Powerhouse Plant Gym Destruction

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(I'm aware the log needs to be cleaned up. This is most of the log (if not all of it) that involved the Powerhouse Plant Gym, me, Alden, Sarin, Alynna, Sunshine, Coaldust, NagaiYari, Fjord, Asuka, Nicholas and Arrankhar. )

The Powerhouse Plant Gym is empty at the moment.. All the Gym Pokemon are out on a vacation for the day. The lights are off, save for the equipment in the plant's lights.
A shadow moves across the wall of the darkened power plant. From this mobile blackness, a feminine figure emerges. The Dark Priestess of Darkrai herself. Emerging beneath this corridor's security camera, she reaches up and slides her hand through the casing. When the device begins to smoke, she removes her grip from it and unfurls both hands to either side.
"..From the dust and soil awaken.. ..Souls forgotten, souls forsaken.. ..Purge the filth in this dark hour.. ..In this plant of tainted power.." As she chants in her low tone, shapeless figures begin rising from the floor, taking on vague shapes. There's maybe half a dozen in all that begin gathering around the shadow priestess, clamoring, shouting, laughing in debatable sane fashions.
"By His power, you are bound to me." the Priestess states calmly. She lowers her hands to her sides, observing the group of random, somewhat misshapen ghosts that have answered her call. After a moment, Myrrodin raises one arm, sweeping it in a single motion. Her order is concise and to the point. There is no need to mince words. "Destroy everything."

Meanwhile at the Bash and Brawl, Helio and Serenity are practicing with each other for Helio's upcoming matches..

"Waahha!" Helio shouts, going after Serenity with a Leaf Blade attack. Serenity grins, catching the blade in both hands. "Not bad, but Try again... Who knows what your next opponent is, Helio. Especially in the gym."
Alden is sitting in the lowest row of the stands, watching the practice match curiously and smiling as Helio charges, "Good move!" he says, tail flicking idly.
"Mag ne mite!" <Stop that, that tickles!> Sarin mmphs, shoving the Magnemite back between her knees, trying to make it hold still. "Then stop squirming around so I can finish reattaching this plate." She's only half-watching the fight, busy helping Dynamo fix some part that got knocked loose in the last traning session the Magnemite was in..
Yes a look into the Bash 'n Brawl would be nice right about now. There is the glaceon known as Fjord sitting at the tables with an ice cream bar sitting back and enjoying his icy treat...where the hell does he get his those frozen treats besides inside his jacket!?.
Oh no! There are peoples around. This includes.../Team Massimo/. Hardcore. The whole team, right now, are all in the stands of the arena. Massimo is sleeping across a few seats, snoring rather loudly. Obnoxiously. Flexo and Kaladont are quietly talking to each other amicably. Sudoku is sitting silently with closed eyes, his brain working away efficiently. The Awesomes are in the process of play three-way rock-paper-scissors. All is good..
Mazurek was out for a stroll in the town earlier in the day, but the sounds of combat had eventually led this very odd-looking Charmander to the Bash And Brawl to watch the matches that were going on there. This was not your ordinary Charmander, no. Charmanders are not normally black, nor do they have ram horns on their heads terminating in sharp points. Choosing to sit in one of the higher rows of seats, this gray jumpsuit-clad beast watches in utmost silence, silent except for the healthy crackling of the tailflame...if that makes ay sound at all, that is.
Nicholas sits in the Bash 'n Brawl, somewhere between the arena main and the resteraunt. He's most likely watching the training Match with Helio. He doesn't exactly have much to say right now, since he's either busy watching, or messing around with a pokegear program..
Asuka is sitting in the stands too, not doing much besides watching Helio and munching on an ice cream cone.
Alynna pads into the plant with her nose literally to the ground, following a trail that has very little to do with scent. She carries Coaldust in on her back with her, a common place for vulpies to be. [I sense a soul in search of answers... wait.. wrong dimension. I sense a disturbance in the force.... no wait... I sense a temporal anomaly. That's it.]
Coaldust looks around curiously as sie does hir best to try and remain balancing on Alynna's back.

MEANWHILE, AT THE COUNCIL OF DOOM. Er. The Powerhouse Plant gym.

