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Player Character
Name:Samantha Jetfire
'Mon Type:Jolteon
Gym Membership:Space Pirates
Badges:Celestial, Spirit
Occupation:Privateer Captain

Space, the final frontier. An endless array of stars and worlds seperated by the bleakness of cosmic radiation. It is here that pokemon, no matter the type, must struggle to survive against the absolute unforgiving nature of the universe. Survival in its true form, where both you and your equipment must be as one. For it is here, in space, that the greatest adventures, the greatest challenges, and the greatest sorrows all lurk. -- "Everything and Nothing" Samantha's 2nd Year Term Paper.

Starry Eyed Gaze to the Heavens. That was how her look was always described by her teachers as she went through school. The small eevee was rather average in all her classes, but for the most part, it was because of that longing gaze. Constant doodling in class always got on her teacher's nerves. Endless talk about the latest development of the stardrive or life support systems. Even the rather mundane topic of utility equipment for space always got her rapt attention, while even the best teacher could do little to keep her into complex mathematics and elemental theory.

A gaze like hardened moonstone, after enduring the trip through the atmosphere. A recent description of the Jolteon turned space pirate, commanding from the bridge of one of the older model space cruisers. The small cargo craft was docked and beset upon immeadiatly, half of their precious metal cargo removed from the hold, and no one hurt. The true picture of the space pirate is one from romance novels after all, only the stupid victims get hurt in a heist. The jolteon Samantha, always having longed to be in space, is now a predator there, one that realizes the balance between predator, prey, and law enforcement.

Jolteon of the Ether

At first glance in a casual atmosphere, Samantha seems to be a little out of touch with reality. Having been taken by the romantic adventurous life that is space piracy, her usual outfit and demeanor are at odds with the carefully cultivated reputation. She appears to be in her early 20s, clean and always immaculately bathed, normally wearing a tension-pressure space suit under a carefully restored naval longcoat, with an old, beat up three corner hat.

A small radio transceiver is always attached to one ear, and she does occasionally talk to herself. A damascus steel saber always graces her hips. Since her occupation is less then legal, it is very rare to see her when there is any law enforcement about. Normally, she is more then a little bit larger then life, both do to where she has gotten herself, and the reputation it carries with her. Dramatics are just a way of life, when the smallest mistake could mean a lonely death in outer space.

Space Life

On board her ship, or any ship for that matter, is where her unusual outfit and mannerisms come into their own. The careful flick of her overcoat avoids gettings it caught on equipment or switches; the curious interfaces and bulky parts of her suit hook up to provide an interface to critical ship systems, and in same cases even allow her to power them. She has little trouble in zero gee, and actually manuevers better in it then when constrained fully by a planets gravity.

Safety and body contact are nearly mutually exclusive in space, so when such comes together it is to be enjoyed. Samantha is very touchy feely when the mood takes her, a light touch with a bare hand its own happy thrill when she is almost always covered in a protect layering of synthetic materials. That being said, shipboard life when everything is safe is one of passionate freedom, as at a moments notice it may be time to once more don the suit that will safeguard your life.

Law Enforcement

Piracy is of course, a bit out of the laws bounds. Caling herself a 'true' pirate is a misnomer, since the initial contact with Earth was made, Samantha has gotten herself a charter from The Council in order to act as a privateer. This gives her limited reign in the space around poqmori, with a very hard limit on her pirate activities, but full permission to raid Earth if she can do so without risk to diplomatic relations. Keeping the space program from getting too far advanced is a bit of a game.

As the Gym Program began to take off in earnst, Samantha has started seeking to get her spaceship and group to be officially recognized as a Gym. A Gym of Space Piracy is one of survival, wits, and versatility. If this deal is made in full, it can secure landing rights on Poqmori whenever they are needed, in return for training the up and coming 'mon (and other challengers) a new perspective to fighting. This would also remove any worries of Poqmori Law Enforcement cutting shore leave time.

Having finally secured such a Letter of Marque from The Proctorate the Zeta gym "Black Frontier" has been officially formed.

Family Ties

There isn't much about the Jetfire family. There is most certainly no record of that name besides Samantha herself in the publically accessible archives. As it stands, there was a breif article run in a tabloid, of Samantha meeting and spinding time with an eldery couple. The pair, Katrina and Michael Drendel are both eeveelutions, and the article was running a story on how they could perhaps by Samantha's real parents. Unfortunately, as they are a Vaporeon and a Glaceon, giving rise to a Jolteon seemed a bit of a stretch, and the article was mostly ignored as sensationalism from a media without enough to report.

The couple is a middle-class family, both of them are retired and spend their days gardening and tending to various fountain fixtures in their apartment. They did once answer that "We wish we could have had a daughter like Samantha, perhaps one less missguided, though."

Samantha's relationships with those on board her ship are the subject of many a lemon fanfic on the 'net on Poqmori, a good half of which may be true. Personal contact is at a premium afterall.

Oddly enough, there is a single older gentleman, a human electrical engineer, that she works to visit on earth, dispite such things requiring special timing to stay 'hidden' from the populace. There is very little information about this man, Robert VonDrezzen.