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Page lets you send a private message to someone, no matter where in the world they are The command is thus

page <target>=<text>
page <target>=:<posetext>

For example, Dodger the Charmander needs to urgently tell me, Gengar, that his tail is in fact, on fire. He would type

page Gengar=AAAAA My tail is on FIIIRRRREEE!!!!

Gengar would then see

Dodger pages, "AAAAA My tail is on FIIIRRRREEE!!!!" to you.

Unless of course Gengar is offline.

Oh gee, What do I do then?

Calm down. just stick a #mail in there, like this

page #mail Gengar=My tail is on fire and I don't know what to do about, please help?!

Gengar will see he has messages when he logs back on. the page-mail system is very persistent and spammy, So it's a good way to push a message through if you think your pages are being missed or ignored.