The Demon General and the Mirror of Fate

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The Demon General and the Mirror of Fate Loretta's Genkai TP, part 1.

Participants: Loretta, Xzentia, Airis, Ciere, Quin, Alden

"Simply smashing, old bean! I can't believe the find you've just lead me to.. Many thought the Temple of Rynos was just a myth, but I knew it was real, yes.." Says the rather loud voice of a Sealeo morph, twisting his moustache lightly. Looks kinda explorer, judging from his choice of dress. Him and an Alakazam morph are standing in front of a large crystal mirror stationed in the hall of a ruined stone temple that's mean smeared with the grime of ages, the adorned carvings on the sides glowing faintly as the 'zam mumbles a soft prayer to himself. "..I say. Is that the 'help'? Bah. Nosy suits.. Trying to steal my treasure." the Sealeo mumbles to himself as the sound of a stopping truck is heard outside softly and reaches to touch the surface of the mirror until the psychic type seizes his arm. "Silence, heathen. You are not worthy to touch 'his' residence." What's up with the truck exactly? That's where you guys come in. Loretta is the first one to step from the back of the truck and sighs. "...this is it. Whatever is destroying the planet's equilibrium is in there." Her little moment of thought is intetupted soon though, when there's the sound of a gunshot in the temple ahead. Upon entering all anyone can see is the 'zam morph in a black robe, standing over the the corpse of the Sealeo with a...blank...expression.

Quin's decided to head out. Somehow managing to even go the right way, maybe its 'coz a friend is guiding her or she has a little navigation system telling her how to go. She sort of flutters her wings She sort of stares with her ears at the people infront of her, tail flicking, her hands in her skirt's edge. Her little curious expression growing, maybe coming out as a blind 'bat outta hell wasn't such a good idea.

Alden shifts slightly unconfortably in the seat next to Lory and quickly gets out of the truck after she does, his tail flicking some as he stretches, "Hopefully we will find out why thi is...." and cringes slightly when he hears the gunshot, turning towards the temple with a nervous expression, "What in the..." and starts to move towards the entrance.

Airis was nabbed by the government, why'd they nab a kid to do this? Maybe it was because he was a sharpshooter, but then again why would they leave him with his laser rifle? Anyways Airis hops out of the truck and looks to Quin for a moment blinking a few times, zubats were blind'd they get around. The boy had no idea they used sound and he ended up offering to help Quin out. He hears the gun shot and well, doesn't feel like getting shot so he stays a good distance away.

Ciere is just following his mom, no matter what, like a spoiled puppy so that's the reason why he's with his mom. The boy is playing with his portable video game console and he quickly snaps his gaze away from the console when he heard the gunshot from the distance, his red eyes wide. He saves his game before switching it off, stuffing it into his pocket, "What was that?!" He asks, jealous that Airis get to carry a gun but not him.

Wearing more than her usual lack of attire, Xzentia is garbed in travelling gear, a light satchel with various little supples hanging from around her neck and smooth khakis clad over legs, tucked into polished, sturdy boots. The fembug still doesn't wear anything over her upper torso, but a pith hat settles atop her head. Following in tow along with her is her 'mon, the Gliscor hovering with a heavier bag full of more tools dangling beneath it. Abs wears its usual Lucha mask but has a spiffy pair of khaki shorts on, clashing garishly. Offering an eloquent smile towards the explorer, Xzentia croons in her sultry tone, "I'm here to help, sir, to assist in what needs may arise during this exploration of these temple ruins. Never travel alone when exploring, lest one get lost in their own explorations!" She emits a wry laugh 'ohohoho'. As the gunshot sounds out, though, both Xzen and her travelling companion dart their eyes towards the origin of the sound, "What was that?" <What was that?> both say in near-unison, though Abs with his usual Antonio Vanderez accent.

