Tallia Sakamora

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Name:Tallia Sakamora
Badges:Alpha(Toxicant), Beta(Iris), Delta(Wave), Epsilon(Power), Eta(Foxfire), & Zeta(Celestial)
Alignment:Chaotic Good
Occupation:Wandering Martial Artist
Voice Actor:Ayumi Ito
Trainer Card:


Tallia Sakamora is a wandering martial artist Lucario-morph, she was born into a small family of Riolu. Being one of the Riolu/Lucario line she has a way of sensing the Auras of living things around her. After the passing of her family she began wandering and ended up in New Ginseng. She was recruited into the Alpha gym by it's leader Eian and is currently going around Poqmori collecting the different badges and experiencing different things.

Background Information

In the Beginning

Tallia was born into a small family of Riolu consisting of her mother, father, and herself. She was a very happy and carefree child having many friends in the small community she lived in however that was all destined to change one day. The community was to come under attack by a raging group of Tyranitar's, the entire community was destroyed aswell as her family and almost all of her friends and their families. This left Tallia homeless knowing of no other relatives she was placed into an orphanage. Throughout her time inside of the Orphanage she was picked on much and ended up getting in a fight with a Larvitar-morph which she ended up losing. The loss taught her something as she began quietly training herself in the ways of martial arts from then on.

More to Come


Tallia tends to have carefree and happy attitude about alot of things in life, taking most everything in stride not being too dominant in her life or too submissive to others. She avoids getting too violent if she can and just loves to spend as much time with friends and making new friends as she can though she does have a long lazy streak in her. Luna however is almost the exact opposite, she's very cautious and calculating about what she does and tends to be happier when she is in control of her situation then when she isn't making her difficult to be around or work with at times. She has a tendency of loving to get into a fight and when in a fight she doesn't hesitate to give the fight everything she has no matter who her opponent is.

Lune Factor

Back around 14875 CTS there was a young Riolu 'morph by the name of Lune. He was very cold for one of his species, his eyes were icy blue and his hair was platinum blonde naturally. He enjoyed nothing more then fighting and destroying his opposition quickly and precisely. However at one point he met his match in a female of his own species, Lina. The two became rivals and lovers at the same time. They loved each other for their strength but hated each others strength for matching the other. After a while the two were married and remained rivals even after marriage, the two eventually became Lucario's through their deep love for each other and lived together in a house in the Emerald Forest birthing a solitary egg there. Though unknown to his wife Lune was a very devote worshipper of Darkrai and everything it embodied. Beneath thier house in the forest he constructed an Altar devoted to Darkrai and in the middle of one night he sacrificed his wife to the dark pokegod. He was given a soul blade for his sacrifice shaped like a longsword, the blade made of a strange metal that even through countless uses never retained a scratch or scuff. The pommel of the blade held a star sapphire about the size of a womans balled fist. However one day the Lucario had just finished slaying an opponent something unforseen happened, a mysterious disciple of Giratina stepped forward from a crowd of people placing a curse upon Lune for his evil deed and cursed his soul to forever be trapped inside the gem of his own longsword. There was something the young disciple didn't know though, the longsword was no normal blade, it was a soul blade forged and enhanced by Lina's soul. This is the only thing that saved the evil 'morph from his fate as instead of being trapped forever within the sword his soul was bound to the gem in the pommel of the blade sealed there untill one of his bloodline was to free him and there he stayed for over a hundred years, sealed away supposedly never to return again. That is untill Tallia released him and the persona of Luna was given to the kind Lucario'morph.


Tallia really just wears what's comfortable, she doesn't really seem to care too much what others think when shes dressing casual though when she's trying to be dressed up and beautiful she loves compliments on what shes wearing as most girls do. Ever since Tallia found her great grandfathers longsword 'Dharrkum' however she's very rarily seen without it by her side. The longsword is made of a silvery metal which is extremely hard and shows no signs of scuffs or marring to its form from its years of usage. The hilt of the longsword is wrapped tightly in scaly dragon leather, the pommel of the hilt holds a decent sized blue star sapphire inclosed by four thin strands of the silvery metal with tiny runes on them.