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A pokemon is for all non-morphic pokemon. In our world pokemon come in two different varieties. Wild-Pokemon and Sentient Pokemon.


Wild-Pokemon are very similar to what you see in the shows for the most part. They are dumb animals that are trained to fight for their master and perform other such functions in order to appease their master and such. Wild-Pokemon have a difficulty being understood by pokemorphs and even sometimes by non-wild pokemon. Wild-Pokemon also have no rights besides basic humane treatment


Sentient Pokemon are for the most part the norm on Poqmori. These pokemon are often quite intelligent even those living in a more feral manner than their city-dwelling counterparts understand and can be understood by pokemorphs.

Sentient Pokemon also have the right to vote, although historically due to a large number of sentient pokemon who prefer a feral existance the numbers of them exercising this right has been low.

Effectively Sentient Pokemon have all the rights, privileges and obligations as pokemorphs do.