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The Montaglia family is currently the most powerful criminal syndicate based out of Sub-Electronica. Lead by the Godfather, Don Giovanni Montaglia, the organization fronts its criminal activities behind the veneer of the Sub-Electronica Energy Commission, the company in overall charge of Sub-Electronica's power generator.

Don Montaglia has connections to almost every judge in Sub-Electronica, as well as political contacts and connections to dozens of large businesses other then his own. The Don himself has a spotless record, apparently coated in Teflon, as any accusations simply don't stick to him or the thugs who work for him.

The Family itself is based out of the Don's own mansion, Montaglia Manor, and many members also keep security there.

The Family

The Montaglia family is only a Family in name, as very few of the members are actually related. Don Montaglia is, instead, a Godfather to dozens of men and women who now work for him. There is a friendly atmosphere between these people, despite their Criminal status.

The Family's racketeering includes illegal gambling, smuggling, and prostitution - All 'safe' practices that the Don is fine with. A small branch has been trying to edge into the trade of illegal drugs and narcotics, something the Don is uncomfortable with but willing to allow. The Family is, at its core, a business. Money talks, and more money talks louder.

It's always business. From relatively harmless extortion, theft, burglary, and smuggling to murder and mob wars - It is always for the sake of business. Even though a great many of the Family's activities are criminal - Some blatently so - accusations rarely stick to members of the Family due to their articulate and well-connected Consigliere.


The Montaglia family has a loose pecking order of unofficial ranks. The rank of the Godchild in question determines how much of a take the Family gets from their less-than-legal activities, as well as the willingness that higher-up Family members have for trusting the individual with more of the Family's secretive aspects.

The Outsider - An Outsider is a newly inducted member of the Family. They aren't expected to do much, and as such have little responsability to the Family. The Outsiders are also trusted very little, and many aren't even allowed into Montaglia Manor. Outsiders who have been with the Family for a while might be called Associates.

The Soldier - The Soldier, or Soldatto, is a person who represents the Family on the streets of Sub-Electronica. A Soldier has proven their loyalty and dependability, and are typically trustworthy enough to invite into most capers.

The Caporegime - A trusted Soldier who shows exceptional business sense and leadership ability rises to the position of Caporegime, and typically assumes leadership over a small gang of Soldiers. There are only two Capos in the Montaglia Family.

The Underboss - Direct under the Don himself is his son Santina Montaglia, the Underboss. The Underboss doesn't usually countermand the orders of his Caporegime, seeing them as trusted advisors rather then underlings. However, the Capo will rarely question Santina's decisions.

The Consigliere - The Consigliere isn't a rank in the Montaglia power structure so much as it is a separate, unique position. This is the Family lawyer, a man with many connections throughout society, and access to the connections of the Don himself. The Consigliere is the single most trusted man in the Family beneath Don Montaglia.