The gathering of ghostly minions scatter at Myrrodin's command, spreading through the gym. The shadow priestess herself phases through the wall behind her. She reappears in the gymleader's office, gliding silently through the desk. She plucks a framed photograph from a shelf, examining it with slitted eyes. "...For a time... I had considered sparing this wretched gym... But now..." Twisting the frame until the glass cracks, "...You shall witness..." she then slams it on the desktop hard enough to shatter it. "...Its -dismemberment-."
A ghostly apparition slips into one of the main generators. Another begins pulling wires out of consoles..without opening the cases - Actually half-phasing the wires through and letting go. Yet another disappears into the furnace, and other such chaos ensues. The generator's RPMs grow to wildly unsafe levels, and the furnace adopts an unhealthy red glow. A moment later, things start exploding all through the Power Plant's equipment levels.

Nuhvok shouts "The power flickers throughout New Ginseng. A series of violent surges blow several transformers before the entire grid shuts down, leaving the entire tower and the area around it without electricity."

Helio blinks as the lights go boom with massive explosions come from the room.. "MY god... w.. wait.. what's going on!?!" she pulls out her pokegear, dials up a remote program to check gym and power status and goes all pale... Serenity looks at Helio with a look of disdain and walks over... going pale herself as she looks at the status..
Alden quickly raises to his feet too as the ligths start exploding, covering his eyes for a moment before rushing towards Helio and Serenity, a nervous exporession on his face, "What's going on?, something happened at the plant?.", he asks as he moves next to Helio.
Sarin blinks a few times, taking a moment for her eyes to readjust. "What the hell was tha--Ack!" She yelps, covering her face with an arm as Dynamo starts emitting a flashlight like beam from its eye, nearly blinding her when it shines right in her face. "Watch where you point that thing!" "Mag-ne-mite." <Then let go of me.> Anti-grav kicks in when she does, hoving over her head as she gets out of her seat. "'Ey Helio, what the hell is going on?!"
NagaiYari lets out a yowl wich ether means there was something good on tv....or he is trying the acme home dentictry kit and forgot to use the novacane. Next from the back office ther is thumping and rattling and stracting and some more yelling...and then the pantent pending gawds daom it I stubed my toe on something that will die later yowl as he tries to find the door in the dark.
That's interesting. The lights going out. Kaladont and Flexo look up and around, puzzled, then back to each other in the dark. Huh. Sudoku doesn't seem to pay much attention, the Awesomes start complaining -- loudly -- that they can't see what each other are choosing in the game, and Massimo...just keeps on sleeping. Hrm.
Asuka glances up at the lights when they go out and sighs. "Oy, what now?" She tosses the rest of her cone in her mouth and lights herself on fire to light up the arena a bit more. FLAME ON!
Just as Fjord reaches halfway through his ice cream sandwich the lights go out. He looks around in the dark before he swallows and finally says: "Oi! Who blew out the lights?" in his usual British accent and with a bit of annoyance. As for the cause of the annoyance...well, people are going to see really soon as he takes out his pokegear out of his jacket to check out the time. o O (They should be calling me right now...)
Nicholas jumps almost a good foot in the air as the lights suddenly kick out with a BOOM. "Holy shit!" can be heard from across the arena stands as the eevee morph is scared half to death.
And since noone else can really sense temporal disturbances here except for Alynna, there is a very notable presence on its way in the vicinity of the power plant, from a long way in the past and it is definitely does not feel like its anything Celebi related... As to when it will materialize into something in this time frame well it could be moments or hours from 'now'...
Alynna blinks as the lights go out, but she keeps on her trail with her new vulpie. [The lights going out here are not the important thing, the temporal anomaly is. It's off schedule.. strange.. I should have known about it..]
Coaldust blinks but does not react badly at all. Feeling comfortable in the darkness from hir early life in deep mines. [I like the dark, it is fine. But it has never been truly dark here. Schedule? there is a schedule for unusual things around here? Wow, the supervisor would be proud.] Sie looks into the darkness with hir burning eyes. waiting for them to get used to the darkness, hir ears listening for the echoes of open passages and the dullness of walls to try and warn Alynna if shi sounds like sie is going to hit something.
Mazurek had been watching the match fairly intently from his spot in the stands. As a result of being on one of the higher seats he receives a shower of sparks that merely sizzle and go out on the suit he wears, completely unaffecting him in the spots it lands on his tough hide. Helps being a fire type. The sudden noise from the multiple lights going out makes this 'mander jump to his feet with a startled cry, only to look up after the sparks end. Odd. There wasn't an operation scheduled for tonight. Was this the work of some other power? Listening to the chaos that goes on down below he uses his tailflame light a portable light, slipping it in front of him while he heads down the steps.

