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Born to a Arbok 'mon father and a Onix 'morph mother in New Ginseng, Sanvictus was originally an onix 'morph pokemon. As time passed, he began to take after both his mother and father in attitude, generally being calm around people except for when he saw others doing harm. His temper often flaring up quickly and he would find himself crashing into something shortly after his anger finally lifted. Guilty about the amount of destruction he could raise with his temper, he eventually sought out work in constructing, his size along with his shape made him useful in anything that required digging or carrying heavier materials than smaller poke could possibly handle. Eventually an accident on one such job site lead to him evolving after a number of steel girders crashed onto him, the weight enough to crush even him despite his naturally hard body, the pressure proved enough to fool his body into thinking he was ready to evolve.


As pointed out in his background, Sanvictus is a male Steelix pokemorph, originally a male Onix pokemorph with his body having a naga-like appearance from his mixed heritage with thick muscular upper arms but using his serpentine lower half for locomotion and as a third limb during fights or to perform certain actions. His body is segmented like a onix/steelix pokemon with each segment beneath his torso becoming gradually smaller as it progresses further along. One segment is considered his 'waist' which he wears a thick leather wrap with cloth straps upon to conceal himself for modesty's sake rather than for any actual protective reason, the wrap also doubles as a belt for clipping his pokeballs to and for holding some of his personal effects in pockets that he recently had affixed to the inside to protect them when hes moving underground.


Slow in thought and gentle in his actions, destructive and reckless when angered. He epitomizes both the docile and destructive sides of his 'mon kin.


Sanvictus usually tends to keep quiet about his age, tho he'll eventually reveal hes 24 after some prying. He tends to dislike bringing it up because it reminds him that hes getting old.


Currently Sanvictus is a member of the FoxFire gym run by the ninetails Alynna, acting as a wildcard challenge like Obril incase of people expecting to fight purely fire pokemorphs and pokemon. He also holds the PWWF badge, FoxFire badge, PowerPlant badge, and Waterpark badge currently, having challenged both gym leaders and completed the challenges they put forth to him.


Recently Sanvictus came across a skarmory woman who turned out to be an exiled knight named Kassandra, he has since wound up becoming mates with both her and his now Lucario companion Miska.

For RP scenes, Sanvictus is open to most from PG to XXX, tho for anything extreme or especially unusual a discussion in OOC or in page is required to make sure there isn't anything beyond his limits.