The Calling Of The Court

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======================= IC - This Just In! =======================

The usual calm of the city park just outside the tower is shattered rather abruptly by what could only be called a massive egress of the various inhabitants of the Conservatory. Mon and morphs both, they flee through the entryway in numbers, as if from some natural disaster inside. A hateful roaring can be heard inside, and the abrupt, violent felling of trees accompanies it.

(Yes, this is happening now. Head to the TP room!)


Player Level HP Stat Sex Species Statuses

----- -------- ------ ------------- ------------------------

Asuka 66 391/391 IC female Blaziken-morph
Florisa 44 279/283 IC female Milotic
Ciere 22 96/99 IC male Ralts-Morph
Kaiya 103 392/392 IC female Gardevoir-Morph
Airis 44 142/142 IC Male Pikachu-morph
Helio 77 370/345 IC hermaphrodite Raichu-morph
Massimo 69 400/400 IC Male Machamp
George 52 281/281 IC male Butterfree morph
Seprala 59 224/232 IC female Butterfree Morph
Miatog 10 0/75 IC male Alakazam

The gym seems rather empty today, likely due to the fact that the head care takers haven't been in for a while now. The families and couples that are hanging out hear a rumbling coming from the back of the gym, where the forest maze and gym arena is. A wild mon or two come dashing through...followed by what seems like most of the inhabitants of the forest! For those that can understand wild, most of the shouting seems to be just shouting, though something about a Lady going crazy and the court all missing can be picked up.

Asuka apparently is the first one to eter the gym even though she wasn't in the park when all this started. She's just that fast. She jumps out of the way of all the wild mon as they dash through, looking towards the maze and arena at the rumbling. "What the hell is that?"

Ciere had to follow after the others who was in the city park with him and he levitates, dodging the wild 'mons as they dash through, watching them run underneath of him, "What's going on.." He spoke to himself, slipping into the gym and he noticed Asuka, "Not sure..." He replied to her, blinking a few times.

Florisa was actually heading toward the BnB when Kaiya alerted her to the comotion. She followed the others into the gym. As wild pokemon flee, she lifts her head up high, a good 12 feet off the ground, to try and see what is going on. She tries to ask a few of the wild mon, but they seem too panicked.

Kaiya has off course, entered the gym with Florisa, wondering just what the heck's going on. Panicked pokemon aren't good at all, are they? She did motion for quick action from Florisa, and Kaiya's holding the tiny shinx with her close, who is now alert, and listening, and if she wasn't temporarily blind, she'd be watching alertly, too.

Airis comes strolling back from the pokemart, changing his mind about selling his useless TMs as they might have use for something else. Though when he comes in and hears the noise he pauses heading into the gym to hear the shouting 'mon and see the few of them run by. He then looks around at the rest of the people who were already here and tilts his head before heading forwards to the maze.

Helio blinks as shi dashes on into the gym.. "W... what's going on... my PokeGear alterted me to something at the Conservatory..." she mutters as shi looks around. "This isn't good, I don't like this..." shi grumbles as shi looks towards Asuka... "ANy clue what's going on?"

Team Massimo CHARGES ONTO THE SCENE. By which I mean Sudoku, the only one not asleep in the BnB Arena, glances upwards slightly as he feels a disturbance in the force. Or something. Hrm. He considers checking it out. He must weigh his options. Ignore it and continue his twelve simultaneous games of chess against himself or teleport the team over there to see what's up. He thinks.

At the edge of the forest maze a six foot tall Nidoqueen can be seen...wrestling with a seven foot tall tree? To anyone that's tried to get the Iris badge before, they'd recognize Lady Nindoqueen and Lord Sudowood. <Lady, calm down! Look at what you've done already!> Behind them a trail of destruction can be seen, a large path that's been suddenly cleared out as the Lady had stampeded her way through the forest. The Lady shoves the mighty tree to the side and marches on, knocking down the fence in her way. <I know it's them! They killed my adopted son and now they've taken the rest of my children!> The Lord quickly sticks his foot down into the ground and roots come up to wrap around the Lady's feet.