Chaos reigns on the equipment floor, half a dozen ghostly minions tearing machines apart or dancing around the flames that used to be the furnace for the thermal plant.
In the Gym leader's office, Myrrodin closes her eyes once more, sucking in a faint breath. "..Ahh..The only thing that makes me feel alive after all these years..." Calmly, she reaches down and plucks a bottle from within her robe. The stopper is removed, and from it spills a half-conscious pink mass that abruptly assumes the shape of a non-morphic pikachu. Myrrodin turns the bottle in her hand, then smashes the end on the edge of the desk. "...It's time for you to serve your purpose."
The office lights cut out as the emergency battery is destroyed by the rampaging minions outside. There's a sound of flesh being pierced, a brief shout, then silence. "...Mmmhmhmhmhmhmm... Hahahaha... HAHahahahaaa..."

Helio grumbles and shudders... both Helio and Serenity angry... "Cover your eyes everyone!" shi shouts... hir tail glowing.. "FLASH!" shi shouts... a sudden brightness fills the room coming from hir tail.. "Alden, Sarin... The gym's offline and I fear that something else is going on." Helio muttered, Serenity getting a look of horror... "The Pokemon Center!" she shouts as Serenity bolts off towards the door, heading towards the Pokemon Center.
Sarin grabs Dynamo by the screw sticking out of if its top, holding the Magnemite like a lantern. "Better get down there and see what the hell is going on.
Alden quickly does as he is told and closes his eyes, covering them with his hands right before Helio lights the room, giving the Raichu-morph a nod, "Offline?.", quite nervous, "Sarin in right, we need to get there as soon as we can.", his tail lashing as he turns towards the steps, watching the black charmander morph walking towards them.
The black charmander continues the casual stroll down the steps toward where the commotion seems to be centered, namely near that magnemite with the searchlight. The voice is very deep, yet a little familiar to some that may be present, though the body is different, "What seems to be the problem? It is a bit strange for the power to suddenly go out, especially so late in the evening." Not to mention popping sparks, but he doesn't mention that
Asuka blinks when the flash goes off, letting her own flame die down once the room is lit. She stands up and strolls over to Helio, peering over her shoulder. "What happened?"
NagaiYari thumps around the office a few more times, hitting the metal cabinet in there at least twice before finding the door and working the locking bar to get out. Yay! from a small dark office to a big dark power plant.. oh what an improvement. form a few thing to stub our toes on to countless things to knock your head on. *Bang!* like that thing...YOWL! I am so going to get one of those flash lights after this.
Nicholas covers his eyes before the flash, due to Helio having said to cover eyes. After it's okay to see again, he gets up and walks over to the growing group, also wondering what the hell just happened.
Fjord peers over to Helio before he raises his arm to shield his eyes from the ensuing flash...and we don't mean THAT kind of flash! He does catch wind of what's going on as he suspects that. As soon as the Pokemon Center is mentioned his pokegear starts its eerie ring tone...sounds like the Ice Stage from Super Lombre Bros! He flips it open and makes his usual phone greeting: "'Allo! Fjord Freize of the Seeker clan here." As he hears who's speaking on the other line, he hmphs. "Oh, you. Who'd you blackmail to get my number?" From the way he's smirking, he's merely jesting. The people that he works with are quite familiar with his joking mannerisms. "Let me take a stab in the dark as to what you're going to say eh? Somethings gone and mucked up in the Power Plant Gym and you want me to see what's going on?" The person on the other line as well as anybody else would say something akin to: "Smart ass." The glaceon chuckles before he glances to Helio. "By a staggering coincidence the mistress of said gym is here and is gathering people to check it out it seems. I'll shove off to investigate here in a bit."
Well for the ninetales with the temporal sense, she's definitely getting closer, both in terms of physical distance as well as along the axis of time...
Alynna keeps following her nose to the source of the temporal disturbance, vullling softly .. [Why is there something else screwing with time.. We are not amused, this had better be good..]
Coaldust listens to Alynna, completely unsure about what is being said..[Watch out, wall coming up...hallway on our left.] Sie looks around for any sources of light or movement. [What would be a good reason for this?] Sie continues to hold onto Alynna's back. You know...there better be something REALLY good. Sie finally finds the one sie been looking for and someone turns out all the lights and causes troubles.
And just as Alynna is trying to find the source of the temporal disturbance... it finds her. A rift in the space-time continuum appears briefly as a fairly familiar (at least to the Ninetales) umbreon falls out of it and onto her with a lil *THUD!*. Sunshine has arrived 1500 years into the future.