The Alakazam morph nudges the corpse of his fallen companion and chuckles to himself darkly. "...I'll wait for them to assemble before I usher Him through the portal. I bet he'll be hungry after all this time in the nether realm.." he mutters to the Sealo morph's stiff body in a whispery tone. "'s trouble, that's what. Make sure to keep your guard up." Loretta motions to Ciere as she steps forward onto the large mold-covered stone treashold of the temple. The psy type chuckles and eyes the brave souls that happen to wander up to the doorstep. "Welcome, peons of the light.. Are you ready to witness the dawn of a new era? The era...of Rynos?" It looks like that mirror behind him, now splattered with a blood from the gunshot to his friend's head, has lost it's reflective properties. You might think you're seeing something at first, from the images of a horricly dark figure razing cities, slaughtering the innocent and the world being evoloped in darkness seen on the glass pane, but after a rub of the eyes it's the same. The real question here is....are those images from the past, or an eerie prediction for the future of this world?

Alden keeps next to Loretta as she approaches the temple entrance, blinking as eh sees the dark clad Alakazam for a moment, though his attention is drawn to the blod covered mirror, staring at the images of slaughter and darkness for a moment before he focuses again on the psychic, his tail lashing behind him.

Airis looks to the Alakazam, "Think it's all about some evil dude finding something...probably possessed by some being because he was greedy and took some kind of treasure which he knew had a curse on it...comic book stuff." He then ponders for a moment, "Uh hold on..." He then calls out to the alakazam, "Hey um we don't want any Rhynos around here thank you very muchm they might take up alot of space." Also they go crazy Airis raises the rifle and aims it at the Alakazam, charging it with his own electricity as he instantly goes to shoot him in the head before waiting for some speech that gives him time to bring whatever it is out. Who knows this might have negative effects for the team too.

Ciere follows his mother once again and he reaches into his pockets, pulling a box full of shaving razors, simply holding it in his enclosed palm. If he can't have a gun, he's going to use a Hellraiser method with shaving razors laced with itching powder which will be painful as hell if it got into wounds. :| "Yes mom.." He quietly said, peeking around his mom's waist to look at the strange man, hiding there in behind of Loretta.

Following suit after the lead of the others, both Xzen and Abs make their way further within the moldy way, the Ninjask's legs working quickly as she tries to keep pace with Lory and Ciere, Abscenth's wings fanning furiously to try and keep even minutely close whilst lugging the heavy satchel beneath it. Seeing the scene that flashes from the place, she lets out a disgusted groan, "Guh... this can't come to pass." Falling back so that Abs can catch up with her, she reaches into the heavy satchel for some proper firepower, fidgetting around within it.

The sorcerer's eyes widen a bit as Airis takes out his weapon, just pausing for a moment before laughing hysterically. "You do honestly think your weapons can stop his ascension to power?" That's about all he gets out before he takes an electric bullet to the forehead. Well, it definately hit... There's now a quarter sized hole in his forehead, oozing deep red, pre-coagulated blood. His head retilts to it's orginal position and his eyes slowly roll back into position. "Just...bow down... and his grace...might!" he behinds to gag for some unseen reason until he's yanked off the damp stone floor by the throat by a supernatural force. The mirror's imagines of conquest end, now only showing one red colored human eye. "M-master....WHY!?!?" the Alakazam's head makes a complete 180 turn with a sickening snap, dropping to the floor lifeless. Moments after his death, the filthy pane of the mirror distorts like rippling lake water and a gauntlet slowly emerges from void, gripping it's fist tightly until finally the dread warlord depicted on the preminitions appears in front of them with a startling crackle of red lightning. "Six thousand years of rotting in the pits of the nether realm...and I'm finally free. With fresh meat on my drop stop, no less..." Rynos chuckles softly, in a menacing tone. Loretta doesn't seem so amused. "I don't think so! We hae to stop him before he leaves this place!" The ninja charges at the ancient human at full speed, drawing back her fist and jumping to plant her fist straight in his face. She seems to stop in mid-air however, likely to Rynos' etheral power. "Up start wretch..." he winds back his back and gives Lory a heavy backhand across the face with his gauntlet, sending her flying off to the right sliding on her back with a whimper of pain. Doesn't look like she's getting up soon.

Quin huffs "Hey did he just hit her?" she asked to Airis, poofing up and loosening her tie, removing it from her neck line to tie around her shoulder. "Think a full restore would bring her back to her feet? she asked, reacing into her fanny pack to yank something out. A .. Juice box! She firmly brings her hand back, and concentrates with both ears too.. and soon its flying toward the spector, her body scrunches up against the nearest tree like protrusion from the ground, left foot digging into the bark.

