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A pokemorph is a sentient pokemon given a large number of human-like attributes, most notably the ability to stand upright on two legs, possess opposable thumbs, generally have a height in the 5-7 foot range (extremely large or small species may bend the height rule a little bit but that is about the average), an average level of intelligence and the ability to comprehend society.

Pokemorphs generally do not take on a feral lifestyle although there are quite a few noteworthy exceptions. For the most part Pokemorphs have a compatible society with Earth Humans which is why there has been such an interest in earth by The Council.

The only cultural difference between Sentient Pokemon and Pokemorphs is that Pokemorphs are expected to wear clothing when out in public in the vast majority of cultures in Poqmori, Pokemon are also more likely to be willing to live in the wild or be accustom to a lifestyle similar to wild mon. Pokemon are not expected to, although it is recommended they wear something decorative so they are not confused with wild-pokemon.