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Name:Rachel Cole
Gym Membership:none
Residence:Sage Forest
Title:Hand of Moltres, Eternal Flame

Rachel Cole is the avatar of Moltres, and as such is the only morphic member of her species.


Contrary to the stereotype, Rachel doesn't have a hot temper for a fire type. In fact, she is quite calm and collected most of the time, and prefers to look at things logically and rationally. This by no means makes her a dull or boring person, however, she is quite emotional as well, she just tries not to let it go over the top. There are limits of course, and with sufficient effort she can be made rather mad. She has an innate scientific curiosity about the world, especially about living things She likes to discuss the topic with others, and can ramble on for hours if allowed to, which is unusual in that she normally isn't particularly verbose, and hates making small talk.


Born outside of New Ginseng as a Pidgey-morph, Rachel grew up with a great intrest is living things, especially avians like herself. Her favorite thing to do was go out birdwatching. After high school, she attended Tarada University, and later graduated with a degree in ornithology. Then a Pidgeot, she started studying the three legendary birds, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, and traveled to the islands of ice, lightning, and fire to try and find them, or clues to their location. One day when she was flying low over the volcano on Fire Isle to see if anything was inside, it erupted without warning, clouds of ash choking her and making her plummet into the lava below. She was sure she was done for, but after a brief, intense burning sensation she found herself not only alive, but reborn as a bird of fire, the avatar of Moltres. She learned from her new patron that he had made the volcano erupt to draw her in, since he had chosen her to be his avatar. Overjoyed to not only meet one of the legendary birds, but become one of them, she learned everything she could about her new master and became friends with him before leaving to continue her life, now tasked with fulfilling her obligation to him as well. She didn't let her new form go to her head, and acted much the same as she did before, although the extra attention of people going ZOMG LEGENDARY at her everywhere she went got tiring rather quickly, but she's learned to deal with it. She now lives in the Sage Forest.

Relationship with Patron

Rachel has become close friends wih Moltres, making their relationship less formal than a typical master and servant. She visits him often to chat and inform him of what's going on in the world, and to find out what he wants her to do. She doesn't use her powers to interfere in important global affairs unless told to. Her primary task is to protect the balance of fire, ice, and lightning, focusing on fire for her in particular. She also tries to help fellow fire-types out whenever possible, being the symbol of the element.


Other than her duty as an avatar, she pursues her own research projects as her career. Being an avatar doesn't get her paid after all. She ususally studies various bird species of both pokemon and normal animals, although recently she's become interested in avian morphs as well. Since her transformation she has also begun studying in all the different types and elements, and how they interact with each other both in battle and out.