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Welcome to Pokemon Dynasty's Wiki Project.

If you are looking for information on how to edit and update the wiki then it is reccomended that you take a look at the User Guide, if you want a place to test this out try the sandbox. It will provide you information on how to properly format and present material. If you are looking for our website you can find it at http://pokedynasty.kitsunet.net/wiki/

Lastly check here if you need help connecting

IC Information

Theme Categories

This is where the thematic information about Pokemon Dynasty is going to be located. This is considered a work in progress and as such is fueled by the players asking questions. Therefore, if you have any theme-related questions asking them on the muck will most likely result in them being answered here shortly afterwards.


This is where you will find information about historical events that happened in the timeline of Pokemon Dynasty. Events that have happened since Pokemon Dynasty has opened up will be available in the Logs section.


This section will contain information on the science and technology available in Pokemon Dynasty. Everything from what your Pokedex is capable of to how FTL drives work. If you are looking for social related sciences you would be better to look under the Social section than here as that covers more social related issues.


Etiquette, Law, Medicine, Ethics... These social structures as well as many others help shape what is and is not acceptable behavior in society. Within this section you will find all sorts of information pertaining to the various cultures of Poqmori.


This is more focused on the spiritual world than the physical. The realms of the legendaries and gods and how they interact with the universe, poqmori as well as the living and the dead. You could also lump some information of ghosts into the spiritual category as well.


A major offshoot of the Social section. This is focused entirely on the government and political structures and how they interact with the social, economic and religious structures. You will also find information as to their views on other nations as well.


This category you will find all the information about Player Characters (PCs) as well as Non-Player Characters (NPCs) that you may run into that are notable.


This section deals with any and all factions to Pokemon Dynasty. These factions usually have distinct goals and means with which they try to obtain them.

OOC Information


This is where the FAQ and other nice things to know are. If questions get asked enough then they will probably be found here. If you need quick answers then this is likely the place to goto. Alternatively there is the Did You Know? page which contains tidbits of informational trivia about the IC world.


This is where the OOC rules of the muck will be made. IC rules will be covered under Theme sections. The rules contained within here will contain primarily conduct rules and house rules relating to potential move conflicts and rp system related issues.


Here is where you will find logs related to events that have happened on the muck. Unlike other OOC Information categories, some information contained within logs may have become common IC information. If you have any doubt then ask. Players submitting logs should point out if the information has become common knowledge or if the information contained within is secret.