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Name:Massimo Flexo
Gym Membership:None...yet.
Rating:If it isn't Sexin', it's good!
Alignment:Chaotic Beef
Title: Machoke Man
Size: 5 Feet, 3 Inches


Massimo will punch you. He sees /everything/ as a potential competitor, and wont hesitate to have elaborate posturing and flexing matches with benches, doors, brick walls and the like along with actual people, determined to prove his worth over EVERYTHING. He isn't exactly very bright, though, and his fighting of inanimate objects is mostly because he doesn't know any better, assuming that everything around him /must/ be a fighter! Also, he has an annoying habit of flexing constantly and loudly when nothing else is happening, although he does try and keep that under control. For, of course, otherwise everyone would be blinded in awe by his MANLY MUSCLES. Well, so he believes, anyway.


Born FAR IN THE PAST in what was originally thought to be macho posturing between between a pair of Machamp, but in fact turned out to be hideously muscly Machamp sex, young Massimo was brought up knowing one thing; NRGHRGHRHRGH PUNCH! For he was a wild pokemon, brought up to simply be able to outmuscle /everything else/. Not particularly bright, even for a Wild Pokemon, but with more than enough energy to keep him going after each mistake, he eventually was just hurled (literally) in the direction of the nearest town, Ginseng, so he could defeat the greatest of competitors!...and also doors. Damn those doors. Things changed, though. He found /the eeeeeegg/. Celebi Egg. In an attempt to eat it, it flung him FAR INTO THE FUTURE WHERE AKU'S EVIL IS LAW. Or something. A series of bashes on the head -- some of them by his own fists, yes -- have also resulted in a very slight increase in intelligence, at least to the point where he could be considered 'slightly less mentally retarded'. A great achievement indeed.


Massimo is started to get noticed around the Bash and Brawl Resteraunt of late. Having just appeared, he's more or less taken up residence within the walls, rarely venturing outside. The fact that he's pretty much always on hand for a manly fight is probably the only reason the staff tolerate him; he's good for the bashing and brawling sides of the business.