Asuka blinks as she watches the Sudowoodo and Nidoqueen go at it, slowly stepping towards them and talking quietly to try and calm the queen down. "Woah there, slow down. Who took your children?"

Ciere errrs in realization of the number of people increasing, what the... he stares at Lady Nidoqueen, her temper sure scare him, and he winces from witnessing her pushing trees aside with ease... why is the player reminded of the introduction to the tv show called 'Dinosaurs'? The Ralts-morph stays there still, glancing around for a nice spot to hide just in case it's going to be violent.

Florisa blinks as she sees the source of the wild pokemons' distress is their own queen. She looks toward Kaiya, then back toward the royal couple. She lowers herself back down to the ground and slithers closer. This looks like it could get even worse, now that the queen is being stopped by the king.

Kaiya blinks a bit, looking worried, and calls out her dragonite. "Karei, quick, go and help!" The shinx is pulled into Kaiya's jacket, and then the jacket gets zipped up, protecting the shinx with a barrier. The dragonite isn't sure he wants to get involved, but he would do anything if it was an order from his queen. Kaiya's smart enough to not get in the way, but because Karei's a lot stronger, that's help. Him and Kaiya are about to call out, when Asuka does first. Kaiya watches Florisa slither a bit closer, and calls out, <Florisa, careful.> She pauses again. <Karei...go help.> Karei pads forward, making the ground shake a little with each heavy footstep. <Sir and Miss, may I help?>

Airis blinks a bit and just stands there because he doesn't want to get caught in cross fire, they can hurt. Then he glances over to Asuka people always taking the initiative over him and he's left to listening again as his hand reached over for a pokeball.

Helio grumbles without an answer as hir Armmy of Cute plus one shows up. Fantasy holding Firefly in her muzzle. "Wait... Lady, who kidnapped your children?!" shi blinked as shi looked towards the Nidoqueen... ears flattened against her head.

Hrm. There's a loooot of commotion. Well...perhaps they could go observe if the coast appears 'clear'. A black, circular hole, rimmed with an unruly purple, appears above Sudoku's head before lowering, smoothly and slowly, until his head has disappeared through it, then holds position there. in the gym? His head is currently, upside-down, sticking out of a similar hole about a half-dozen feet into the air as he looks around. "Oho, this is interesting." My, my, this looks /exciting/. Perhaps he really will drag the team along once he sees what's happening.

The Lady glares turns and glares at Lord Sudowood, seemingly ignoring all the non important people around...well that's how she feels right now. <Let me go!> She finds herself losing her balance with the ground shaking and her legs tied together. The giant tree sticks his other foot in the ground brings up more roots to wrap around her arms to hold her in place. <Not until you calm down. You're not in your right mind Lady.> He looks to the group and answers their questions. <A while back a Nidoking by the name of Spike was killed by Team Venom, he was an adopted son of the Lady. Now all of her children are gone...and even she doesn't know how many children she has. Every Nidoran, Nidorina, and Nidorino in the forest were her children. She's positive that Venom is behind it, though I am not certain...they seemed to have walked out, not forced out.> He tightens his rooty grip on the Lady as she thrashes around on the ground. <As you can see, she's been driven into a rage at the loss of her children.>

Asuka hms and rubs her chin a little. "Well, you can't assume Team Venom did it. If they did the place would probably be half destroyed, they're rather sloppy when they do things. The best thing to do right now would be to calm down so we can figure out what to do, instead of rampaging aimlessly." Rampaging is still fun though. Just not productive.

Ciere begin to tap his chin with an index finger, a bad habit of his and it usually happen when he's thinking, and he finally spoke, "Venom..... Team Venom.. I think I've heard of them before only on the news though." He pauses and frowns, "Spike? Poor guy, had a chance of knowing him once, such a nice guy." He nods his head a few times and he goes back being quiet, not finding himself quite helpful or special in any way so he'll just stay out of people's way and watch.

