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Name:Porphyrios Dämon
Species:Weavile (Werepokemon)
Age:Adult (True age unknown)
Sex:Male (Gendershifter)
Gym Membership:Assassin's Guild(Theta)
Badges:Iris (Beta) Wave (Delta) Power (Epsilon) Foxfire (Eta) Rogue's Seal (Theta)
Occupation:Swordsman (Teacher)
Students:Lillian Jackson (First Student!)


Now? Well...here is the play-by-play of how his life has been going! He was born in the wild, and had moved to the morph cities where they are at least a little more discreet about their...intimacy. There, he had met Loretta Truesdale, actually quite shortly after he had left the wild and attempted to blend in with their society; Didn't go too well. Anyways, he had ended up as her protégé, training under her. Needless to say, this was interesting, he had met Obril, who was another of Loretta students...and they sort-of hit it off. More events that happened will be explained below.


Ah, the life of a Sneasel. The originally simple life for this purple-eyed creature that consisted of playing with his two siblings, both of them Sneasels, Ceara, and Sunil, and looked after and taken care of by his parents, a male Mightyena, named Arian, that claimed to be an a far off relative of a certain 'yena way back when, and a female Weavile, named Azura, of whom payed no mind at all to her mate's stories. Then, one day, a little gene from Azura's side of the family reared it's ugly head. This caused ridiculously awkward situations once Porfir had reached the age of maturity, hormones going completely kooky and shifting him between male and female randomly, and attracting every little weak-minded creature who couldn't control their urges. Of course, Porfir couldn't stand for this. Drove him crazy. 'till he decided to get the hell out of the wilderness, and head to a place filled with morphs. Those big ole creatures who could -- hopefully -- control their primal instincts. And there he discovered the joys of battling, and eventually, he hopes to be a famous arena warrior.

Recent Events

Oh-ho-ho... There are alot of things to put in here, so lets make them detailed, shall we? First of all, he had indeed done all those things in the overview! Now...onto this...

Just Arriving

Here we are. Upon arriving in New Ginseng, he had been a lot different, a lot weaker, and maybe a little bloodthirsty during a fight. His first match with someone was, in fact, against Loretta, after he had been taken under her wing. This had been a time of training. Lots of training. And discoveries afterward. But first it was definitely the training! He had been given his first weapons, two katars, to use instead of his claws in a fight, which...he did use, but not as often as possible. Only when it was a fight he thought would be truly tough.

Chaotic Fun

I know, I know, it wasn't fun, persay. Well, it was, actually. After basic, normal training with Lory, she had then taken a couple other 'mon as students, which were Leo and Obril. Obril had originally been Hammer's 'mon... (Hammer is an old steel-type who is from the past) And he felt that the electric-type would be taught better by the Weavile. Well, she was, yes, but after a fight between Porfir and Obril, they had kinda...gotten attracted to each other. (Funny Note: Porfir was in female form at the time. ;P) This is kinda where complications begin to creep in. Now, before they had even hit it off, Porfir had discovered that he had the power to become a morph, at will even. Much easier than shifting genders. This came as a shock, as the currently in-female-form morphic Porphyrios tore across the Tarada University hallways looking for Lory...that was the first time the then Sneasel had ever been a morph.

Beginning to settle down

After a very *cough* stressful situation between him, Obril, and Alynna, and the added bonus of something a little more...memorable happening, he had gotten an apartment for himself and the 'chu. "Woah, woah, woah, wait a minute..." Yes, I know. Him and Obril were already mates by then. Twas...quick. He had also joined Gerich's gym around this time. This is about where he challenged a then Kadabra to a match, and after a long time of beating the hell out of a barrier, he happened to gain a large poofy head dress and a much stronger body. After this, well...

Current, current events

Honestly, he didn't see this coming. He had been given a gift by his teacher, a sword, that he uses to this day... His mate, Obril, had evolved from a situation that involved some rebelling worker guys, some technological malfunctions, and alot of property damage. And she had even gained the power to turn into a morph! Then, he had gone through his first gym match, with Alynna, which...isn't gonna be discussed here. But after this Loretta had decided he was too strong to be taught anything more, and she promoted him to an equal of sorts. Gave him a medal with the Truesdale coat of arms on it and everything. After this, well, is current events, like gaining more badges...


This one is a short fuse, does not like losing one bit, and is pretty much the most violent little thing you could find in a battle. When there isn't something causing him to go off on someone, he is pretty nice. In fact, kind of cheery. (To be edited!)


Oh, instead of putting every appearance on here, I'll put the changes and differences from normal. For one, he has the purple eyes, and the headjewel that shifts from red(male) to blue(female), and he wears that cloak he has at all times, like it's lucky or something. He also carries two katars with him along with this cloak. These blades were given to him by Loretta, his teacher. (To be edited)

Fighting Style

It resembles that of a japanese warrior, like a ninja or a samurai. In the arena ring, it more closely resembles that of a Samurai, however...

Dark Scar(Blade Test|Night Slice): The blade of his weapon loses physical form as it swipes through the opponent, leaving naught a sign of it's entry until the point of entry flares up with dark flames. First technique he has made and named. Does not actually cut, it happens to feed dark energy directly into the target when the blade passes through, which has a delayed point before the instability sets it off.

Overload(Giga Impact): The blade of his weapon becomes drowned in japanese-like symbols of varying meaning, and once it cannot fit one last one, the blade pulses and the symbols dissipate off of it, and this is when the sword suddenly starts glowing bright white and when swung, will release all the energy at once directly along the course of the swing. This often causes massive damage along the floor or walls, and even more often than that crushes the target under the aftershock of energy. Once this is used, he obviously cannot attack again until he rests, so it's mostly done as a showy type of thing to impress the crowd and finish off his opponent.