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Player Character
Name:Russell Phoenix
Home:None (sleeps in abandoned apartments in lower NG)
Work:Ex Hacker, Ex Miner, currently Fighting and odd jobs
Badges Acquired:Iris, power,Kamakaze (lost)


Russell started life as a very quiet and idealistic individual, and he still is, for the most part. He has a little trouble speaking his mind in or around large groups. Although he is aloof emotionally to most thing or people, messing with the few friends is one quick way to get on his bad side.

With friends, he can get a bit over-cuddly or excited, almost as if to compensate for his normal aloofness. Friendship and camaraderie are big with this Ninetales. He is happier seeing a Friend succeed over himself most of the time, as well.

He has a fondness for technology and mechanical things, particularly space ships and other space oriented things. Such was his love for all things techy, that he took the illicit, and dangerous hobby of hacking, a pastime still enjoys, albeit within legal limits now...

Going hand in hand with his love of friendship, is an almost fairy tale sense of justice, namely "natural justice". His friends come first, and anything (or anyone) that threatens them is taken as a personal challenge as well as an insult.He is not one to keep a grudge, unlike most of his kind. If he dose go that far, however, Russell will go to very long lengths to see the earner of said grudge punished.


Russel's looks aren't spectacular. Very typical Ninetales off white fur, orange tail-tips, and red eyes. Since he is a Were, Russell can (and has) passed himself off as a normal pokemon. Russell prefers morph form, as that's what he was born in.

Russell prefers to wear a loose fitting grey T-shirt with a Red and gray leather tactical jacket, and matching pants. He looks As if he should be racing, or at a rave, or something. black finger gloves and thigh-high combat boots complete the garish outfit.

On his belt, he has a Dex, and a single poke ball, and therefore, Dose not give the "Trainer" impression at all. Other things might include his camping pack, also in red/gray. And a black walking stick, that on closer inspection would reveal a very nicely concealed straight, ninja style Katana hidden within the rectangular shaft. Only the metal ends and the seam at the joint of Handle and scabbard elude to it’s true purpose.



Russell spent the first fifteen years of his life scraping a living in Sub-Electronica. Born to a middle class family, Russell had enough access to good education, and unlike some, decided to make the most of it. His father was contractor for the MPC, while his mother worked at a small PCB manufacturer in quality control. Russell got a whole spectrum of experience from the different jobs his parents did, as well as a fascination with all gadgets. on one notable (or infamous, depending on who you ask)occasion, Russell had decided to dismantle his Pokédex, saving the screen and case, and changed out the internal components for those used in most electronic doors. The result was a handy door-key-cracker for the MPC, not that the judge cared very much. After a 6 month stint in a minimum security facility (with no electronics privileges, of course), he left with a asteroid mining crew for the next five years, wanting to leave SE behind for awhile.

Mining Days

At that time, he was still a Vulpix, and had a hard time keeping up with some of the larger 'Mons and 'morphs. As a result, Russell saw the need to learn at least some self-defense skills. While he lost almost every fight he ended up getting in, he kept at it until he could hold his own, at least. About a year before his return to Poqmori, Russell nearly lost his life trying to save a fellow miner during a cave-in. During the frantic rush to get out of the cave with the newer miner, Russell cut his leg on a sharp rock that turned out to be a Fire Stone, forcing him to change into a Ninetales while still running for his life... The extra strength and speed, however, did not get the man out in time to save his life. Some of the other Miners thought Russell might have had it in for the newbie. With no proof, however, they simply harassed him until he had to leave, giving the final push that Russell need to return to the surface...

New Gensing

With no money, and no advanced degrees to back up his skills, Russell settled into a tough existence in the low-income section of New Ginseng, where he resides currently. he has been able to contact his family, though he has not seen them in years. Russell just takes life one day at a time. He is currently exploring the possibility of gaining a place in the League as a form of income, but since he has not practiced with is powers in several years, this seems unlikely. He also dreams of taking to the stars again, that, however, is even less likely.

Fighting Skills

Russell has self taught a verity of martial arts and combat skills, including staff ans sword techniques. Most of his powers where taught to him By Vanilla, a Fellow-Fire type who took Russell under his wing not long after he moved to New-Gensing. He relies on ranged attacks before moving in for close-combat.


Russell only has one at this point, but hopes to add to his mon family, as soon as he finds the right one...

Cristi (Original form: Ponyta, Current form: Ninetales morph)

Cristi is only Pokemon, and his best friend. Where the fox is, the horse is sure to follow. Cristi is very intelligent, and can speak (and get smart-mouthed) in fluent morph-speak. She willingly allowed herself to be captured by Russell's 4 year old niece for reasons she will not discuss. And when Russell moved to New Genseng, his niece (at Cristi's request, as her master had several mon at this point) opted to send her to him, knowing that, at the time, he owned no 'mon of his own.

Cristi is quite an individual of her own, and Russell lets her do as she pleases most of the time. She even has a switch in her ball that allows her to enter and exit at will. She sees nothing wrong with bring her beloved trainer right back to earth with a well placed jib, though she never would berate him out of spite. Cristi is good friends with most of Russell's crowd.

Cristi's favorite pastime is running, weather with Russell on her back (not really possible, at the moment), or not. Her trainer was once said to have told her, "You would save my life in a heart beat, but only if you could run there..."

When Lord Shaymin offered special form changing berries for a mewmass, Cristi tried Russell's species as a joke. However, finding that morphs got a better rap, she decided to keep her new form. She added basic martial arts and swordplay (even driving Russell's aircar, on occasion) to her list of talents over the next few months. Whether she stays in this new body remains to be seen. She now helps Russell with work around his apartment