Florisa nods slightly to Kaiya's words as she slithers over beside Karei, exuding her species's natural calming aura, trying to calm the queen down. <Please, mistress. Even if it was Team Venom, how is stomping through your own forest and scaring its inhabitants going to help?>

Karei blinks. <Miss Nidoqueen, please calm down.> Karei pauses. <You're not going to help anyone like this. Mr. Sudowoodo is right.> It is noticeable that Karei is being as calm and collected as possible, giving the situation. Kaiya meanwhile, rests a hand agaisnt Ciera's shoulder, encouragingly, to show strength to him, before releasing the hand, and slipping a little closer to Florisa. Kaiya had heard about Spike's death, and whilst she didn't know him well, she did know him. She ponders for a second. Karei continues to speak, trying to calm her down. <Please. If we work together, we can find them, can't we?> He smiles politely, offering his large, muscled, right paw. <Take my paw Miss Nidoqueen...please calm down.>

Airis watches the Lady struggle, noting how the losses caused such a drastic change in her and thinking for a moment. "Maybe it's those Mankey playing some kind of really bad joke?" He was truly looking for a reason to electricute them. "But they said, trashing and stuff, not good and all that." He slides his hands back into the pockets and studies the ground, looking for something out of the ordinary, if anything.

Helio sighs softly.. "I know about Spike.. I feel bad for the handsome one." shi earflats as shi looks towards Karei and the Queen. "Perhaps, if we all work together we can find your children..."

Oh my, how droll. Sudoku, for now, just moves his portal-y thing closer to the 'Lady' and the group that surrounds her, still keeping at a safe distance as a precaution. He's just an observer her, really, and one who's quite enjoying this little show for himself. He remembers seeing Spike...once, when he thinks back. Not anyone spectacular. Rather pointless for this to be the reaction to their death, he'd imagine. He knows the rest of the team would disagree, apart from Kaladont, but...what do they know? "I do wonder, what /proof/ is had of any theory about 'disappearances', hrm?"

The Lady seems to be calming down, having little other choice at the moment. She looks around, eyes landing on Airis. <The Mankey's and Primeape's would never dare to do anything like this, they know I'd kill them.> Her voice leads one to believe that she means it and that she's not exaggerating. The Lord loosens his grip on her, though not completely letting her go. <I'm not letting her leave the forest for this, not unless I have to. You can see what she can do when rage fills her...she might be harder to enrage then King Gyarados, but I think she's worse when angered. The King at least keeps it to just the cause of his rage, the Lady here will take it out on everyone and everything that's remotely close.> The Lady turns to the Lord glaring at him, then sighs knowing he's right. She turns back to the group and looks around. <I have nothing I can offer in return, but I ask all of you, please look for my children. I'm positive they left the gym, I know they did.>

Asuka nods to the queen, smiling. "Alright, sure... do you have any idea where they might have gone? To one of the forests, maybe?"

Ciere blinks with surprise when he's touched and he looks up to Kaiya, smiling kindly with a light blush forming across his face, "H-hello.." He's not sad or anything, really... death don't bother him because he've been around ghosts often and even his great great great uncle, Forsythe is a ghosty. He places his hand onto the spot where Kaiya touched and rubs it some, listening to the Lady, he never cared much for rewardments.. well, there are always move tutor tickets... mmm, he always wanted those. <3 The Ralts-morph just nods his head quietly.

Florisa smiles as the queen calms down, and nods to Asuka's words. <So many Nidos can't be hard to track down.> she says, trying her best to help calm the lady.

Kaiya smiles a bit, and just watches Karei, immensely proud. <Yes, we'll find them.>

Airis didn't know what else to say at the time as he headed back to the exit before listening for any clues that the Lady might give.