The lights in the Gymleader's office remain off, though it becomes apparent in the silence that Myrrodin is no longer there. She slides out of a shadow on a catwalk, looming above the chaos of the equipment floor where her ghostly minions have paused in their havok-making to dance around a blazing bonfire that used to be one of the main generators, overheated and slagged by their interference.
"Perfect. This should get the message across." she says to herself.
Turning, the shadow priestess raises her hands - Still dripping - and traces a broad arc on the wall behind her. A similar motion closes the arc as an almond shape, and she fills it in. It's a great bloody eye... The Mark of Darkrai, identical to the one that adorns her hat. Only, the composition is somewhat different.

Helio turns around towards everyone... "My gym... pronto!" shi growls as shi bolts towards the door, heading herself towards the gym. ~Oh god... I hope my hunch is wrong.~
Nicholas acks, due to the seriousness of the matter, and after a brief moment, follows after Helio and the gang, also getting a disturbing feeling... One could say it was similar to something from when he was a kid.
Alden quickly runs behind Helio, giving Fjord and Asuka a nod as he tries to keep up with the fast electric type, tail lashing quickly and wondering what could have caused the malfunctions in the power plant.
Sarin was already on her way to get to the doors, and thus picks up the pace when Helio shouts and speeds by, her ears pricked at attention and spines fully bristled. Dynamo makes a few annoyed bleeps and clicks as he's swung around as a hand lantern, but seeing the dire of the situation doesn't make any vocal objections.
Asuka blinks at Helio as she races off and nods, dashing out right behind her, able to run fast enough to keep up with her pretty well. NagaiYari rattles around and makes a lot of noice in the outer parts of the power plant...damnit! Why are there no lights *bang* Oh! I see bright stars now. Wait no. arg. He continues to wander around trying to find a light or a door...or some asprin.
Mazurek does not receive an answer from the one he had been addressing. Instead it comes from the gym leader directly. He actually waits for the speedier critters to move by first before starting after then at a fast walk. A power-walk if you will. This allows him to conserve energy should there be trouble and to not outrun the slower ones, his longer stride keeping up quite well, tail flame serving as a beacon of sorts.
Fjord nods as more talking is all Fjord hears along with the panic and commotion in the background. After a bit of talking from his end he sees Helio rush off before turning back to his gear. "And there she goes! I'm off then. Wish me luck. Seeker Freize out!" He then hangs up and stuffs his gear back into his jacket soon bending over to pick up his backpack full of survival gear as he immediately came here after he went off duty. However first responders like Fjord hardly get any rest when trouble rears his ugly head, the glaceon reaching into his backpack and conjuring a flashlight that clips onto his jacket before he takes pursuit of the fleeing group. o O (So much for relaxing...)