Alden nods to Loretta and watches at the armor clad figure somehow manages to stop Loretta in mid air and sends her flying with a simple slap of his hand, "Lory!." he says, looking at her for a moment before turning his attention back to the human, growling loudly at him, "You will pay for that....", a black aura suddenly flaring around him as he focuses his energy into a shockwave of dark power towards him.

Airis blinks a few times a Loretta just charges at him, "Umm...yea he just hit her." He looked pissed off now as he raises the gun again, "Bastard..." He charges up the gun again, he was not one to sit and watch movies as people watch on instead of just stopping things right there it annoys him and well Alden's got the right idea so Airis joins in and aims for Rynos' head also.

Ciere snarls as his mother got struck and he moves aside, tossing the box full of razors up above of his head, tearing the small box apart, freeing the razors inside, before raising his hand in the air, taking ahold of the razors with telekentic before splitting them apart, gathering them in small seperate bundles. He then makes them spin about wildly and sent the first razor torando for the man's face and second for his stomach, hoping to slice his eyes out, lips, and opening his stomach with sharp razors, "Fucker!"

Pulling out a deringer, Xzen looks at the gun... then at Rynos... then at the gun... Tosses it aside and begins rummaging around within the satchel, digging deeper. "Ahah!" She begins pulling out a larger gun, its muzzle rather gratuitously lengthy, a la Dirty Harry. "Alright, Abs... where's the ammo?" The Gliscor blinks a few times, looking at Xzen, then at the gun, a bit blankly, <Ammo? What's this Ammo you speak of, boss?> With a shrill cry, Xzen rolls her eyes... and simply lobs the hand-cannon at the anachronized tyrant. With that, she dives towards where Lory's been knocked, whirring into near-invisibility as she comes to the gal's side, biting her lip.

Loretta stirs lightly and mumbles, rolling onto her side and opening a single eye. "...grr... S-stop him.. Don't worry about me.." she moans softly. Rynos merely chuckles as the dark pulse hits his armor, making him slide back an inch so he dusts himself off a bit. "Do you think I am as stupid as my slave?" he flattens his palm and deflects the electric bullet harmlessly into the ceilinf with the red flare of his eyes. He points an index finger to the 'chu shota and yanks him off the ground by his throat with his demonic power and throws him straight into Ciere to break his concentration while he spins his halberd in front of him like a fan to haplessly send the razors flying. "Does a rag-tag group of thrid-rate fighters really think they can stop what the high elders of ancient times were barely able to contain?" Then Xzentia's gun strikes him in the cheek while he's busy inflating his ego. "..." the indentation on his cheek slowly pops out, making the gun fall to the ground with a clank. His redish aura flares with rage, " one makes a fool of the great Rynos!" he swings his halberd in front of him powerfully and sends out a web of white lines along the floor the dim shortly, only to explode a few moments later. The mirror behind the tyrant suddenly cracks, starting as a small facture, but slowly spreading as time progresses. One of the carvings that adorn the walls begins to glow softly while the smoke from Rynos' attack clears. < not let the mirror shatter, mortal ones.. Rynos' will be trapped in your world forever if it breaks!> the ghost of an elderly Sharpedo morph in a robe flickers in front of the craving, struggling to stay long enough to convey his message.

Quin skitters up that tree, opening her wings to glide to the next nearest one, her body tensing as she takes a deep breath, hanging herself upside down, SKREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELing at Rynos, the type of skreel that makes your skin crawl, Supersonic, Her hands waving as she throws, a stuffed rabbit at him, pulling things randomly from her wings.. Then she gets to a card deck "WAS THIS YOUR CARD?" she screamed, sending the cards scattering the field in a confusing array. Maybe she is insane, afterall? ".. The great Rynos, Ya ain' a cheap dime store magician quit tryin' ta make yourself sound awesome "FOR THE GLORY OF THE ZUBAT KING!" she skreeels out, her wings begining to flap enough to rock her. "Wait.. whats a mirror?" she asked herself, her cheeks rufflin' up.

