The Ultimate Weapon

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The Ultimate Weapon Loretta's Genkai TP, part 2.

Participants: Loretta, Enzo, Rakor, Quin, Minerva, Helio, Glenn, Nuhvok, Florisa, Sarin, Gerich

"Does she have it, like He sensed?" asks a Slowking morph clad in dark robe. Looks like the kidnappee, Loretta, is tied up between two iron poles stuck in the ground like a rack, still knocked out from the impact on her apartment. The other morph, a Rapidash morph in a much more...shamanistic dress is kneeling in front of a large hill that's facing them and their prisoner, mumbling a prayer to himself softly. "Yes. When Rynos killed her, the elder Rosc'Tesc revived her with his sacred amulet. It's a part of her spirit now... But no matter. The gate will be opened, even if I must rip it from her myself." But enough of far away. Where all you are, all you guys can see is a World War II-esque battle field. Barbed pickets line the trenches as cloaked morphs patrol the lines and a thick fog of war is covering the fields. Who lead you here? A Tauros morph. Captain Vash of the local New Ginseng police department. He needs all the help he can get. "...we suspect the victim is on the other side of these fields. We're not sure how they managed to entrench this place so quickly without us noticing... But it's something to deal with.." he checks his assault rifle and looks ahead, "...any questions questions before we begin?" Although, Enzo while most likely charge right in with a fit of valor, which is cool too.

Helio thinks and looks around.. haven't shifted out of Beedrill yet, she stands next to Enzo... "So when do we rescue Loretta. I swear they need to feel my Pulse Bomb and Fire Blast..."

Rakor stands near Helio, and many he doesn't know. He looks at the Taros and the situation. In his hand is still the camera he had when all this started. He was justing shooting for possible locations to film when he he saw everything. Throwing sense to the wind he ran in to help, no thought of his own saftey. "I don't know the Loretta, Helio." he responds to her slowly. "However, kidnapping someone is never something that should be done. And I will help anyone that is a friend of a friend of mine." He looks over the battlements. "I'm ready when everyone else is." his face is full of concentration. He doesn't seem afraid for himself, but he looks concerned at his Beedrill friend.

Florisa was just heading into town when she saw everyone rushing out here, and she followed. Now, faced with this battlefield and these evil morphs, her usually gentle nature has given way to anger. <Well, what are we waiting for?> she says, beginning to slither her way forward, arching her body up and over the fences, as her near 21 foot long body gives her plenty to work with.

Sarin... isn't even entirely sure she knows who this Loretta lady is. But that's besides the point. She's still itching to beat up some punks for what happened to the power plant, and these guys should be perfect targets even if they aren't the same guys to getting it out of her system. She just hmmms a bit at the big bull guy's words, eyeing those coils of barbed metal wire, and then looking at the Magnemite hovering over her shoulder. Hmmmmmm...

From the direction of town comes the noise of heavy equipment. Through the trees and tall grass, first, pierces a slick white barrel. Following it is the heavy blue and white body of the MAD Police Assault Tank, fresh from the garage. Perched waist-deep in the turret's hatch is the Steel Angel herself. Thankfully, the typical klaxon lamps on the rear of the turret aren't active. The tank - Which is on sphere-shaped wheels rather then treads - halts alongside the group of heros. Minerva leans down slightly, resting her hands on the hull, "Sorry we're late. The MAD Police are here to assist."

Enzo is not like other certain Bugs he once knew. Dispite what you might think, he's not the rush right in and get himself whacked kind of guy. John Rambo he is not. "What kind of body count are we looking at here." Oh yes, this time...oh Mew how pissed is he right now? Mad enough to want to kill. Infernal twitches and looks at Enzo, <Query: Kill? Master?> The Bee looks at the Machine and nods, "Level 10 Infernal." The Scizor Droid clicks rapidly, <Statment: Excellent.> Yeah, see, Infernal's assassination protocols work on a series of levels. Level 1 being the most non-lethal, with level 10 being the most lethal. This function never gets unlocked, at least, not until now. "No one launches a f...uckin' rocket at my Mewdamn bedroom window and absconds with my Benefactor..." The Bee stumbles a little, still a bit tipsy from the party. Why's shit always gotta break out and kill a Bee's buzz? I think that's what he's maddest about, in all honesty. When Minerva pulls up in the tank, Enzo's gotta stop, and look, "Woah...nice tank..."

