Order of Shadows

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During the Ditto War, the Order of Souls formed as a military and religious movement against them. This Order lasted for two thousand years. Roughly 1500 years ago from the present day, however, suspicion and betrayal within the Order split it down the middle. After a short, but brutal civil war, the Order fell into two halves. The first was the original, unchanged Order. The second was the darker side, the traitors, war criminals, and heretics of the Order banded together under a single banner, known worldwide as the vicious Order of Shadows.

The Order of Souls and the Order of Shadows clashed many times over the years, neither gaining a definate upper hand over the other. While the Templar had numbers, the supposed 'Dark Templar' had secrecy on their side, and their warriors trained more furiously in their weapons and tactics. Ironicly, the end of this civil war came not with the destruction of one side or the other, but through the Ditto surrender and the end of the greater Ditto War.

With no enemy, the Order of Souls dispersed. Its most loyal followers gathered in Grouda, founding the government there. The Order of Shadows followed their hated enemy to the harsh land, living in the secluded mountains.


Over the generations since the end of the Ditto War, the Order of Shadows has slowly mutated from a religious sect into a vicious cult. They worship the Lord of Nightmares, Darkrai, in ways considered barbaric and cruel by most societies of the modern day. Inheriting the hatred of their forefathers, the reborn Order subsists on its hatred of the ancient Order of Souls, whose descendents still rule over Grouda's harsh landscape today. Cultists often lash out against the government with extreme violence and almost psychotic dedication to their beliefs.

Another pillar that supports this cult's close-knit bond is a mutual hatred for all Ditto and their kin. With the end of the Ditto War, these creatures are no longer an enemy. However, Cultists often lash out towards Ditto citizens with violence and terrorism, sending cryptic messages to residents. If a confirmed Ditto or Dittokin does not leave Grouda quickly enough, chances are the cult will attempt to bottle them.


Bottling is a nasty procedure that the Order of Shadows cult uses to imprison and torment Ditto. After cornering and beating a ditto into submission, Cultists utilize specially crafted bottles. The unconscious Ditto is stuffed into one of these bottles, which is sealed. A ditto has very little chance of escape when bottled like this. Bottled Ditto usually have one of two fates in store for them.

It's highly likely that a bottled Ditto will be burned. They're often hurled into a blazing flame while cultists dance around it, kicking screaming victims back into the inferno while laughing and jeering.


The other fate a Ditto or Dittokin may face after bottling is experimentation. Order Cultists who are driven as much by curiosity as hatred take captives into underground bunkers scattered across Grouda. What goes on in these bunkers is never confirmed by the authorities or the Inquisitors.

The truth is very simple, and very horrifying. Cultists have been trying to find a use for Ditto through experimentation with DNA-manipulation and mind control. As these experiments often turn out poorly, the subjects are ultimately disposed of. While the public doesn't know what goes on in these bunkers, or even where the labs are, it's believed that entering one is a fate worse then death.


The Order of Shadows worships and pays respect to Darkrai, which cultists often refer to as 'The Lord of Nightmares'. Respect is paid through sacrifice and ritual dance. Cultists often sacrifice things valuable to them - Money, trinkets, lovers - in the name of the Lord of Nightmares as pennance for joining the Cult.

On the night of the Summer Solstice, the members of the Order take a day off. It represents the shortest night of the year, and as such, is treated as the day that their god Darkrai is not present.

The night of the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year, is a sacred time for the Order of Shadows. Cultists congregate in their hidden temple for a massive and very involved ritual. Nine maidens are sacrificed to the god Darkrai to appease his increased appetite in this longest of nights.

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