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Gym Name: Powerhouse Plant Gym

Theme: Power Plant

League: Poqmori Pokemon League

Location: Basement level 2 of New Ginseng

Leader: Helio Nami

Badge and TM: Power Badge / Thunderpunch TM

Co-Leader: Alden

Active Members: Sarin, Miska, Sophra, Seprala, Crimson, Lola, Xion, Xerix (Delivery Boy)

Gym Pokemon/morphs: Serenity (Gym Referee and Supervisor), Hotaru (Waste Power Rep.), Makoto (Wind Power Rep.), Michiru (Water Power Rep.), Haruka (Fire Power Rep.), Usagi (Solar Power Rep.), Minako (Electric Power Rep.)


The Powerhouse Plant gym is basically what you'd expect. A giant Power Plant under New Ginseng. It provides power from Basement Level 2 all the way up to the Fire Circle and has moderate effect for anything higher.

Currently run by Helio Nami and hir entire team, shi has recently made a few modifications to the plant to turn it into a gym... adding protective equipment from earthquakes and various other devices to prevent damage from normal use of attacks.

From the outside, is a huge steel wall, a small monitor is set to the left of a giant steel door with no handles or any way to get in other than from being let in on the inside. Below the Monitor is six chutes, one of each energy type as follows. "Fire, Water, Electrical, Wind, Toxic, Solar." There is also a small camera mounted above the monitor and a hidden loudspeaker so Helio and whomever is in the Control Room can talk back to the awaiting challengers.

According to the rules of Helio's gym, one must be able to light three of the six chutes in order to supply power to the door... in actuality, the door does not need the excess power, just using the energy as a way to contribute back to New Ginseng. One must use teamwork to Light the chutes, seeing as one person may not be enough to light the controls.

Once inside the Gym is a nice view of the inner workings of the power plant. To your left as soon as you walk in is a stand with a bit of paper on it, outlying the gym's current rules. One must read this before proceeding. After that's done, you get to go through another small set of doors into the main arena and main area of the plant.

Machines line up most of the walls of the inside, catwalks and various structures above provide the track lighting and walking space for the various Pokemorphs who work there to keep the place running. Staring at the back of the gym, you'll see three doors, one marked Office (in between the other two doors), Dormatory (to the left) and an unmarked one (to the right). Above the doors is a powersaving gym marker board. The board serves as a notice on who's up, who's challenging who and the current knockout count is.

Turning your eyes to the floor, you'll see a stand about ten feet away from the doors, in a stair like fashion, where Helio stands, sometimes awaiting challengers and sometimes barking orders to the workers. The lower steps on the stand serve as places where her reserve Gym Defenders stand, waiting their turn to be called on to battle to protect the badge.

In front of the stand, painted on the ground, is your standard Gym Floor. The Pokeball design right in the center of a white Rectangle, the red side of the ball towards the Stand, the white towards the entrance. At the other side of the rectangle, directly opposite of Helio's stand serves another for the same purpose..

If you look around again, you'll notice that there's a special type of protective barrier around the machines, catwalks and the gym floor, serving as protection for all of the equipment so nothing gets damaged due to a Pokemon or Pokemorphs stray attack.

Gym Member Bios and Random Stats

Going on to list the Bio's of the Morphs who work here we have seven that actively serve Helio in Gym related matters.

Serenity Beuregarde, a Nidoqueen who's been there as long as Helio's worked as leader. She's thirty-five years of age and serves as the Gym Forewoman when Helio's away and the Gym Leader's adviser when Alden's away.

Hotaru Sachaea, A sweet and gentle Muk who was hired on as a Janitor when Helio realized her potential. She's twenty years of age and serves as the Waste representative of the Gym on official business and serves as Janitor when Miska isn't around.

Makoto Starshot, a brave Pidgeot, one of the few Flying types at the Gym due to its inherent Electrical nature. She was hired on at the gym after Helio spied the Pidgeot's application. She's twenty-three years of age and serves as the Wind representative and takes care of the finances around the gym.

Michiru Chipas, a prideful Blastoise and Haruka's mate, both Michiru and Haruka were hired on when Helio was looking for members of the Water and Fire type. Michiru is twenty-seven years old and serves as the gym's Water representative and social needs of the gym.

Haruka Chipas, a fierce Charizard and Michiru's mate. hired on for the same reason as Michiru and serves in just the same way. She is also twenty-seven years old and serves as the gym's Fire type representative when Alden's not around and also helps Michiru with the social aspects of the gym.

Usagi Searara, a calm Venusaur, hired on for her gentle nature and calm demeanor in battle. She serves as the current cook of the Gym as her meals have had a very replenishing effect on everyone who eats it. She's twenty years old and serves as the gym's Solar representative and cook for the entire gym.

Minako Takoma, a hyper Raichu who was hired on for the sheer need of electrical energy. She's also the youngest one out of the entire gym, being only seventeen years of age but continues to serve the gym with all the vigor and energy of a small child and rationality of an adult. As stated before, she's seventeen years of age and serves as the gym's social aide under Michiru and Haruka.

For more info on Helio, see Helio Nami

The Gym's current workers is comprised mostly of Electric types but varies as follows.

Water: 10%
Poison: 10%
Electric: 50% (25% of the Pikachu evolution stage)
Flying: 5%
Grass: 15%
Fire: 10%

Helio did like to keep it classic and only hire the original 150 species of the Pokeverse but does not make any such exception to anyone who'd want to battle.

Helio DOES have the authority to take a badge away if she doesn't see teamwork in the first match. It's something shi stresses due to how she operates the Gym.

A old video file of an interviewer was dug up from some archives when the Gym was first made, a young Pikachu morph along with the seven Gym Workers who battle along side are behind her.

Interviewer: "So, Helio, how is this gym supposed to operate? Any special qualifications or what not?"
Helio: *nods a bit, the Pikachu smiling* "Yeah, I emphasize teamwork both in having the morphs working here and in my battles. Nothing can prove to be a better experience than knowing you and your Pokemon or your partners all succeeded in defeating me."

The gym has suffered an attack from the Cult of Darkrai, which left most of New Ginseng without major power, only having backup generators and power from another plant in Basement Level 2. It took approximately three days and the efforts of the gym defenders and gym workers.

Helio does have one co-leader, a Houndoom named Alden who is second in command to Serenity and has the authority to give out badges and the TM.