Quin flicks a bit and sort of sares, her pretty white dress fluttering "Why is my front yard so littered?" she just shakes her head, rubbing her temples, her fingers taking out a large bag of confetti.. To neatly tuck under her small top hat. "You non fliers, always with the hardways. Zubat shoulders shrug as she spins a pokeball on her fingertips, having pulled it out from under her hat shortly beforehand. She's a magician. Don't ask. She eyes Enzo with one ear. "Hey Buzzy. How good you flyin?" she asked. Quin's wings twitch as she peers around with her ears, attempting to move aerially towards the center of the mess. She doesn't like shit that is easily tripped over laying around.

Gerich was here. He was already heading to his sister's house when the RPG had hit. Since a lot of Ginseng still did not want his presence here, he had dressed differently from his normal attire. His pants, while they had the dark violet Chinese dragons twisting around the leggings, was now a solid black. Where he had no upper body clothing, he wore a long black overcoat, the bottom of which was hanging down near the back of his knees and was left unopened. A pair of of saber claws were tucked away inside the coat and would be used when his long blade would be ineffective. He was wearing a pair of black-tinted shades to keep himself further disguised from the general (NPC) public, though his hair was still out and tied back as usual. At the moment, he was not with the rest of the group. Rather, he was already heading into the building when he had brought the group. Loretta's his kin, he's not going to wait around for the military to do something.

"...very well. Start the ritual." the Slowking nods a few times after cupping Loretta's chin in her hand and tilting her head from side to side to observe her. The fire horse shaman nods a times and drops to his knees, praying softly as the unconcious Weavile's naval glows a soft blue, gathering light as she begins to whine in pain. As for a few miles to the south, where the group is, Captain Vash nods a few times to the questions, "The assault begins immediately. Whatever they are planning isn't good for denizens of New Ginseng. Permission to kill any of the terrorists, even when they yield. The threat level is just too high..." he shakes his head a few times. Then the heavy artillery arrives. "...the help is appreciated!" And that's when the robed men patroling the picket lines give them notice, looking to each other for a moment. "...alert the others." he jumps into a trench and gets into position with four other morphs carrying bolt-action rifles. In a tin/plywood shack nearby, the terrorist send away picks up a radio set. "..Master. The intruders are here. Just like you predicted." And from what Quin can see, they have a few fields to cover before they reach Loretta. Just don't fly -too- low. Looks like they have mounted guns. "FIRE!" a trench morph yells, causing a shower of bullets to whiz past the party, one of which taking Vash's left eye. There goes the Captain.

Rakor has been scanning everything intently ever since he got here. He's been mapping what he can see in his mind. He may not be a military commander or anything, but he does have a good imagination for layouts because of his current job. He looks over everyone and thinks. "We have to get there... and get there fast." he hrms and ignores the cover fire. From what he can see, they seem to be attempting to keep people out of the air because it's the fastest travel. "It's those guns." he points out, doubting anyone will listen. "If we could take out at least a couple, some of us flyers should be able to get through a lot better." he is of course playing this all out in his mind as he would how he plans to shoot a scene in a movie.

Florisa has already made it over one barricade and into a trench by the time the minions are shooting. Her eyes glow blue for a moment, and a wall of water rises up before rushing down the trench both ways with the force of some river rapids. Surely any morph in the trench would be knocked off his or her feet, if not knocked out or killed.

Sarin yips, ducking a moment as bullets start flying by, then pokes her head up again. "Okay, now it is on..." Toothy grin. "Let's do something about those guns, Dynamo. Letter rip! BANZAI" Well, at least she's as spunky as ever. Dynamo's side units light up with sparks, crackling and sizzling with current before letting loose a surging Thunderbolt towards one of the guns. Overload it, blow it up, anything would be good. Sarin seems to have a similar idea in mind, spitting out an Ice Beam at another to coat it in enough ice it won't be able to move anymore.

"Leave the guns to me!" Minerva declares. She swings her wing forward protectively, several rounds ricocheting off the iron feathers. She splits them slightly to peer between two pinions. "Tyler, ten degrees left, two degree arc!" The turret rotates and the barrel raises, and she shouts, "FIRE. Take us aside!" The cannon spews a tongue of flame and a high-explosive shell at the rightmost machine gun nest. Immediately, the vehicle turns in place and moves towards the left, the turret swinging wide.

Helio smirks at Minerva for a moment before looking at the event... "Celebi help us, get rid of all the evil in this area as I call upon you as a loyal follower of your avatar and you. GIve me the power to shake the ground beneath us and cause evil to shudder and fear us! CELEBI EARTHQUAKE!" she shouts, flying a bit in the air as her body shifts into a Tyranitar, landing hard onto the ground near the trenches to cause a massive earthquake at everything around her.