Helio nods a bit. "We'll find them, Lady. I'm sure of it." shi smiles, the 'chu's cheeks sparking up with a bit of fury... "Whomever kidnapped them will feel my wrath."

The 'zam-head titters quietly. Well...'gratitude' is always a good reward. It might even fool a few idiots into thinking 'oh my, that nice Sudoku'. He does so love such gullible peple. The portal engulfs his head again before it disappearings...and reappears. This time, Sudoku appears a few feet in the air, cross-legged and floating. At the same time the rest of the 'Team' appear, all falling on the same spot atop each other. Kaladont, rather deftly, manages to land on her feet atop the pile of meat. "A search? Oh, my, we'd be glad to help."

The Lady shakes her head. <I don't know why they would ever leave out home...we have everything we need here, my children have never left the forest before...ever.> The Lord looks to the group with a smile. <Thank you all. It's good to know there are so many kind hearts in the city.>

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Florisa smiles at the lord and lady. <We are glad to help. Do you have any clues? Anything that might give a hint to where they all went?> she says to them.

Ciere stands there still, watching Kaiya go poof or something, huh.. guess she decided to go off and search on her own. Psychics are good at searching, not him though.. he's a grade F psychic. c.c He only can sense emotions and such like that.

Airis is still there, listening, because he's being his normal anti-social 'chu morph self. Helio nods.. "I have some psychic powers under my control and a few of my new forms should help be able to find them... hopefully." shi smiles... trying to sound reassuring."

Sudoku just ponders. So, they don't have a motive, they don't know where to start...but, well, a swarm of Wild 'Mon shouldn't be hard to find, yes? Nonetheless, he pipes up again whilst Team Massimo is untangling limbs and rubbing at multitudes of bruises. "Might I ask, what are we looking for in particular? Species-wise? A general idea /would/ help, after all."

<... Is it safe to come out?> a small blue critter can be seen coming out from under the brush, speaking the feral dialect. <... She needs our help... I've gotta hurry!> Apparently one of the Lady's children, one of the smallest, stayed behind for a time. But right now? The little Nidoran is booking it for the outside.

The Lady turns to Sudoku. <Nidoran's, Nidorino's, and Nidorina's.> She goes wide eyed as who is probably the last Nidoran in the forest suddenly runs out of a brush. <My child! Come back!> The Lord tightens his grip on her before she has a chance to get up. <Hurry, after that child! Surely she will lead you all to the rest.>

Asuka blinks at the small Nidoran who appears, and she makes a grab for the critter's ear, which is both conveniently sticking out and doesn't have ow pointy spines of stabbing and poison.

Ciere eeps, watching the last nidoran dash out, and he teleports out only to reappear infront of the nidoran, attempting to grab for her ears, if successful, he'll just hold her there. If Asuka caught it first, he'll just stay there infront of the nidoran, making sure that she won't try and escape.

Florisa also makes her way infront of the little nidoran, but with two fast morphs after it, she probably won't have to do anything.

Airis looks over an just in case he had to be another line of defense if the two managed to miss he'd dissapear and reappear in front of the Nidoran, via quick attack, and actually just grabs at it's face, if successful, gripping to keep it's mouth shut and avoid it biting him.

Helio sighs and grumbles.. "Best way to catch something...." shi mutters as hir cheeks spark up even more. "A weak little Thunder Wave to paralyze the little one." shi grins, letting outa weak little shock at the Nido.

Hrm. The idea is to /follow/ it. Everyone else...tries to stop it. Sudoku titters again, oh my. He won't bother stopping it, but since they're all so intent on doing so...he'll get what's needed via /other/ means. He tries to tap into the mind of the little wild 'mon, trying to discern what location seems so important in it's mind that it wants to flee to there. The rest of the Team, now having fully gotten unentangled, decide to join the crowd. They all, even Kaladont, leap straight at the Nidoran. The massive Flexo, the beefy Massimo, the myriad Awesomes and the bandwagon-hopping Kaladont, all intending to dogpile it. RAAAAAAAAAR.

