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Hometown:The Ark, Terne
Occupation:Infernal Gatekeeper
Title:The Godslayer

Project: Iron Curtain

At the behest of CEO Sashale Craven, super-corporation Craven Enterprises experimented with psionic emulation technologies and illegal combat robotics in secretive bunkers hidden on board The Ark. Through years of research, multiple prototypes were produced for this project, though the true goal seemed to be just out of reach.

A breakthrough in psychic studies yielded a revolutionary piece of technology - The Psionic Driver. The Iron Curtain's design philosophy shifted to base around this powerful new device. The creature it yielded became known as Nuhvok, the Godslayer.


In a coordinated strike with the cybernetic Regi trio - Regice, Registeel, and Regirock - Nuhvok lashed out against the Trinity percieved as the controlling deities of Poqmori. The horrific battle tore Ginseng City apart at the seams. Between the teamwork of the Regis and the raw power displayed by Nuhvok, it seemed the holy trinity of Mew, Celebi, and Jirachi would indeed fall.

However, Sashale Craven and Sunshine Umbrous didn't count on one thing: Arceus, The creator-god of Poqmori, higher even then the Trinity in the godly pantheon. The fighting awakened this ancient beast. In an instant, the Trinity, Nuhvok, and the Regi trio disappeared. Sashale Craven vanished with them.

The Gatekeeper

While Sashale's fate is unknown, the godslayer Nuhvok faced Arceus itself in an infinite, empty dimension. Though it lashed out, the Godslayer's attacks inflicted no harm. Impressed that such a creature could be produced by mortal hands, the Creator-God adopted Nuhvok. Arceus' powers converted it from a fully robotic construct into a cybernetic pokemon, dubbed Dialga.

The sudden onslaught of organic reason overpowered Nuhvok's programmed directives. Its attacks ceased, and its loyalty shifted to the creator-god itself. Arceus placed Nuhvok in command of a sort of 'cosmic trash can' - an infinate, expanding portion of the Void in which discarded matter from all realities is disposed. Nuhvok functions as the gatekeeper to a timeless prison. Over the centuries, Nuhvok's constant presence has altered this region's negative reality into a sort of hell known in modern religion as the Infinite Staircase.

The False Messiah

Nuhvok appeared in modern religion shortly after the catastrophe that destroyed Old Ginseng. The Order of Souls has labeled it with the title "False Messiah". The story of the False Messiah is chronicled in the Order's "Book of Nuhvok". Since the collapse of the Order and the rise of the Tiamogan Inquisition, this aspect of the Order's teaching has fallen into disfavor. The Book of Nuhvok is extremely rare, as almost all copies have been destroyed by the Tiamogan government.

On the other side of the coin, Nuhvok is handled as a deity of death in Imperial Peth's religious structure. It is considered neither evil nor good, a truely neutral god-like figure that acts as the ferryman and the gatekeeper to the afterlife.

Book of Nuhvok

The False Messiah appeared to punish the Trinity for blasphemy. In their light, they saw no such darkness, and so the Holy Three did battle with it. -- Book of Nuhvok, 1:1

In their benevolence, the Holy Three saw only power. The False Messiah smote them with the aid of its diciples. -- Book of Nuhvok, 2:11

  • As the origins of the Regi trio were never determined, the writers believed they were created by Nuhvok itself.

The Creator-God descended. Struck with awe, the False Messiah disappeared in reverence. His diciples followed in their loyalty. -- Book of Nuhvok, 3:9

Thus stands the False Messiah, now the Hand of the Gods, an unholy gatekeeper, ruler of hell and all surveyed within it. -- Book of Nuhvok, 3:22

It's unsure just how the Order came upon such revelations.

The Godslayer

Nuhvok is perhaps one of the easiest of the gods to antagonize. Much of the belief relating to this creature's role in the cycle of death stems from its myraid short, often violent re-appearances through history. While none are nearly as dramatic as its first destructive war against the Gods, it has become clear that Nuhvok is one of the only gods who does not have a proper Avatar, as it is known to do things itself rather then depend on another.

It is known that any one individual responsible for many deaths - Hundreds, if not thousands at a time - will be visited by the Godslayer. It rarely appears physically, often speaking through the Psionic Driver, giving the individual a single, haunting warning to halt. Only one thus far questioned the Godslayer's authority. This is believed to be why the ancient Tunguksa Castle - Once located in Latie's mountains - became a crater lake some 800 years ago.

It seems that, like any god worth its salt, Nuhvok is quite lazy and gets angry when saddled with additional work.