Alden continues to growl at Rynos even as he sees his easily deflecting all the attacks, turning towards the ghost for a moment, "Mirror?....", interrupted by the explosion caused by the human's attack and Quin's supersonic reaches him, closing his eyes as he waits it to get over, the aura arounding him shifting and vanishing as he tries something else, "What are we supoused to do with it!" he asks, turning back towards the Human and firing a pwoerful jet of greenish flames in his direction, hoping to at least stall him for a moment.

Airis twitches slightly as he suddenly starts to choke and he reaches for the invisible hands, dropping his gun as he begins to cough. He then gets tossed into Ciere and sits there slightly daze for a moment. "Oww..." He then quickly gets nack up as his hands glow with electricity. "Well then..." He coughs a bit more and smirks as he rushes forwards using agility, he hands come together before his palms thrust out before him and a giant orb of electricity shoots out. Though he doesn't go completely head on with the man and he only begins to circle. Distractions distractions, he kicks it up a notch and goes for the agility quick attack combo as he rushes for the mirror. THis is probably going to end up in pain. *mental sigh*

Ciere lets out a loud yelp as Airis got flung into him and he fell back down onto his back, panting heavily. He slowly gets back up onto his feet after Airis did, "Gnhhh.." He watches Airis go for the mirror and he widens his eyes, "The old man said not to break the mirror, you idiot!" He yells out at Airis and he stands there still, glancing around for something to help the others, "Fuck fuck fuck!" He squints his eyes and his red eyes became glowing red as he begin to focus on his tekelentic ability, lifting large stones and boulders from the ground before shooting them at the uberly evil man, hoping that he will be distracted enough not to notice the large rocks came flying for him.

Muttering to herself as explosions roar and debris begins to rain, the Fembug becomes more and more flustered, nodding a bit to Loretta, "Alright, hon... stay with us, though..." Looking towards the scene once more, eyes widening a bit at the ghostly apparition's words, Xzentia stands tall. She well knows what a mirror is... and Queen would! Letting the calm of the dance come over her, Xzen breathes out a breath, lofting her arms over her head, wings stirring just enough as she balances upon her narrow toes, even in the boots. Slowly, elegantly, she dips a leg up, swivelling it, turnign in place, her abdomen jittering and her thorax giving a little gyration. Silvery dust motes shimmer and effervesce from her body, haloing the glistening, curvateous form within light-catching foxfire. The gleaming bits shimmer and shine, silvery specks roiling as she swivels, dancing the powder around herself. Picking up speed rapidly, she accelerates her motions, the dusts whirling and dancing into a roiling, toiling wind, flowing and gliding like liquid silver. Pivotting in place, she dips, roiling the winds towards the cracks, calling out, "Quick! Someone, I need heat on that crack /NOW!!/" Obliiging from where he'd been hovering, Abscenth begins working up flame within its maw, inhaling like a bellows, exhaling in a short range as the silvery wind passes by him, giving it a hot glow whilst it showers towards the mirror's cracking surface.

You're just lucky I can't break that mirror on my own..." Rynos growls lightly as the playing cards dance around him. "ENOUGH!" he spreads his arms and whips the confetti like objects away with a powerful gale, aura powerful with malice as little cracks continue to snake their way across the face of the pane despite the powerful heat being courses through it. "Pathetic little worm.." his eyes follow Airis, but he doesn't make a move to attack him yet. The crescent blade of his halberd glows blue as he slices the rocks hurled at him clean in half. Loretta slowly stands and dusts herself off. "Die!" she unsheathes one of her blades and charges straight for the tyrant, aiming to shank him straight in the ribs when he rams his the butt of his pole arm into her gut and flings her strayly into the wall next to the Sharpedo sprectre. "...d-damit... Strike two..." she cletches her chest slowly works her way to her feet, panting heavily as the ghost flickers. <...s-steal is amulet.. If you cam somehow reunite it with the mirror before it shatters, he'll be banished to the nether realm once again...> The only problem is that that amulet is on Rynos' neck.

Quin pulls her hands up and launches herself at Rynos, her Skreel rolling out. "GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY SIGHT!!" she screams, which probally sounds hillarious considering she's blind. She doesn't seem afraid and shows A-typical Zubat insanity. Of course her fangs show widely as she grins "SKREEL IN THE THE NAME OF THE ZUBAT KING I SHALL PUNISH YOU!" she cackles, trying to smash into Rynos at full speed. Oh silly zubat, kamikaze moves are for suicidal people!