Turning her back to her fell fingerpainting, Myrrodin produces a cloth and wipes the remaining fluids from her black-gloved hands. This is discarded almost boredly. She's heard someone crashing around outside the building, and this doesn't make her very happy. "The disaster crew is somewhat late today." she mutters under her breath. "How droll." Without paying any homage to the minions she summoned for this operation, the shadow priestess sinks into her own shadow. Effectively, she has left.
But her minions - All six of them - are still dancing around the slagged generator housing and chanting in some ancient language. "Iia! Iia! Iia Fthaghn Darkrai! Iia Iia! Iia Fthgahn Darkrai! Iia! Iia!"
Alynna yips loudly is she is thrown back a ways from the sudden formation of a temporal rift in front of her, her ears lay back and she notices someone on top of her. She seems a bit angry and she starts vulling.. [Who travels through time without a permit or passport...] and then she sniffs who's on top of her and vuls softly.. [Sunny?]
Coaldust meeps as sie is suddenly being used as a landing cushion, nightmares of cave-ins rolling through hir young vulpy mind. She struggles to get free, wiggling and vulping and fighting to get out from under the crushing weight of the cave in.
Sunshine is kinda laying on top of the Ninetales for a moment or two as she grins "Who were you expecting? The tooth fairy?" the umbreon laughs at Alynna, almost as if she knew she'd be here as she lets Alynna up and dusts herself off "Damned prototype went off before I meant for it to..." the umbreon grumbles out loud "which is why I'm here now"
Helio shifts hirself into a Houndoom, complete in what looked to be leather armor along with a black blade katana as she reaches the door to her gym... looking pale at the sight of fire and a few more explosions from the gyms, falling to her knees and whimpering.. "M.my... Gym... The power plant...." she started to cry, dropping the blade onto the ground.
Sarin stops behind Helio for a moment, staring up at the gym and the ruckus coming from it. Then turns to look at the now houndoom-morph, switchs Dynamo to her other hand so she can give Helio a good whap of 'tough love' on the back of the head with one hand. "Snap outta it Helio! Now is not the time to break down cryin'! Save that for after kicking the asses of whoever did this. Or I'm just gonna go do it myself."
Alden reaches to pat Helio's shoulder for a moment, or at least he is about to do it when Sarin slaps the other houndoom morph, doing a soft sigh and nodding, "She is right Helio, we need to find out what is going on there before it gets even worse.", walking next to her and Sarin as he stares at the gym, growling softly.
NagaiYari finally sees a light, well a less darkness and stumbles his way through a couple doors and up some steps and over a pipe or three and gets close enough to see the raging bonfire and he ghost beach party.[I WANT MY TV BACK ON!]
Fjord is right behind the others as he skids to a stop and stumbles on in, panting. He takes a moment to catch his breath before he looks up at all the destruction and devastation in the air. "Oh bugger," is his only response, the glaceon having a horrified look on his face. Not just because the place got totaled, but also the raging fire that's whipping about.
Nicholas is just after Fjord in nearing the... former.. gym, and shortly after finally noticing him, stops in his tracks. Horrified. His ears turn back, now placed close to his head, his tail twitching a little bit. He thinks to himself, (And I thought 'Holy shit!' applied to when the power went out...)
Mazurek would be one of the last to arrive, but that does not mean that he is slow. Far from it. He arrives just as the last of the group is milling about and, feeling the heat coming from inside, along with the words coming from those who apparently run the gym, snorts and merely asks, "Are we going in to restore the power or aren't we?" Sure, he can handle the heat. Unless he is stopped the dark charmander strolls right into the place if he is able, even ducking his head if his huge eight foot height needs a little more room. Add in four inches for the horns.
Asuka stops by everyone else and stares at the ruined gym. "Well shit. Who the hell did this?" She glances over to Mazurek and shakes her head, "Might want to put the fire out first... then it looks like the place will have to be rebuilt. I doubt any of the equipment is in working order."
Alynna yips softly annd noses Sunshine on the nose, and then vulls softly.. [You did not clear that machine with Celebi, you really need to do that next time, so at the very least, we don't create some sort of paradox. I mean seriously bad things, like Atheonyirh coming back to life, can happen in such a situation..]
Coaldust is still struggling under Sunshine till someone calms hir down or gets off hir.
Sunshine hrmfs at Alynna as she peers around "Damn, I thought I had her killed... Well anyways, I think this machine only goes forward in time... which is a pity... Though I suspect my lab exploded since I heard it happening before the machine triggered" the umbreon sighs quietly as she finally asks the question that is troubling her "Soooo... what year is this?" the umby asks the Ninetales.

The Mismagius is gone. Dancing around the flames inside the building, the half-dozen ghostly minions she had summoned begin to fade away. Their voices hang in the air longer then their bodies are visible, echoing off the walls. "Iia, Iia! Iia Fthgahn Darkrai! Iia, Iia! Iia Fthgahn Darkrai!"
The gym is now left empty for those who have come to save it. Much of the equipment - But not all of it - has been damaged or destroyed by the ghosts - All of which are clearly visible on the security footage. Of course, there's the matter of what was done in the Gymleader's office...
"HE WATCHES ALL." scrawled on the wall in messy crimson script. While the floor seems just speckled with the remains of the gutted Ditto on the desk, anyone who looks upward would see a massive, ornate circle of heathen design, centered on the unmistakable symbol: Darkrai's All-Seeing Eye. The rings and divisions are filled with eldritch runes and archaic words that may take some time to translate. But the purpose and source is all too obvious.

