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OOC Info

LoG&S players - Click the link below for chargen info

LoG&S Campaign chargen and rules document

Notes for PX3/PX4 players

  • PX4 divine events are largely retconned, but your characters still exist.
  • Ditto war is over - Ditto are part of mainstream society - Some nervousness may still exist.
  • Starbase Echinacea established in orbit around Poqmori
  • The Protectorate has changed their designation from “not ready for contact” to “federated world” (Part of the protectorate)
    • Poqmori is indexed as World 29b5
  • FTL travel is available (Standard Warp, not Spiral Drive)
  • The mission to Earth that results in their ship crashing and forming Mt. Moon has occurred. About 500 years ago.
  • Poqmori takes part in Protectorate Metareality (They are connected to the intergalactic internet)
  • Time compared to PX3 time: +250 years
  • In Earth time: Parallel to Sword/Shield time

Historical Information

Pokemon Dynasty contains additional information about history, particularly of how the world was between 50-100 years ago. It can be consulted as an IC reference for more information, but if it contradicts this page, this page overrules it as canon.

IC Info



The cosmos

  • Universe: Kalinsar-Mori (“Science is Magic”)
  • World: Poqmori (Pokemagic)
    • Pronounciation: Pock-mor-ee
    • Size: ~19200 miles circumference (80% earth's size)
    • Gravity: 0.85x earth gravity
    • Pole temp: -30c low, 0c average
    • Equator temp: 40c average, 65c high
    • Avg temp: 10-30c
    • Continents: 6
    • Ocean mass: 63% planetary cover
    • Bio mass
      • Pokemorph population: 2.42 billion
      • Pokemon population: 4.66 billion
      • Other population: 470 million
      • Animal: ~1048000 species
      • Pokemon: ~1000 species
    • Axial tilt: 23 degrees
    • Cloud albedo: 33%
    • Rainfall: Avg 88 inches/yr (Contiki)
    • Continental drift: 1" every 7 years
    • Siblings: 6 solar satellites including self at 5th
    • Star data:
      • Name: Arceousa (The Light)
      • Color: Yellow-green
      • Thermal runaway: 3700c surface temp, 12800c core temp
    • Genetic drift: 16300 chromosoma from base per generation (All creatures)
    • Mutation rate: 0.18%
    • Gender profile
      • ~45% male
      • ~45% female
      • ~7% hermaphrodite
      • ~3% gendershifting
  • Nearby systems:
    • Kurinzona (33ly)
    • Pankyuuk (48ly)
  • A little bit further away
  • Accessible from the Protectorate Weave
    • Earth (1031ly)
    • The rest of the Universe

The Stairs

  • The Grand Stair is known to educated members of the populace.
  • License to wander the Stairs is required to use Doors
    • PC’s are presumed to have this License
  • Awareness of other Pokemon cosmos exists.
  • Both the Kurinzona and Poqmori Doors are part of the Woods between Worlds
  • Some Poqmori starships may have the ability to cosm-jump.

The setting

The timeperiod where roleplay takes place 500 years after the crash landing of Pokemon to Earth. <Finish filling in!>

Current setting time on Earth: Sword/Shield time


Continents (6):

Contiki:   The main continent, average, temperate forest conditions
           Dominant types: Normal, Electric, Fairy
           Features: The center of civilization
           Major cities: Ginseng, Mikon, Niwrad, Danaan
Peth:      The rainforest continent, south of Contiki
           Dominant types: Bug, Plant, Poison
           Features: The Arcadian Ruins
           Cities: Avalon, Camila
Grouda:    The desert continent, southeast of Contiki
           Dominant types: Fire, Rock, Ground
           Features: Mount Lavos Volcano
           Cities: Fyre, Rena (The secret fox city)
Latie:     The air continent, northwest of Contiki
           Dominant types: Flying, Fighting, Dragon
           Features: Mount Shasta (The Great Mountain)
           Cities: Olympia, Terrex, Mount Weyr
Kyogara:   The underwater continent, in the ocean east of Contiki
           Dominant types: Water, Ice, Steel
           Features: Aquadome
           Cities: Merreth (inside dome), Aquila (outside dome)
Terne:     The plains continent west of Contiki:
           Dominant types: Ghost, Dark, Psychic
           Features: The Shroud (area of unending dark [clouds])
           Cities: Helsing, Hadle

Graphical Map:

The present

In the current setting, life goes on much like it would in a 25th century Earth setting. High magitech reigns, Local space is well explored and they are officially members of the Protectorate, an intergalactic federation of planets in this universe. Ginseng seems to be the hotbed of world activity when you look around. Being the most populous city of the world, many people from all around gather there, and it is the center of government. It is the center of commerce and civilization.