Alden pants softly and starts looking clearly nervous as he sees that apparently they are unable to do as much as scratching the armor clad human when he hears the words of the Sharpedo ghost, watching Quin flying directly at Rynos and suddenly vanishing as he sinks on his shadow, hoping to appear behind their opponent and maybe reach for the amulet while he is distracted by the Zubat.

Airis finally notices how big that mirror is and listens in on the whole amulet thing for now he focuses his mind using the agility technique over and over. His body feeling more loose and light as he prepares to become speedy, thief 'chu.

Ciere listens in on the whole thing and he eyes Rynos, noticing the others going for his amulet. His body glows blue for a moment before disappearing only to reappear infront of Rynos with his arms draped around his neck with his lips an inch away from his face just to whisper to him just to distract him, "I offer my freedom to you.. you're so powerful and nice... make me your worthless servant" He lies, caressing the man's chest while the others goes for his amulet and he leans his head inward to peck few kisses upon the man's face, curious to see if it will boost his ego and get distracted that way. He might be weak but he can creep people out or confuse the hell out of them doing that dirty trick. c.c

Continueing her dance, speed picking up in a fervor, Xzentia's glistening body's a blur of light reflecting and silvery powder roiling and whorling up into a wind before soaring towards the growing cracks of the mirror, still trying her best to attempt to plate over the cracks, her Gliscor's fiery breath blowing over the passing wind to help the fusion process of silvery particles. She's too engrossed within her motions, quickening the dance, to notice what all else is being tried and attempted, unable to hear the spectral voice of the tumult of people as she showers her silvery motes through the heat of Abscenth's breath. Whether she's helping or harming the process is unknown to her, she only knows she must try.

The evil man narrows his eyes as Quin comes charging in at him. He readies his weapon to counter, then he senses someone appearing behind him from the shadows. He steps to the side with the hopes of Quin running straight into the Houndoom. "..." his eyes narrow somewhat when Ciere appears in front of him. "When I am crowned emperor of this pathetic planet, you shall be my pet, little thing.. Stay out of my way for now." his eyes once again narrow when Loretta gets to her feet and charges straight for him in a fury, "Stay away from my son!" she howls as the tyrant pushes Ciere away somewhat. "I've seen enough of you. It's time you left this plane, woman.. Permanately!" he lowers his pole warm and savagely impales the Weavile through the chest with the speared tip of the shaft. Lory dangles in mid air for a moment in disbelief, shivering as blood trickles from her gut. Her katana hits the ground with a dull clang as he chuckles, "...fool." The ninja opens a single eye, "I'm..not..d-done...yet.." drawing back her leg, and using the last of her strength to put the spiked toe of her boot in his left eye. The demonic howl of pain that erupts from Rynos shakes the sturdy foundation of the ruined temple itself, so he's reduced to holding his eye on one knee while Loretta weakly dislodges the the blade in her gut and shivers on the ground weakly in a pool of her own blood. The mirror itself looks like a patch-work of glass, on the verge of shattering any moment.

Quin swoops upwards instead of crashing, She's not deaf. She does however swoop Down again, rapidly, viciously, mouth wide open and threatening to latch onto Ciere or Rynos, yes she's pissed at them but seems to be trying to hit Rynos more than Ciere. She's fairly light on her wings afterall. "SKREEE" she announces, her speed being what she's counting on to hit one or the other.

Alden snarls as he sees Loretta get impaled by the Ryno' pole arm, freezing for a second as he tries to decide what to do before charging against the armor clad human, a crimson glow masking hsi eyes as he attacks, his dark aura flaring out again and focusing into another shockwave of dark power, hoping to keep him busy enough to let the hound get close enough to take another shot at grabbing the amulet.

Since the man is well distracted, Ciere suddenly grabs for the man's amulet as he's pushed aside, attempting to jerk it off as he gets off, if successful, he'll dash right for the mirror and smash the amulet against it, hoping that it will banish the asshole back into the other realm.