"GET DOWN!" screams the Bee as the Captain gets his brains splattered. The Bee ducks, hugging the ground, as does Infernal. The Bee looks at the Scizor Droid and he nods, "Go on Infernal, make a path." But then, Minerva starts firing off that cannon. Which, to the Bee, is most excellent. 'Splosions are good, as long as he's the one not getting 'sploded. When the vehicle begins to, Enzo begins to move, almost crawling. He reachs for his belt and grabs a second pokeball, "Gleaves, give us some cover!" The Yanma appears and after a moment to right itself, he starts to buzz, calling upon the rocks. Gleaves launches a volley of rocks across the field, trying to drive the entrenched enemies down into cover. "Alright Infernal, back him up!" The Droid clicks and starts to stand. His claws open and gun barrels extend from the bases. With an intake of air, Infernal starts to launch magnet driven shells across the field. Once the foremost enemies are taken care of, well, then can the aerial assault begin?

Quin considers, ears up. "Why don't we go through the mid level of the Orchard trees? They're over in the pea field or maybe the carrot field. I honestly can't tell from here. We got two to three fields of distance." she gestures. "Out towards oldman witherspoon's property. If we get past the orchard, the old Mcriddle barn's roof would be a good assembly for a good straight dive." she mumbled, thinking to herself mostly. She takes a moment.. "Well your too fragile, but you.. Darling, are just right." she drops her Gligar, sneaking herself up into one of the many apple trees, noticing Helio both she and the Gligar go Aerial within the trees, trying to dodge the falling fruit.

Gerich stumbles a bit forward after the earthquake starts, having heard Helio's cry out from her attack. "Ugh, fucking 'prophets'..." He muttered to himself before righting himself, continuing on his way. It was the riskiest part of this battle, sneaking behind enemy lines like this. But he must do it, for his sister's sake. His first stop would be at the radio shack. He snuck in through the door and slowly made his way to the man inside, pulling one of the saber claws from his coat. He stood up straight and... jammed the blade through the man's neck, severing the spinal cord on impact.

"It's ready... The pawns have done their job well..." the fire horse chuckles softly as he continues his chant, seeing visions of what is transpiering to the south. The minions don't seem to see the flood of water coming down the trench until it's too late. Disabling their weapons makes things further difficult as they're washed away with a scream of terror. From the lines ahead, more men are moving to renforce and protect the lines while the party moves forever, only this time with mounted machine guns, one of them unplugging the power cable from a set of flood lights and throwing it into the trench to electrocute Florisa, not caring about the rest of them. Looks like they're targeting the tank in particular. A Poochyena morph climbs from the trench Florisa flooded and chuckles softly, sparking and smoking. ~Kill them.~ the pooch shivers and throws his cloak off, revealing a large vest made of C4. "For Rynos! Arrrrrrr!" he runs straight for the tank and latches onto the side as the tank cannon demolishes a pill-box, exploding after a few moments. As for Gerich, he gets his man. "..M-Master..." he shivers, dropping dead. But, the Weavile better watch out. Helio's earthquake is making that rickity shake cave in. Far away, the party can see the hill in the distance suddenly erupt into blue flames while a manical laugh overtakes a battle field.

Rakor shakes his head, at least a few of the guns are taken out. Almost out of habbit he makes handsigns like out of old Manky kung fu movies before suddenly vanishing from his location, only to appear in the sky a second later, and then behind an oposing morph, hitting him, and vanishing again. Helio and Florisa, and perhaps a couple others may reconize this as his use of the move quick attack. He keeps moving foward though. Also, though he knows the others may have no qualms about killing these... people, his attacks are to simply knock them out instead. He hopes the Zubat and her pokemon have enough of an opening through the skies now. Although he's using the sky as well, he's staying low to try and help make a path for the advancing party.

Florisa cries out loudly as electricity courses through her body. She somehow hauls her long body out of the trench, panting heavily and a few sparks still running over her skin. <Electricity, huh? I can do that too.> And she does. Her body begins to glow softly before electricity sparks between her attennae, and she becomes a living lightning generator. She focuses on the turrets, but any bad guy close to her is hit by at least one of the many bolts of lightning she is generating. Once she has taken out several mounted guns, she takes a moment to Recover before beginning her slithering over the barricades again. She doesn't want to see Loretta die today, or any day.