Helio walks on inside, using her Hydro Pump move to put out some of the fire before going on more inside.... "M... my Gym." she muttered quietly as she looks at the utter carnage on her equipment... looking up before letting out a gasp.... "I'm.. next."
Alden follows Helio inside, releasing Mieko out next to him, "Help Helio with the flames." The Persian using her water pulse move to put off some of the flames near him as he moves next to Helio, tilting his head slightly at her words, "What do you mean, you are next?", patting her shoulder, "Do you have any clue of who could have done this?".
NagaiYari pads over to where the ghosts were at and yells.<Cowards! Run away like a seviper in the light!> He throws something at where they used to be out of frustration.
Sarin mumbles a bit. Well, at least she's up and doing something. Letting her just sit and sulk over it would be a lot worse. "Mag-ne-mite?" <Should I go hook my self up to the spare generators?> "No Dynamo. You try and charge up somethin' that's broke now, you'll make a worse mess." Instead she flicks open her other pokeball, Staryu appearing from it to help with putting out fires, while Sarin cools off some of the overheated machinery with her Ice Beam.
Helio points up... "Look at that.." she mutters codly... "The symbol of Darkrai..."
Asuka can't really help with anything involving putting OUT fires... she can certainly set more if you want though! :D She follws Helio's gaze up to the ceiling and peers at the marking up there. "Hm... so they're the ones who did this."
Nicholas carefully follows the group to the operations room, and proceeds to look up. He instantly freezes, held by fear. "D-Darkrai..." Uh.. when the heck did he get into the room, and why didn't he notice what they just said?
Coaldust dives under Alynna, looking up at the strange popping out of the air person.
Sunshine tilts her head as she definitely senses the ghostly presence "...Interesting, the ghosts are fleeing" the umbreon comments out loud before turning her attention back to Alynna, waiting for an answer to her question.
Mazurek stops a little ways in once the rest of the group starts to come in and do their work. He isn't concerned about the flame, but more concerned about the water being used. He actually waits until most of the fire in the main paths have been extinguished before moving to join the gym leader and his entourage, "I suppose this mark is from those that did this? Looks pretty sinister." He is clueless, yes
Alden simply looks up as Helio points to the ceiling, "Cult of Darkrai?", looking around again and then back to her, "But what does that cult have against you?". Mieko continues to deal with the flames the best she can, though she quickly grows exhausted from the heat and lays down panting softly.
Alynna yerfs, "Well, here, hon.. I've missed you by the way. But, the year is 15007, which means your accident probably wasn't an accident, it might be that... this a temporal nexus point that has cross-sections across the entire multiverse!"
Fjord looking at all what was left behind minus what was in the the office alone makes his shudder. His instincts tell him that this done with vile intentions...almost reminiscent of what happened to him long time ago. He shakes his head before he raises his left hand, which glows with a cold blue light only to unleash it at the overheated machinery in a form of a beam of arctic energy helping Sarin with that task as well as putting out whatever fires are about. As he does his he reaches into his jacket with his right hand and takes out his gear, hitting the return call button so he can contact his boss. "Oi! Seeker Freize here at the scene...when I said that something was mucking about here...that was an understatement. We're going to be needing more emergency crews..."
Sarin peers up at the eye for a moment. "Ugh. Whoever painted that has no sense of interior decorating." And goes back to helping get the fires back under control.
Sunshine hrms and ohs "Interesting... I figured they were always out to get me" the umbreon admits as she scritches Alynna "Well I missed you too, for the day or two that it was ago that I seen you" she giggles, apparently having gained at least a little insight into the workings of time and temporal phenomenon... Its all relative after all.
Coaldust doesn't understand a bit of what is being spoken. Might as well be another language. Sie just hides quietly under Alynna till things at least resemble a form of normality.
NagaiYari cries out in frustration and then just sits down with a thump in the power house gym, [I want my tv back on.]
Nicholas apparently goes unnoticed, sitting there, frozen in fear from past memories. Or to be more precise, nightmares.
