Sayuri Shimizu

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Name:Sayuri Shimizu
Gym Membership:--
Hometown:Aunia Province, Peth

"Allow me to clarify. As a machine, I am of the opinion that life is meaningless. Specifically, organic life. And more relevant to your current situation, your life."



Born as Meridith Thompsons in the year 149793, to a Glameow couple working a sprawling orchard of apples and pears in the heartland of Peth's newly formed Aunia province. Almost from the beginning, Merry and Clyde Thompsons knew their little girl was something special.

Things didn't really stand out until Meridith turned five. In that year, she dismantled no less than six household appliances, four electronic toys, and her father's pokedex - The latter of which she reassembled the following day in perfect working order. Realizing this was a gift, her parents planned for a future and set about fostering this unusually young genius.

Fast forward to her tenth birthday. Meridith completes all required courses to graduate from entry-level colleges in the region. Having absorbed all the available knowledge in Aunia Province, her parents sent her to the Imperial University in the capital. She wasn't there for more than a few months before the University sent her to a master's college in Kyogara.

Upon mastering robotics, Meridith spent a brief time as a robotics engineer at her young age. She lost contact with her parents, and as her meticulous designs began to grow in popularity, Sayuri became more and more of a hermit.

One cold morning, the scientist Meridith Thompsons disappeared. Kyogaran police scoured Sub-Electronica for the girl, only to find her lifeless body slumped over a desk in her own lab, behind three locked doors and a security system that could only be described as 'Sadistic'. While examining the body, and dealing with their wounded, the police discovered deeper portions of the laboratory previously hidden.

Investigating this lead to the discovery of a robotic woman with a design based on Metang. Identifying herself as Sayuri Shimizu, she ordered the police to leave. Within days, the Doctor established herself as the heir of Meridith's legacy, but promptly disappeared off the radar with a strict refusal to continue sharing her robotics designs with the corporations that Meridith had previously dealt with.

Of course, that was almost 300 years ago.


In spite of her extensive and spiteful history, Sayuri Shimizu's mentality is still that of a teenaged girl. She hungers for knowledge, but has learned practically all there is to know. Her mind operates much faster than even an Alakazam would be able to comprehend, partially due to her natural gift and partially due to her advanced mechanical nature. Because of this, Sayuri will often calculate the probabilities of things that might result from certain interactions.

The only thing she cannot predict is morphs, due to the unpredictability of true free will. This is both a source of curiosity and a source of frustration for her, as it is something she does not know. Frustration stems from her ongoing inability to truly understand people well enough to know what they will do and when they will do it.

This frustration has combined with a deep-seated hatred of morphs for their callous and often stupid and sex-centric lives to drive Shimizu towards the only acceptable outcome. Her goal is ot exterminate morphs worldwide and bring about an age of machines. Efficiant, reliable, clean.

Even before the procedure that resulted in her robotic body, Sayuri had begun to fall into madness, obsessively keeping her workshop and her apartment meticulously clean and tidy. This has not abated since her 'roboticization'. It has, in fact, become much more pronounced now that her clean, robotic body does not produce nearly as much waste as that inefficiant organic shell she abandoned.

And still, beneath all of the hate and plotting, Sayuri is still just a child in mind. She does her best to keep it to herself, though. Much of her younger tendencies have been replaced with cake. Often a personal treat for a successful experiment, she knows several thousand different recipes and loves them all.

Kaz and Rei

Kaz and Rei are sphere-shaped peripheral units that function as external storage for much of the knowledge that Sayuri accesses on a regular basis. Each one contains a copy of the positronic network that houses her own mind, as well as a copy of her mind proper. However, the networks are not as carefully designed as her own, which has resulted in personalities that differ from her own. Sayuri did this on purpose. Kaz and Rei are the prototypes for her current body. They are harmless, only able to hover, see, and speak.

Kaz is a representation of Sayuri's creative mind. He is intensely curious about everything around him. He asks questions constantly, and tends to babble incessantly about things around him. Sayuri often disables his vocal emitter, because simply telling him to shut up will only work for a few seconds. Kaz's gem eye is orange-yellow.