Sarin was so thinking of filling a trench and throw some electricity into it, but someone beat her to it! Oh well. Looks like there's plenty else to play with as more of these weirdos come charging in. The big people can get up there and stop whatever the hell is going on at the hilltop, she'll just worry about keeping these thugs busy. A few drops of something nasty look can be seen dripping from her claws, before she leaps on one of the punks, hanging onto his back with her smaller size and plunging the claws into his shoulders. It's called Poison Stab for a reason! Dynamo continues to hover near her, unleashing Thunderbolts at anything else that gets too close.

The Battle Angel has a brief moment of victory when the pillbox goes up. The turret swings forward again and the tank turns to the charge, cannon smoking. Minerva squawks at the suicide bomber, whipping her shotgun out. Too late, though, she closes both her wings over herself protectively, the blast rocking the tank and blowing out one of the sphere wheels. As the smoke clears, she parts her feathers briefly to examine the damage, "...Chief is gonna -kill- me." She spreads her wings, leveling her shotgun, "Clear the road, Tyler!" From inside the tank, a deep voice bellows, "WHAAAAT?!" -- Regardless, the minigun turret on top of the main gun opens up, spraying in a cone pattern in front of the battered assault vehicle.

Helio grins... dashing herself forth after the Celebi Earthquake, looking around and letting out blast after blast of her Fire Blast attack, "CELEBI BLAST!" she roared out, burning and melting a few of the guards with each hit of her fire attack. Looking around, trying to aim what looked to be a massive blizzard attack as the chill freezes the water in the trenches... "Let's go! Let's get the Ice Queen back." she shouts as her relentless attacks continue, Fire Blasts, THunders, Leaf Blades.... any of her strongest attacks as she barrels her way through.

Quin not comfortable with all the damn zappin' she climbs atop that old stable barn, wriggling as she tries to get a clear view into the chaos, her gligar assisting her in peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeering suspiciously out over the field. Quin takes out her large bag of confetti , slowly, preparing to do something but who know's what, mostly getting herself re-oriented.

Gerich looks up at the ceiling. Oh shit, it's coming down! He quickly jumps out of the building, rolling on his back. He gets back up on his feet and dusts himself off before continuing through the zone, sheathing the first saber claw. Amazingly, he's been quiet throughout the entire thing so far, save for the curse against the 'prophets', a.k.a. Helio. He wasn't required to talk, so he wasn't going to waste the energy.

"I wonder if the Elders will roll over in their graves when they learn Rosc'Tesc's own weapon will be used for the glory of Rynos." the two devote shamen don't seem to flinch when the hill is demolished, now only a deep crater pouring with smoke as two large red eyes gleam at them. Loretta opens an eye looks to her shining naval with horror and begins to wiggle around. "Don't struggle... We won't kill you just yet... We'll take care of your friends first." the Rapidash chuckles softly as the heros near the hill, only a few more trenches to go. Now it seems they've gotten serious. "Arm the heavy infantry.." one minion cracks upon a weapon's crate while Minerva mows down a mob with her tank's chain gun. A cloaked Apalm assembles an RPG rather quickly with the help of his tail hand and launches a missile straight for the turrent on the assault tank. A Plusle and Minun take to the spark rifles, one firing a bolt of electricity for Rakor and Quin in the sky and the second for Helio as she rampages. Sarin meets up with a 'chu baddie who releases a Discharge to EMP her Magnemite and put a little shock on those around him while Gerich is attack by more rifle men. Seems like they're stalling for time more than anything.

Rakor spots the electric bolt heading for Quin and curses. He knows this is going to hurt.. possibly kill him. But he tries to mix a gust attack with a quick attack to speed up and intercept the bolt before it can affect the zubat, trustintg that she has something up her sleeve. He screams in pain as he takes the full brunt of the electric attack. He starts to fall to the ground, luckily he wasn't to high in the sky. If he is indeed lucky, maybe the fall won't kill him, as he's unable to right himself and falls to the ground, hitting it headfirst. A rather sickening crack can be heard as he hits.

Somehow, in all the comotion, the defending bad guys make no real effort to stop Florisa, who is skirting the fences and other barricades with little to no trouble and making fairly good time toward the hill. At this rate, she expects to reach the hill within a few moments, and begins charging up her attack. Once in range, she sends a column of water toward the Rapidash-morph, as he seems to be the one performing the ritual.

