Minerva Tai'Lin

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Name:Minerva Tai'Lin
Gym Membership:--
Job:Contract Hunter
Affiliation:MAD Police Corporation


Minerva is a native Kyogaran and tends to put value on money and material possessions over less physical things. She comes off as shallow because of this, and tends to gravitate towards new fashions or electronic toys. However, she's also obsessed with saving money and thus never manages to buy the things she really wants because she's such a miser. Minerva can often be found considering - And ultimately turning down - expensive purchases.

She's a bit sensitive about her age. Even though she doesn't look it, she considers herself old and can get violent if others bring it up. She's also a bit sensitive about being single, and occasionaly laments her horrible luck with men. From time to time, Minerva will go into flashback mode about all the guys she rejected during her school days and wonder where they are now.

It's not that she's pathetic or anything, just a bit lonely. On the job, Minerva lacks patience, as evidenced by her tendency to smash coffee makers. She hates being ignored, which can usually result in shouting and gunfire when she needs to get attention in a large mob. She even chooses to carry an Ingram SUB-16 shotgun as her sidearm because of its loud noise. She has a bad temper and often uses brute force when dealing with criminals or obnoxious protesters, which usually gets her in trouble with the Chief.


The Steel Angel of the MAD Police didn't always want to be in the job she's in today. When she was younger, Minerva spent her time through high school studying art and philosophy. Eventually entering an art college with aspirations of becoming a painter, she still keeps in touch with her family though does not visit very often.

The turning point came when she was informed that her style of art was not very popular. The announcement was not made very nicely, and did a nice job of crushing everything she had worked towards. Enraged and defeated, she spent several days in a depression and eventually dropped out of the college courses. The depression lasted for several weeks and at one point she seriously considered suicide.

It was during a shopping trip to get groceries that Minerva was swept up in an armed robbery made by one of the local crime families. Resigned to her fate, she was the most surprised when agents of the MAD Police Corporation arrived and promptly ended the hold-up without incident.

Given a new goal in life, Minerva aspired towards - and eventually joined - the MAD Police herself.

Aliases and Nicknames

Minerva is known by a variety of names within MPC. Most of these are not mentioned when she's around, for fear of reprisal.

  • Steel Angel and Battle Angel stem from her large, iron wings. These are commonly used as friendly nicknames.
  • Angel of Wrath is a result of her fiery temper. There are many variations. Other MPC officers do not mention this one around her. Variations include Angry Angel, Fury Angel, and Angel of Destruction for her habit of smashing malfunctioning office equipment.
  • Iron Eagle is her codename when working undercover or alongside SWAT.
  • Hell's Angel is a title she's earned in many of Sub-Electronica's criminal circles.


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