Technology hovers around a 2430 level. Your average pokedex is about as sophisticated as a Star Trek Padd, and due to being connected to the Pokenet (which is then connected to the Protectorate metareality), has information from around the universe.


Every device has the capability to connect to the Pokenet. The pokedex is a fine example, getting realtime updates whenever new information is found. Additionally, The pokenav allows you to set and look up information like maps and trainer info. The pokenet can also be projected into now using a neural interface, a space known as the PokeWeave. The dominant lifeform of the PokeWeave is the Digimon, or Digital Pokemon, which are said to be the programs that run on systems connected to the PokeNet. Digimon go to and from the PokeWeave using the Transporters (see Theme#Transport), some pokemon have learned how to use Doors as well. However Porygon, Porygon2 and Porygon-Z are able to go into and out of the PokeWeave through any network port through the use of Isometric Algorithms. The Pokenet is also connected to Protectorate Metareality which allows Digimon and Porygon to escape the bounds of Pokenet and move across the universe. Pokemon and Pokemorphs can also access this through the Transporter network, then through the way of Starbase Echinacea, which has a Protectorate matter entry point for living entities to enter the PMR.

Team Rocket

They exist, but are not an evil organization. They are, instead, like NASA on the pokemon homeworld, and have active space programs and alliances within 1000 lightyears radius. They have secret programs going on also.

Criminal elements

Not including anything Ditto related, the most organized crime comes out of Team Phoenix.


Wild Pokemon and Pokemorphs speak in different languages naturally. Pokemorphs cannot understand wild pokemon under any circumstances, though pokemon can understand them without difficulty. Pokemon and pokemorphs also have their own unique languages that cannot be understood by the other if the other person does not have the


The favored form of transport is the Teleporter. Most towns and cities the planet have one. This can be used to allow Digital Pokemon (programs) to get in and out of the PokeWeave, and allows pokemon and Pokemorphs to do so as well. They may travel through the PokeWeave to any other place on the planet by going from one teleporter to another. They may go to anywhere else in the known universe as well, by going to the Starbase Echinacea and then traveling to Protectorate Metareality.

The other way to travel is the Monorail, which travels at up to 500 miles per hour. It is used mostly for local travel between Teleporters and local destinations. Aircraft exist but are mostly considered esoteric travel. You can also hitch a ride with someone who knows Fly, but most machine travel goes to and from Space.


Many pokemorphs do not practice any religion at all, of those who do, about 30%, all of them practice the only known religion to exist, the Way of the Trinity, which celebrates Mew, Celebi, and Jirachi as triune gods. There are many temples about the world, with different methods of worship, depending on the developers of the temple. There are many methods of worship and many different rules per temple, but all share a common reverance for Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, and legendary pokemon.

Pokemon and Pokemorphs

Pokemorphs evolved from Pokemon, and thus are always sentient. Some pokemon are also sentient, some are self-aware, and some are not sentient at all. Society assumes that a pokemon is sentient if any sort of intelligence is shown, because some can't or wont speak pokemorph. Sentient pokemorphs and pokemon are considered equal, but wild pokemon are considered capturable and trainable. Of course, some wild pokemon seek out their own trainer anyway.

Because some pokemon might be sentient and still be wild or feral, they are refered to as wild pokemon, if they have not expressed a desire for self-determination and self-awareness, and do not have the same rights as a tame pokemon.

Pokemon who can speak pokemorph, or have otherwise shown a desire for self-determination and self-awareness, are referred to as tame pokemon, and have all the same rights of a pokemorph.

Pokemorphs are interested in taking pokemon as a way to increase their own battle effectiveness, since on average, pokemon are 10% more attack effective than pokemorphs. Wild pokemon are often captured for this purpose, because they are 25% more attack effective on average.

Tame pokemon often seek out a trainer, or wait for someone to try to capture them to see if they are a good trainer, then let on that they are smart, and can even speak!


The biggest and greatest possible note:


Now that that is out of the way...