Alden sighs and looks around at teh damage caused to the gym, "But whoever did this, really wanted to destroy the equipment here... He can't really help put off the flames, so he walks next to Mieko and pats her head, "Need some rest?". The persian shakes her head and gets back on her feet, a freezing aura surrounding her before she starts blasting the flames with a gust of freezing wind.
Mazurek looks around for but a moment before asking of the gym staff, "I'm useless here right now. I have nothing to put fires out here. Need muscle getting tings back in place?"
Sunshine is actually speaking ancient language, much like Utoian it'd be a little confusing at first "Oh well even if it isnt an accident, its something I can live with" the umbreon admits "Sooner or later I should go see how my house is doing, I was just reminded by the ghostly activity here about how comforting it is to be around them, they never have to rush to go anywhere"
Fjord is still in business-like conversation as he reports...but he does say something rather...different. Alden knows about this as he has heard Fjord gripe about money before. "I'm not sure I deserve to be paid for this...I didn't come in time to minimize the damage. I'm putting out the fires right now though...I'm surprised I haven't melted from the heat by now!"
Sunshine ponders for a moment as she peers over at Alynna "Uhh it would take a while to get to Helsing... Can I stay at your place for the night?" the umbreon asks with a smile... Besides she needs to catch up on alot.
Alynna yerfs, "It will be curious to see what of yours still exists in Helsing, but, you can stay with me in my gym all yous want..."
Sunshine nods some to Alynna and smiles as she scritches the ninetales "Well then I guess you lead the way?" the umby for all intents and purposes doesnt even notice the lights are out. One of the advantages of being a dark type when the lights go out...
Alden walks towards Fjord after a while hearing his conversation, "I think you should stay outside Fjord, you look terrible.".
Fjord's ice beam suddenly stops, the glaceon panting softly. He hears a snide remark from the other end of his gear which makes him hmph. "Touche. I'm not tired though." He draws a circle in the air which makes a ring of water appear soon the ice vee making a pushing motion and sending it out to quench a fire. "Looks like we're going to be without power for awhile." More talking goes on which surprises the glaceon. "What!? The back up!? HOW COME YOU DIDN'T TURN ON THE BLOODY THING SOONER!?" He draws away the gear away so he can facepalm and grumble. He does turn to Alden and shake his head. "Don't worry mate. I'll be fine. I've been through worst lots really."
Nicholas is still standing there, frozen with fear. Someone better drag him off or he'll be stuck there for a long time!
Alden smiles to Fhord and nods, "Still, you look like you could use some cold air." and turns towards Mieko, "Help Fjord here with the heat ok?". Mieko grins and nods, padding towards the ice 'eon and starts to prepare her ice move again cold air starting to swirl around her before releasing it in a gust towards Fjord. Alden suddenly notices Nicholas, walking next to him, "Are you ok?", and pats his shoulder, looking at the vee morph curiously.
Nicholas stutters out in his immobalized state, "Dark..rai.." Obviously this morph has seen more than he can handle of the being's nightmares. That and his gaze is glued to the bloody painting of the eye.
Fjord smiles to Alden, leaning over so he can pet Mieko. "Thank you both! I needed that!" He then turns his attention to his gear as he missed most of what was said. "Well then I'll leave you to get it up then! I think I heard some old fucker yelling about wanting his TV or something..."
Alden blinks and tries to shake Nicholas to see if that gets his attention, "Snap out of it, you can't just stand in here like that, it could be dangerous.". Mieko simply giggles and purrs at the petting, [You are welcome.] and looks around, [But we will need a lot of help to fix this.]
Nicholas blinks a bit, slowly snapping out of the state he was in. He's, sadly, all too aware of the fear-paralyzation that he just went through. He slowly looks over to Alden, before saying, "Uh... I think... I'll need a very long time to recover from that.. ...Thanks for helping me snap out of it." He was VERY grateful to Alden, seeing as he could have spent DAYS morelike that.
Mazurek waits for several seconds to see if his offer for assistance will be answered. When the gym leader and assistants do not come forth with a response the large, dark 'Mander simply turns and walks right out of the structure.
Fjord nods as he pets Mieko more, still on the gear but not for long. "Righto then. Seeker Freize out!" He then hangs up and puts away his gear. "Looks like they'll be having the back up running here in a bit. In the meantime we stop the fires and clean up!"