Mickey Cross

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Name:Mickey Cross
Fighting Style:Shaolin Guan Ju
Voice Actor:John Borrowman

Early Life

Mickey was born on a rather uneventful raining evening in a small seaside hut on the planet of Poqmori and nearby the city of New Ginseng. His Cyndaquil father and Rattata mother raised him for most of his early years, but one night when he was ten his mother fell ill to a horrible brain fever from a faulty healing machine and suffered major damage to her mental abilities. His father up and left without word or warning, leaving young Mickey alone with his mother. The tables now turned, Mick found himself taking care of his mother from the get go. With help from an extended family he managed to school himself and perform the needed duties to care for his family; although he was unable to accept offers to go to college and earn a degree as he had planned. Things turned worse when his mother finally died after eight long years of suffering, and the Rattata had nearly fallen apart. Unable to claim welfare anymore, he lost his family house and was forced to move out. Left with no education, job, money, or family; the rodent packed up a single suitcase of his things and moved to the city to try and get by on his own.

Enter the Bee

Mickey had always held an interest in fighting. He grew up spending what little spare time he had watching the pokemon league or various gym battles with a child-like awe. He enrolled into a starting Dojo and learned a few basic techniques, and turned to low-level contests in an effort to make money for rent. As a rattata with rather green upbringing he never made it far, but the idea of quitting was always pushed away by the fear of being kicked out onto the streets. It was when Mickey met Enzo, a beedrill who owned the Solarium and held the Beta Badge, that his life would change.

After witnessing one of the Gym leader's fights with Quin he had worked up the nerve to approch and ask for a part time job at the gym. He was expecting nothing more then something simple like a clerk or stage hand, so it was almost like a dream come true when Enzo suggested enrolling into the gym full time. Room and board would be offered, as well as a job, and the cherry on the sundae of gifts in the form of personal combat training. Mickey quickly accepted the Bee as his adopted father and, blinded with loyalty, swore an oath to follow the bee wherever.

The Rise and Fall of Pestilence

Little did Mick know that Enzo had ulterior motives. While the Bee had been nothing but kind to the rat, Enzo used the power he weilded to effective brainwash Mick into blind obedience. The rattata was pressed into service as a member of Enzo's eco-terrorist squad and, under his guidance, performed several acts of destruction and mayhem to further the Bee's dark goal of expanding his power. It was then when Mickey met Amber and Seprala (Famine and Death), quickly adopting both into his family as sworn sisters and promising to protect them in any way he could

Enzo injected Mickey with a powerful toxin that the rat could freely pass on to poison whatever he touched or scratched with his nails, and the rise of a darker, more sinister rodent slowly sped up. His body strengthening each day, it seemed that nothing could stop the Bee's chaotic rampage until one day when he was finally cornered and arrested. Left without a father once again, Mickey sulked and withdrew into the forests to meditate on exactly where his life had turned sour. Deep within the woods the rodent met Shaymin and Celebi, and after returning to the gym to speak with Kaminari, Enzo's Grandfather, Pestilence was locked away within the rat and the toxin purged from his system.

Iota Gym and Genkai