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Name:Raven Blackwing
Sex:Hermaphrodite (Used to be female/gendershifter
Gym Leadership:-
Occupation:Lepus' 'yeswoman'
Voice Actor:Melissa Disney

Who she is

Raven Blackwing is the Avatar of Cresil, and 'blood' daughter of the Lord of Nightmare. Currently she is co-goddess of the Tispian Dream Realm alongside Lepus.


Raven is a loving, gullible, easily forgiving person, Willing to believe almost anything said with a smiling face and open arms, and rather childish.

Her History

Born as 'Lillian' her life was fine. She ate good food, loved her parents, had no friends~ Well, alright. That last part bothered her. In school, her social life, she was often made fun of for being fat, and rightfully so. She was a pudgemonster of a Spoink-girl! So, to cope with being humiliated constantly, she started to recess into her own world, dressing dark, reading up, worshiping the occult of the biggest baddest, blackest deity she could find, using her own feelings of how alone she was to find a kinship with the tales of Cresil, a god whom her heart gave tuggs to, a deep feeling of belonging she couldn't explain. This obviously didn't help her make any more friends, outside one or two she had from Elementary school.

On the eve of Lillian's Sixteenth birthday, she took the biggest bitch in her school on a private slumber party, bribing the bitch 'Tiffany', whom had been her friend in ugliness through her entire school-life and most of high-school, until of course, the Feebas-girl evolved into a Milotic and rocketed to popularity, leaving her friend behind to wallow in misery.

Lillian had lured her ex-friend to a little alter, begging to be friend again, only to pull a four inch knife from concealment and drive the blade through the girls heart, pinning her body to the stone kiosk, sacrificing a friend, then herself with the same dagger to Darkrai, an offering, begging for the God to take pity on her lonely soul. A soul that felt was /meant/ to be with Lord Cresil

Cresil heard her cry and was deeply amused by the notion of 'joining' him, until the god took a deeper notice, and smiled. The girl was a daughter of his. Some years ago he coursed the planet of Poqmori and stitched his seed into the fertile womb of many species, and this Spoink happened to be the offspring of such an action. Amused by the whole thing, likely no cosmic accident, the god granted the pathetic girls wish and caught her soul, breathing life back into it in th form of a well-rounded, slightly hefty Darkrai-femme, and a slightly darker name, Raven Blackwin, 'daddy's little omen'.

Tispian Life

She didn't last long on Poqumori, Making friends, repenting for an accidental creation of Ho-oh's Avatar, earning a few badges with her friends and her boyfriend Lepus, Life was good, easy, simple. Then the end of everything happened. Sucked into a black hole, trying to escape on a ship owned by Helio along with Raikoo and Lepus, got sucked in a full half hour before the rest of the planet.


Cresil; Her father, and God, Raven worshiped the man, Despite seeing first-hand how cruel, brutal and down-right unsavory the man is!

Atria Velias; The first person Raven killed as an avatar of Darkrai, Daddy was so proud! Even if it was a complete and total accident.

Lepus; The first male, outside Ravens father, to take any sort of interest in her. She loves him with all her heart, Even though shes a bit of a dork and kinda an embarrassment.

Loretta; Recently adopted Raven when her boyfriend Lepus took a break from existing, leaving no indication he would ever return.