Mashu Williams

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Name:Mashu Williams
Gym Membership:Delta
Alignment:Chaotic Neutral
Occupation:Musician and Herbal Doctor
Voice Actor:Orlando Bloom


His attitude ranges at times. He can be serious, or playful, or emotional, or angry. It depends on what is happening around him. Always one to try to work with an open heart and mind, he likes to help people, almost to the point of addiction. He loves to be praised for his work and seems to down right crave to feel wanted and needed. It has been a little more than four years since he was sent into the future, but he still feels a little out of place like he hasn't reached a point of truly belonging. Because of this, he has some moments of public depression, but he seems to learn to suppress it at times. He's very protective of people that he considers his friends or who he thinks may be considered a 'good person'. Many of times he will do something that may be considered strange, or down right weird, or irrational, but deep down, he knows what he's doing and has a reason for anything he does, no matter how out there it seems.


To say that he is a man shrouded in mystery would be putting him lightly. There is more to this man than meets the eye and he's not one to keep it a secret if asked on it. In his short life he had experienced many things. From the death of his parents at a young age, to growing up as a slave due to his ancestry, to becoming a bard's apprentice, his experiences have taught him plenty. Being one of the many who were sent into the future on fate's whim, he has had some difficulty finding a place in the world where he feels he truly belongs.

Hidden Darkness

Even though he tries to come across as a caring, loving, kind individual, deep down he has a darker side that he tries to suppress. This side of him slowly began to manifest itself after the event of his parents' murder. He is the child of the paring of a dittokin and a non, a quarter kin and as such he hadn't inherited his father's abilities, but only his shame. Because of living in a time where dittokin were considered evil, and few cared if anything were done to one, his parents were murdered and he captured to be used as a personal slave. The things he experienced during those years festered a deep rooted pain and hunger for revenge. At times this part of him slips out when he is angry, causing him to be far more vicious than one would expect.

Fighting Style

Mashu fights in capoeira style martial arts and tends to move frequently in battle. When fighting he is known to use his feet frequently in between his special attacks. He doesn't name his attacks, but they tend to be artistically executed.

Current News

These days Mashu spends his time either alone at home practicing his herbalism and alchemy, or working part time in the pokemon center in New Ginseng. He doesn't train as hard as he had in his younger years, but occasionally he helps others train, just not as often as he had.


Mashu William's picture