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Age:Young Adult (Not Recorded)
Gym Membership:N/A


Well, I guess overall, my life has been good! Yes! Goodgood! Lots of good things to talk about, only a few bad things. What things? Well, I'm telling the story, so be patient. I was born to my Raichu daddy, and my Pikachu mommy. Hehe. And now, after I grew up on my own, I'm training under Loretta now. Truesdale. Loretta Truesdale. Also known as 00X... Wait, that's not right... hehe... Also, I kinda, sorta really like this fluffy kitty called Porphyrios... Chuu...


Background? Whassat, like, some silly thing behind me? Oh... THAT kind of background. Well, as I've said, I was born into a wild family, consisting of my Mother, a Pikachu, and my Father, a Raichu. Ever since my Pichu days, I've been a bit hyper, which also means my electric attacks have been a bit stronger than normal. An overcharge of energy, my parents used to call it. Yeah! Right! Like I have too much energy! ::A Random tree is blown up by a lightning bolt nearby:: Erm... Ignore that! Yesh... I do not have too much energy. I just have more than other people! Right? Anyways, after I evolved to a Pikachu, I was sent out on my own! I think I'm doing a pretty good job on my own, yus? Well, I wandered around for a while, and first got the taste of battle when a Weedle tried to take my berry! He was silly... was all steamy when I finished shocking him to go away! Hehe... He didn't go away, but passed out and fell off the tree! And... ::Sniffle:: right onto my berry... Anyways! Again... then I found this place! New Ginseng! Yus! I wandered into the Arena, and the rest is recent history!


What am I like? Well, wouldn't you like to know! Hehe... people have called me bubbly, giggly, hyperactive... I just think I'm cheerful! Why be mean to someone? Kinda shy when there are big things around... it'd be so easy to get hurt...


I'm a pikachu! Well, Imagine a yellow based mousie with red cheeks and brown stripes on my back. Then imagine two shiny black eyes, with ears. Yus, you have to have ears, right? Or else you can't hear! And I hear good! Yep! Wanna see? See! I heard you! Muahaha... and a tail! Lightning! Boom! Hehe... and feet. Gotta have those. Mine are kinda bigger than usual... but not too big! Nupe! And hands! And arms! They're yellow too! I'm kinda round, like a chu!