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Elite, now known simply as Pwnage since her evolution is a porygon2 with more questions than answers. After her initial activation she had a run-in with an aggressive anti-virus software and had a good chunk of her memory wiped or corrupted. To this end she doesnt even know who programmed her or when she was first compiled.


Ever since her evolution the porygon has gotten a much higher polygon count. This enables her to be a good deal more flexible in both her apperance and representation of her feelings which sometimes appear as icons over her head. The porygon in most cases appears to be a standard 5'8" height and the shape of her body appears to have been swiped from a medical anatomy textbook. The skin projected ontop of the wireframe is most commonly neon blue with black accents, if one looks closely they can see bits represented by 1's and 0's passing over her form in real time. If her skin is ever neon green it is a good indication her viral nature is back in play.


Level: <mpi>{stat:lastlevel,*Pwnage}</mpi>
Species: Porygon2
Age: Unknown, chronological existence indicates over 1300 years.
Gender: Represented as Female, though her avatar could change shape easily. Morphology: Variable, usually represented as a pokemorph.
Height: Variable, most often 5'8"
Weight: Atomic, negligable
Hair: Neon Blue
Coloration: Neon Blue under normal circumstances, Neon Green under viral conditions
Eyes: Light Blue Gym Membership: None
Gym Badges: None


Please note that alot of things Pwnage herself doesnt even know herself at the moment. Particularly the early on stuff as her memory was wiped of most of this information.


This particular digital pokemon started life out as a Porygon. Her initial code was created by a brilliant Alakazam hacker who is known as 'Infectech' in the technogeek community. The code for Elite (the name that he would give the project and later on the Porygon themself). After somewhere between 2 and 3 million lines of code the hacker included plenty of trojans, viruses and exploits within the porygon's code and several weeks of blood, sweat and tears he was finally ready to compile the program he wrote.


Well no program that large compiles on the first try. Many hours were spent debugging despite meticulous checking and rechecking during the process of coding. At the end of the debugging process he found out that the database he was using was corrupt and incompatible and set to making another one. After everything was settled and the new database was in its proper location the compile worked successfully. There was a porygon on the screen!

Database Construction

As with ANY Artificial Intelligence program. In order for it to learn you have to subject it to either a controlled environment where you can guide it's reactions and its learning patterns or you can release it into the wild completely unprepared. Knowing that Elite would have to avoid anti-virus softwares and other hazards he effectively chose to do the former as she was never meant for release. Swift and rigorous training sessions proved to be the norm for the porygon. He subjected her to all sorts of learning scenarios including sexual because lets face it lonely hacker guys need some nookie now and then. Though it proved in the lab that her sexual responses were subpar and thus were commented out.


This porygon was NEVER meant to be released into the wild. The entire project was intended to be a thesis for a PhD in computer science. He thought he only enabled incoming net access through a firewall and proxy server securely. Ofcourse this didnt stop the pory from surfing to various security related sites on the pokenet and finding an exploit that would allow her to escape into the wild. By packaging a few bytes of her database into each HTTP request she was able to, without the firewall detecting anything unusual, upload parts of her code and database all over the net and later retrieve and recombine the individual packets from all over the network. Since then she has evolved a much quicker working variant. Though he did manage to make a backup of the database she was based on before she escaped.

In the Wild

The porygon was quite intelligent and sneaky. Wandering the net like any other porygon, but unlike other porygons she was actually carrying a virus payload that crippled machines in her wake although she was relatively unaware of this fact until contronted by a powerful Anti-Virus program. This wiped most of her database and alot of her code. Purified as best possible, the porygon moved through the net searching everything in order to rebuild her database and begin learning everything again. During this time she met Katsu and Kada.

Evolution (Recompilation)

Well its around this time that Gigan Larson helped fix up her code, uncommenting all the sexual decision parts of it and unlocking the hidden ability to to switch genders. He also put in the upgrades on the machine she was residing in and performed the recompile required to get her evolved.

Celebi Passport (PX3 Begining)

Unlike most people who got dropped by the Celebi Passport into the future, Pwnage was not as lucky as them, her egg dropped her about 150 years into the future into the year 13672. It was around this time the great PokeNet war broke out, Celebi seen a need for this particular pory's abilities and brought her forward to the future to deal with the problem. One of her talents was bringing people from the real world into the digital world and thus she gathered an army not only of porygons to fight for the safety and security of the PokeNet but also morphs and mon of all walks of life.

Pwnage was also among the first porygons that was sent out into deep space (14108). Flying on a primitive FTLx1 Drive to the nearest star she was the one responsible for piloting the vessel and keeping its crew which were mostly porygons safe from harm as the captain of the vessel. Over the years Pwnage was on several other similar charting and exploration missions and was responsible for discovering the existence of Humans on Earth though at the time they were still primitive and had no means of communicating to spacefaring cultures over the long distances of space.

Nowadays, Pwnage continues to exist and has amassed an absolutely huge database. She is the pilot for Poqmori's Flagship and its amazingly advanced FTLx256 drive. Few Porygons have the raw processing power and predictive capabilities to operate at that speed. Pwnage is one of those few and is most likely one of the best of those few.

Pwnage also is a member on the board of directors of Synthetic Entertainment Technologies. When she is not flying the flagship around the galaxy, she is enjoying her role of Director of Research & Development of the company she has most of her yen invested in.