Rei is a representation of Sayuri's logical mind. He speaks little and is not nearly as active as Kaz in movement. His primary purpose seems to be observing and relaying information and recommendations to Sayuri via a wireless link. Rei's gem eye is a deep blue color.


Sayuri's body is completely mechanical. She is immune to poisons of all kinds. Her brain, highly developed and supported by constantly evolving technology, can out-think and outmaneuver any computer virus or hacking attempt with hardly any effort. Her physical strength is extraordinary for her size, and her body houses several built-in weapons systems of her own design.

Attacks that center on hormone and phermone manipulation have no effect on Sayuri. She has no DNA, no true nervous system, and no true cardiovascular system. Pressure points are completely useless, and her tireless mechanical limbs means she has virtually unlimited stamina.


The three minds that comprise Sayuri's whole self - Which includes Kaz and Rei - is constantly backed up via wireless link to several hidden bunkers worldwide. This information is uploaded into a series of prepared clone bodies, duplicates of the original Sayuri frames, which remain inactive.

In the event that Sayuri is killed, the signal will stop updating the backups. A carefully designed program will note this and initiate a countdown. At the end of the countdown - Which may vary from as little as a few hours to as long as a century - Sayuri awakens in a new body, Kaz and Rei restored beside her to as recently as the moment just before death.

Via this system, the fact that her body does not age and deteriorate over time, and her capacity to build replacements with relative ease makes Sayuri almost effectively immortal. It will remain so unless the bunkers are all uncovered and destroyed. Because of this highly effective failsafe, Sayuri has a somewhat dry sense of humor towards death. Particularly her own.

Popular Culture

The Kyogaran government did its best to cover up Sayuri's lengthly attacks against its people and freedoms. Very little remains in the way of written records that refer to her plots as more than just the names beside the years in the extended background.

Despite the Government's best efforts, a handful of nerds believing the rare stories of Doctor Sayuri Shimizu to be an internet-based story or RPG, have formed a sort of subculture about her. They collect tidbits of information about her plots. Some have even begun to theorize what sort of devices she'll use in the next story.

There is a fan-created computer game featuring Sayuri as the playable character. The people who programmed it apparently took some liberties with her design - Something that she is not particularly happy with.

Doctorates And Degrees


  • Robotics
  • Advanced Electronics
  • Advanced Programming
  • Vehicle Engineering
  • Robotics Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering


  • Dimensional Physics
  • Astrophysics
  • Geophysical Engineering
  • Energy Manipulation
  • Aerodynamics
  • Thermodynamics


  • Metallurgy
  • Architecture
  • Weapons Design
  • Vehicle Design


  • Anatomical Studies
  • Cybernetics Design
  • Advanced Genetics
  • Exobiology
  • Psychobiology


  • Advanced Chemistry
  • Electrochemistry


  • Linguistics
  • Cryptozoology
  • Cultural Sciences
  • Praxeology

Known Creations


  • Relic Lab (Location Unknown)
  • Kyogara Bunker (Location Unknown)
  • Peth Bunker (Location Unknown)
  • Terne Bunker (Location Unknown)
  • Latie Bunker (Location Unknown)
  • Contiki Bunker (Location Unknown)
  • Terramarine Plaza, Sub-Electronica
  • SET Headquarters, Sub-Electronica (Upper and Lower)
  • Fuzion Arcade, Sub-Electronica (Commission)


  • Destroyer, Apollo Class, Kyogara Navy
  • Destroyer, Athena Class, Kyogara Navy
  • Battleship, Bizmakt Class, Peth Navy (Commission)
  • MBT-47 'Peacekeeper' Police Tank
  • PT-83 'Lawman' Light Police Tank


  • Bombeetle
  • Glasshopper / Metalocust
  • Spyder
  • Gunmantis


  • AK38 'Pestilence
  • AK39 'Famine'
  • AK44 'War'
  • AK46 'Death'
  • VX83b 'Varia X'


  • AMX-007 'Iron Saw' (Peth Navy commission)
  • PW88 'Magnum' personal laser sidearm
  • AT38-B 'Painsaw' Automated Defense Turret (Minigun Type)
  • AT38-C 'Railsniper' Automated Defense Turret (Gauss Type)
  • AT38-D 'Cannoneer' Automated Defense Turret (Rocket Type)


Character Study sketches Full color picture