  • Humans, being pokemorphs, are considered equal to other pokemorphs.
  • Humans understand the pokemorph language.
  • Humans do not have any natural aversion to mating with other pokemorphs and are indeed breeding compatible with some of them. Since they are pokemorphs.
  • Humans are of type fighting.
  • Humans attack class is the martial art. They have many of hitmonlee and hitmonchan's attacks, as well as primeape. They can even learn elemental chi moves.
  • Humans call their children cubs, and their homes 'dens'. They like to make their houses in trees. Most humans are adept climbers. They may also reside in caves.
  • A human who cannot or will not learn their attacks (their martial arts) are considered in about the same light as a vulpix that couldnt do fire moves. Defective, ridiculed by their peers, and outcast.
  • Humans, even non-native humans, CAN be caught in pokeballs.
  • Non native humans (Like from Earth) are treated as if they were pokemorphs, except that they aren't ridiculed about not knowing moves.

Pokemon ownership

Both pokemon and pokemorphs are able to own other pokemon or pokemorphs. But there are a few social contracts surrounding this. First of all, a tame pokemon, or pokemorph, cannot own another tame pokemon or pokemorph against its will. The assignment of a ball between two mutually sentient pokemon or pokemorphs, is a social contract between the two that can be broken at any time.

Wild pokemon are another story. They may be captured, and kept as pets, and trained as a pokemon would be trained. Their owner can make them stay with them, but the owner must not abuse them or the police come and take the poor pokemon away and slap the owner with a serious fine of about 20000 yen.


Pokemorphs and sentient pokemon can both run for office. There are 17 positions on the council, to be filled by one of each pokemon type. A term lasts for a year, with re-elections permitted indefinitely. The council rules the entire world, however continents have their own governments, which while subjugated to the council, have much autonomy. Those governments vary in structure very often.


Marriage is typically certified by the government, after being held in a temple of the Trinity. Most non-religious pokemon and morphs also choose to be married in a church due to the atmosphere. Marriages have no restrictions on the genders of those involved, but are typically limited to 6.

The Trinity considers souls to be joined together when the marriage occurs, however, new mates can be added, if all of the people involved decide as a unit that they want to marry the new person or people.

At the end of a marriage ceremony, all those involved take a marriage ball (which is a modified friend ball) and give it to the others, and wear them around their neck, with the name of the giver engraved. They are able to stay in the ball if they want, just like a regular pokeball, but typically they are just worn.

Family and Children

Pokemon society, in general, put a very large emphasis on family ties. Children all breed true to the mother, but get attacks from their father, whether they are the same type or not. Families typically give their children a bracelet with a friend ball attached to it, identifying which family they are from. Parents keep friendship balls for the children in their family, sometimes for discipline, but often just for carrying them while they sleep.

Children typically feed from their parents until they do not want to anymore, there is no traditional weaning time. Some families continue the practice well into the teen years, to keep their bond strong. Children leave the family when they move on to start a new family, sometimes never leaving at all and creating extended families.


The council of eighteen


17 people (pokemon or morphs) who are elected to their positions by both morphs and mon. They work out of a capital but rarely remain there except for meetings. Anyone can run, and anyone can vote for any of the seventeen (people tend to vote for the best selection of their type but this is not enforced by law), and the top one for each type sits on the council. The runners up, are often selected by the winners to work for them as part of the council, although they can decide not to select anyone at all.

The council of seventeen, essentially rule the continent, making laws, and hearing the requests of others. Council is open for attendance by anyone. However elections come up once a year and an unpopular council member can find themselves replaced after only one term. A maximum of four terms can be served by any member.


18 people (pokemon or morphs) who are elected to their positions by both morphs and mon. They work out of a capital but rarely remain there except for meetings. Anyone can run, and anyone can vote for any of the seventeen (people tend to vote for the best selection of their type but this is not enforced by law), and the top one for each type sits on the council. The runners up, are often selected by the winners to work for them as part of the council, although they can decide not to select anyone at all.

The council of seventeen, essentially rule the continent, making laws, and hearing the requests of others. Council is open for attendance by anyone. However elections come up once a year and an unpopular council member can find themselves replaced after only one term. In the new Constitution implemented when the fairy type was differentiated from Normal type, term limits were raised to up to 10, 10 year terms, with a head of council elected without term limits but able to be changed to any other member at any time with a vote of the council. Time as head of council does not count towards term limits.

