Sarin Yudoku

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Personal Statistics

Name - Sarin Yudoku

Species - Nidorina Morph

Age - 17

Gender - Female (Duh)

Size - 4'0" (4'3" counting ears)

Primary Coloration - Light blue w/darker spots, sea green hair

Occupation - Pokemon Trainer, Treasure Hunter


The worst mistake anyone can make is to misjudge Sarin because of her size. She may be short, but she's got spirit, spunk, and knows how to handle herself in a fight despite her vertically challenged state. She is basically a nice person, very outgoing and energetic, and although a bit snarky at times with her sense of humor rarely intending to be mean. Its just a bit of a defense mechanism she's built up over the years to deal with people putting her down just because she's not tall. Well, after people started to learn she was at the right height to punch them in the crotch. Or worse. She likes to play rough, because it supports her 'tough' image, but tries to avoid to get into truely pointless fights or hurting anyone needlessly. Most people would be surprised to find out she can actually be rather feminine... when she wants to be. Or when it'll get her something her way. Or if she just happens to slip for a moment in her tough act, and trying to keep her more 'girly' hobbies to herself. Athletic but unable to get into any sports due to her short height, Sarin spends most of her time exploring, picking sparring matchs, and looking for stuff she can sell to keep herself and her pokemon on the competative edge.


Sarin is just an ordinary girl. Well, other than having been one of the shortest people all her life. Which she's quickly learned to live with, and to make people regret dissing her for it. You would be surprised how many people have been stupid enough to pick on someone with -poisonous spikes- growing out of her back, but I degress. Sarin likes sports, but due to her height was never able to get on any actual teams, which has always annoyed the hell out of her. At least she can fight, and usually make people regret misjudging her for being cutesy or weak just because she's small. Though it just makes her try all that much harder to be impressive in some way. Sarin took up pokemon training after she was digging through a junk pile one day searching for a lost kickball, and instead found a Magnemite buried in the scrap after trying to life more than its magnetism could handle. She managed to pry it loose, and Dynamo has stuck at her side ever since.