Poqmorian Firearm History

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Poqmorian Society has existed for approximately 20,000 years. With about 2000-3000 of those years being what most would describe as 'high tech' of sorts. With this said basic chemical reactions for explosions have existed for about 4000-5000 years. Early explosives were very dangerous for both handling and use and as such were pretty much restricted to the use of pyrotechnics displays and the occasional bomb or grenade-like device (which usually killed the wielder in the process). It was quite a while before 'safe' explosives would be discovered. About 2000 years ago some weaker explosives but much safer to handle were found and primarily used for fireworks.

Eventually stable high explosives were found and this lead to the eventual lift off of the space age approximately 1600 years ago when they started to put satalites in orbit. It should be noted that the first person to enter orbit was a porygon that made contact with the satalite and transmitted themselves to another location on Poqmori. The first biological specimens would be sent up about 10 years later.

It should be noted that until Poqmori encountered Earth some 1200 years ago (800-900 AD) that the first firearms were just being developed in China. Continued contact and observation lead to the eventual discovery of Humans using 'guns' as we know them in real life around 1700 for rifles and 1800 for handguns. This information was mostly restricted and classified to military personnel and council members.

It wasn't until Earth began transmitting in 1957 with Sputnik (and given the 20.4 lightyear distance between Earth and Poqmori this meant they werent able to even see this signal until 1977) and later more useful signals from satalite TV in 1967 about 10 years later that Poqmori civilians were able to find anything on Earth Culture. This is when the gun became an idea and known although it was mostly to astronomers and scientists studying for civilizations outside of Poqmorian system and not the general public. It should be noted that at this time due to limited contact with earth they have managed to piece to together everything up to the current date of most Earth Culture.

In Poqmorian culture the gun remains a scientific curiousity to most people who have seen Earth Culture videos involving it. Typically classes dealing with external cultures to Poqmori are only taught in University and sometimes Colleges. Most people just view the guns on the videos as earth humans ways of performing attacks or think earth humans to be so weak that they need to resort to various weapons in combat. Only true scientists with physics and forethought in mind could truly comprehend their power and/or those military who have managed to secure samples and get the few guns produced using native Poqmorian materials in their possession.

THEME NOTE: It should be noted that most people do not have a need or desire for a gun because of these movies. Only Military Special Forces and Police SWAT teams have access to these. Unless they've been smuggled at great risk by some smuggler, anyone caught with an illegal firearm is either killed on sight if they're deemed to be a threat OR if they manage to live they're sent to EOL Prison Colony assuming it isnt on Tiamoga soil that they have the weapon.