Poor baby Nidoran. D:

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At the Blaziken's lunge to grab for her ears, the last Nidoran ducks low and disappears into the remaining brush - just to let out a startled, loud chirp as she runs headlong into Ciere, ears held up and suspending the poor girl. <Get... out of...> partway through the command she gets nicely face smacked, then thunderwaved, body twitching. She shakes her head, eyes closing, then blinking confusedly up at the group. <What happened? Mommy?> apparently had the wind and wits knocked out of her with all the piling on.

You page, "The little one's mind proves extremely easy to read. There's a great sense of duty, one that feels very, -very- out of place in such a young one. As the restraints happen, the duty seems to wash away, leaving plenty of confusion." to Massimo.

Airis totally gives up on the Nidoran as well, people were launching t-waves and dogpiling he didn't want to be a part of that so he just up and left, they can handle it.

Airis has disconnected.

Massimo pages, "No knowledge or sense of destination?" to you.

The Lady thrashes against the roots restraining her. <My child! Don't hurt my daughter!> The Lord visibly strains as he brings more roots up to hold the Lady down. Once the Nidoran snaps back to reality, the Lady also calms down. <Kree, everyone has left. You were going to leave as well, where were you going to go my little one?>

Asuka blinks a few times as the Nidoran gets assaulted from every angle. "Okay... that works I guess. Although it was a bit excessive." After being piled on by all of Team Massimo, wouldn't the little thing be a Nido-pancake on the floor? And Ciere along with it?

You page, "Ah, right. For a moment, Sudoku would have felt the same thing Kree did: Someone, out there, was calling for help. Really, really loudly." to Massimo.

Ciere's eyes widens and meeps as he watches the huge meatheads went for them and he instantly poofs out along with the nidoran and reappears beside of the Lady, lowering the nidoran back to the ground near her, "Jeez..... I was going to catch her peacefully and harmless." He snorted, glaring at the pile.

Mercifully the little Kree does not get pancaked! Once things have calmed, she looks toward the Lady, whimpering. <I heard someone in trouble calling for help.. really far away.> set down, she pads next to mommy, <Didn't you?>

Florisa winces as the Nidoran is also paralyzed along with being attacked. She doesn't think the Lady will be happy about this, but she slithers over to Ciere and the Nidoqueen. <Can you lead us to where they are calling from?> she asks the little nidoran.

Helio sighs.. "Maybe I was a bit excessive..."

Oho, this is /interesting/. Sudoku suspects a psychic. A sense of 'duty', a belief of someone 'calling for help'. Interesting indeed, indeed. He remains silent, however, as the various members of Team Massimo get up again, all grinning. Yeah, that was fun. They just wait there now, though, to see how things progress. And for orders from Sudoku.

The Lady looks at her child. <No, I did not...> She looks around at the group then back to Kree. <My daughter, I want you to lead them to where you were going. Everyone else must have heard this call as well and followed it.>

Kree sniffles a little, then nods, <Okay, mommy, I'll try.> Looking up warily to the group of adventurers, she nods her head - still seeming very, VERY freaked out about the pileup - and rushing off toward the exit!

Asuka is somewhat relieved when the Nido is teleported out of the way of Team Retarded, and starts to follow her out when she runs for the exit to lead them to wherever it is they're going.

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Ciere nods, "Okay..." He turns around and goes off to follow the others from behind, of course he prefer to be last so he won't be in the way of others to wherever they're going. D:

Helio smiles and just follows along.. "Sorry for shocking you little NIdo..." shi giggles as shi sprouts a pair of Butterfree wings to fly along.

Sudoku? He just sends Team Massimo running after the thing, the entire group whooping and hollering all the way, Kaladont joining in for the heck of it whilst Flexo...well, actually, he's pretty much silent. He occasionaly grunts. :|

And Sudoku himself stays there. Run/float after the little runt? Perish the thought!

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