Team Phoenix

Team Focus: Dark and Fire types Primarily. Others are welcome to join

Team Alignment: Neutral Evil, Lawful Evil, Chaotic Neutral

Team Locale: Helsing

Team Influence: Headquartered in Helsing their primary sphere of influence spreads out throughout Terne. They of course do have operations going in all the other continents as well but those tend to be smaller and less influential given law enforcement in those areas.

Terne has always been a rather crime riddled area. Although Hadle enjoys some moderate protection from the Law Enforcement in the area, Helsing has been more of a free for all with little more than a token presence by Law Enforcement and usually those officers tend to be the most corrupt.

Team Phoenix finds its roots originally in trying to do good for the area of Helsing. Before they appeared on the scene Helsing was much more violent and bloody than it was now, instead of random beatings and killings a few times a week it used to happen hourly.

They managed to solve this by bringing most of the criminal elements under their banner. Those that did not choose to join, well lets just say shortly after they managed to amalgamate most of the criminal elements under their banner one week after there was a night (the locals refer to day as night as well due to the conditions of the shroud) called 'The Cleansing'.

The Cleansing was brutal and swift, agents of Team Phoenix went out into Helsing and dragged out and beat or killed many of the small time crime elements. The police were helpless to do anything since their presence was few and far between. They say the body count on that night alone broke records, exactly 256 dead (a few of their own but a vast majority belonged to others) and many more beaten and bruised. That night Team Phoenix sent a message to all the petty criminals and small time crime rings and that was 'Mess with us and Die'.

Team Phoenix left all the remaining criminal elements crippled and ineffective. While the other elements were busy rebuilding or atleast trying not to incur the wrath of Team Phoenix again. They began to build themselves up into a truely powerful crime organization. A majority of their business coming in from 'protection' money, prostitution rings, illegal betting, lonesharking, drugs, other illegal things like hit contracts and ofcourse money laundering. The head of Team Phoenix has also moved into Umbrous Manor the largest built home in all of Helsing.

Team Phoenix is run pretty much like the Mafia. The head of the family knows whats going on. The higher ups are protected by alot of 'fall guy' goons so its pretty rare that the law would be able to put anything on any of the higher ups in the organization. In the lower ranks, promotion is according to who is the most cutthroat. In the higher ranks you dont advance until someone dies pretty much but atleast you have your foot in the door.

Craven Enterprises

Type Focus: Dark and Psychic types, all others welcome Accepted Alignment: Neutral Evil, Lawful Evil, Chaotic Neutral Base of Operation: The Ark Influence: Craven Enterprises is a worldwide corporation known to the public to test and produce various products used by pokemon trainers and morphs. In fact, the world's supplier of Pokeballs, healing items, and various release series of TMs, Craven Enterprises has found a very powerful niche in world business and has filled it beyond expectations. The company has either bought out, or crushed all competition that has risen against it, and is now a formidible corporate giant.

The company CEO works to maintain a sterling reputation with the world's general population, despite the stereotypes surrounding Terne and its residents. It's an uphill battle for this distinctive morph, Sashale Craven, but she takes everything in stride with a professional demeanor. She is part of the reason why Craven Enterprises is so successful as a corporation.

To the public eye, Craven Enterprises stands staunchly against criminal organizations - Especially Team Phoenix. What many people fail to realize - Partly due to subterfuge, and partly due to ignorence - is that Craven Enterprises is joined at the hip with Team Phoenix. This merger is best indicated by the criminal organization funded and operated by Craven Enterprises, the Majestic 12.

The Majestic 12 - A council of the most ruthless Craven Enterprises employees and Team Phoenix representatives - is an exclusive organization responsible for crushing corporate opposition in the past. Staging attacks against C.E. interests, as well as smashing competitor holdings. Most Majestic 12 actions are blamed on Team Phoenix's criminal element, though are masterminded by the leaders of both organizations.

Craven Enterprises runs very much like the typical mega-corporation. Highly-ranked employees meet regularly with the CEO to discuss business matters, while actually meeting Sashale Craven face-to-face is a momentous occasion for the basic worker. Given her importance, the CEO is usually accompanied by bodyguards.

The Majestic 12 is best described as a council of evil. This is a team of the twelve most ruthless, intelligent, clever, and daring criminals pulled from the ranks of Team Phoenix and Craven Enterprises. The Majestic 12 operate as a team, executing plans and aiming the blame elsewhere. The organization does not draw attention to itself, often operating in the guise of other groups.