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Sqwelch stops a character from existing to you.

It is the second thing you do to stop Harassment, after you've whispered or paged the person what your beef is and they don't stop.

To make someone stop existing, type

@sq/add <name>

You will no longer hear them in the world, in @pub, or even in whispers and pages.

Of course, They may no longer exist to you, But they still exist to everyone else. They may continue to harass you by proxy, through your friends. If it gets that bad, You better go to a Wizard.

Sad to admit, But there are rare cases when a Wizard is being abusive. @sq/add does not work on Wizards. So if the bad guy is a wizard, go right to another wizard, Or for this rare case, right to Alynna or Gengar.

Other things

To see who is on your list

@sq #list

To forgive someone and undo a squelch

@sq/del <name>