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The Pokemon League

The Pokemon League (which is usually just shorted to 'The League') is an all encompassing affair on Poqmori. Every pokemon and pokemorph with self-awareness (effectively all non-wilds) is technically a member, whether or not they are actively pursuing training and/or badges. The most influential members of The League tend to be the League Officials followed closely by Gym Leaders. Following the influence down you will find Gym Members and Badge Seekers as the next most right before people who arent actively participating in The League.

Being ejected from The League is technically the only way to not be a member on Poqmori. This is a very serious event and bars the person from participation in tournements, being a gym member and challenging for badges. Some shops and businesses may even refuse to associate with such people for fear of tarnishing their image.

For Humans on Earth, being ejected from the league is not a huge deal. It may mean you cannot participate in your favorite pass time anymore but beyond that life can function as normal. Pokemon ejected from the Earth Division are also unable to participate in the Poqmori Division and face similar treatment as described above.


Over time the number of gyms on Poqmori shrunk from a massive 54 (The Champion was considered a gym back then) down to 24. These numbers are based on the number of badges available multiplied by the number of Genkai levels possible. Over time the gyms have been changed from being 'typed' to being 'themed' in order to allow more diversity and a wider variety of training options for those wishing to join gyms.

OOC NOTE: Most likely we will only have Genkai 0 gyms meaning a maximum of 8.
This means that most likely we may or may not have an 'Elite 4' like the games.
This may or may not be PCs in this particular position.

See also Gyms.


The League has recently taken the unprecidented step of creating two divisions. The Poqmori League and The Earth League. And in doing so effectively doubled the number of possible badges. The problem with this which has been protested by both Pokemorphs and Pokemon on Poqmori is that this second division is only open to Humans who are training pokemon on Earth. This is a bit of a hot button topic for members who have obtained all 8 badges and see no possible way to progress aside from competition in the Earth Division.

The reason for the limitation on Earth Division is the fact that until now only Pokemon have been allowed to interact with Humans on Earth. For the most part the existence of Pokemorphs has been kept hidden from the population of earth for all but the upper top echelon of governments and intelligence agencies.