Caught within the dance, the fervors are draining on Xzentia, the woman slowing and coming to a standstill, panting at the exertions. With her exoskeletal shell gleamed over with presperation, she nearly gleams silver herself. Abscenth halts his hot breathes, looking from the intertangle of folks to his trainer, <Boss! He got Lory!> Gasping, Xzen's eyes widen, taking in the gruesome pooling of blood where the Weavile lays, "No!" the cry rends itself from Xzentia's throat horrendously as she blurs, coming to Lory's side, guffawing at the gorous wound that the other woman bares, "Lory..." she whispers harsely, having used up much of her own strength, meager as it was, in her futile efforts, "You can't die on us yet, damnit..."

Well, given the gout of blood oozing from his eye, Rynos can't do much to stop the three people assaulting him for this treasure. He growls as Quin bites into him and wrestles with Alden roughly. Ciere seems to be get the jump on him, too busy fending off the other two to stop him from taking his amulet. "What!? NO! Why you...I'll kill you!!!" his eyes glow a pure red as he barges straight through Quin and Alden, running for the temple exit franticly, but in vain. Surely enough, he's lifted from his feet and is hurled straight into the mirror, creating a blinding flash of light that fills the room with a fierce gale. When it all clears, the glass pane is whole once again, the horric images gone. Well, not all of them. Loretta still lays limp in her blood, groaning softly as Xzentia tries to encourage her. "'s...too late, Xzen.. I'm done... Tell everyone...I'm sorry." she slowly closes her eyes and ceases breathing. The spectre Sharpedo hobbles over to them, flickering as he begins to fade away. < her... For all of your valant efforts, you will all be remembered here...forever. But my short. This is the only thing that can save your friend now.. The last relic which...binds> he places a jade amulet onto the Weavile's chest wound, making it outpour with white light. <...farewell...> his voice echos as his form whispers away in the wind, and when all the light clears, Lory's wound has disappeared. Still exhausted though, all she can do is whimper.

Quin lands strangely on her head, when Rynos barges through, her skirt gathered at her waist, the black bike shorts keeping her panties a mystery hoorah. She sort of sits there, putting her hands on the ground, seemingly confused, or maybe asleep. Its hard to say with Quin. Her bitey teefs seem to have a lil blood on them, her body staying pretty still, although its possible she's getting her bearings. Who knows, its Quin.

Alden lands on his back after the dark human simply puhes him off, smiling in relief as he sees that Loretta's bleeding seems to be healed and walks towards her and Xzentia, looking at them and flicking his tail, "How is she doing?, it seems that she lost quite a bit of blood...".

Ciere blinkblink, watching the man being absorbed back into the mirror, still clutching the jewel in his hand, and he turns around, watching his mother and others wide eyed, worried that that his mother is going to die. He then lets out a soft relief as the ghost heals the woman and he smiles, moving back to his mother and friends and drops down onto his knees, running his fingers through her hair, "Mother.. you'll be okay... he healed you, mom.." He holds up the black jewel, "I took it from him and placed it on the mirror.. it turned black after the mirror took him in... what should I do with it?" He asks, glancing around.

Tears spring to the fembug's eyes at Lory's words, Xzen bawling, "No... no..!" Burying her face against Lory's cheek. When the spectral form nears them, the Ninjask looks up, her face glistening with the flow of tears, "Do something... anything... just... Just save Lory." Sitting back as the form stoops over the Weavile, Xzentia has to shield her eyes from the white light, blinking away the spots... Gazing down, new tears spring to her eyes, "Oh... Lory!" She SQUEEEEZES the poor, whimpering Weavile. HUGFEST on the HEROINE!!!

As Loretta stirs softly in Xzentia's arms, the stone panels that line the walls begin to carve themselves, each depicting a scene from their epic struggle with Rynos, sort of like an ancient picture book. Rather satisifying, given how much trouble he put them through. "Hehe... Easy, Xzen.. I'm okay.. Just a little sore.." she snuggles the femme bug close, smiling to Ciere, "Keep it safe, sweetie.. Like a treasure." she slowly works her way to her feet, still holding her sore side and sighing. "..let's go home.." Even the birds are chirping, with the sun in full shine. Looks like everything is back to normal. As the heros walk away however, an outline of Rynos' face can be seen on the mirror. <...don't get too confident, 'heros'.. I -will- free myself one day and you all -will- pay...>