching O-Rank requires special training.
  • Rank M -- M-Rank is a blanket term applied to mercenaries and bounty hunters that MPC may sometimes hire for short periods, usually one or two operations. Most other ranks do not trust M-rank officers, for good reason - They tend to go where the money is, including crime families. Some M-Ranks occasionally join MPC officially and recieve a different license grade.