"-Damn!" Minerva knew that bringing out the tank would make it a huge target, but who'd have thought that a bunch of religious crazies would have access to anti-tank weapons? She points her shotgun and shoots, trusting the spread of flechettes to destroy the incoming shell. Raising a wing to protect herself from the blast, she shouts down into the turret, "Right, twenty degrees! Six degree arc! FIRE AND AWAY!" "WHAAAAT?!" resounds from inside the vehicle, though the turret swivels, raises, and fires a shell straight at the hilltop. As the tank's base turns in the opposite direction, Minerva seizes manual control of the minigun, levelling it at where that RPG came from and cutting loose. "I HAVEN'T EVEN BROKEN EVEN YET YOU BASTARD."

"Yeeeha! Ride 'em nido girl!" Sarin whoops as she hangs onto the big guy's back for a bit as he stumbles around, to make sure the poison gets in good and deep, before kicking him off to the sides into another group of cultists(?) in the trenchs. Only to get knocked off her feet with a yowl and taking a tumble from the electrical jolt. "...Ow." "Mag-ne-mite!" <Electrical interference detected!> Sparks crackle across Dynamo from the attack, but his and 'chu's polarities must be the same or something, as the magnetics seem to cancel each other out partially. Though that still stung, resistance be darned. Sarin shakes her head a bit as she gets up, and with a growl charges the 'chu. And at the last moment makes a small jump, planting one foot in the electro-rat's chest, and then pushing off with that kick to flip back, whipping up her other foot for the second strike of the Double Kick to smash the punk in the chin. "HEYAH!"

Helio eyewidens as she sees the minun bring a pulse rifle out, ... o O (Quick.. think... elecric is bad for me right now..) she grumbles, quickly looking around as she spies Quin's Gligar... o O (I hope that guy doesn't mind this...) she grumbles as she jumps up, looking at the Gligar for a moment then uses her transform on him, gaining the form for a moment as she gets hit by the bolt, just letting it dissipate in her without a problem...

Quin gives three clicks and a whistle, gesturing to Gligar. She herself however, once the attack is blocked by the 4 foot something tall Flying Scorpion bat, because sure, it feels funky but it gives him a chance to attempt a 'Knock Off' at the plusle. "SKREE" it replies irritatedly. Quin however, in her now tattered white dress dives for Rakor in an attempt to keep him from getting further injured, full restore in hand. "C'mon c'mon no Seppeku while I'm around pidgey.." She grumped, if she's lucky she can snag him and slow the fall to a gentle landing behind some.. OLD RUBBER TRACTOR TIRES.

"Latelatelatelatedamndamndamn!!!" Glenn is on the scene! Or at least running through the battlefield at the highest speed a ground-type can accomplish, and she looks damn silly doing it, dragging that mace along with her, "Stupid Tsolkoff, stupid sleeping dogs, can't..." This is about where she is in the vicinity of the tank, and spots Minerva on it. Ah. Perfect. Uh. The tank is being bombarded. Confusing battlefie--ah screw it. She just finds some place to duck and cover.

Quin gives three clicks and a whistle, gesturing to Gligar. She herself however, once the attack is blocked by the 4 foot something tall Flying Scorpion bat, because sure, it feels funky but it gives him a chance to attempt a 'Knock Off' at the plusle. "SKREE" it replies irritatedly. Quin however, in her now tattered white dress dives for Rakor in an attempt to keep him from getting further injured, full restore in hand. "C'mon c'mon no Seppeku while I'm around pidgey.." She grumped, if she's lucky she can snag him and slow the fall to a gentle landing behind some.. OLD RUBBER TRACTOR TIRES. Her ear goes to Rakor's chest, checking for breathing and generally testing for conciousness. POKEPOKE. A full restore is in hand to be used if Rakor is able to use it. "C'mon c'mon up up." she whispers out softly.

There was no pause in Gerich's movements when he went under attack again. His speed had increased at least three fold from what it was before. Both saber claws were drawn and his 'shield' had been put up (You can just barely tell by the faint black aura surrounding him). "You've picked the wrong person to kidnap!" He called out while slashing his way through the minions, a look of pure inexplicable evil was planted on his face. It was happening again, the virus was beginning to wake from its forced state of dormancy from all the bloodshed by his hand.

"Hmmm?" the fire horse raises an eyebrow non-chalently as the Hydro Pump hits a rippling barrier that's appeared there mysteriously, most likely from the 'weapon'. "You'll be the first to fall. Come, Xanthus! Crush these wretches!" he points to Florisa as a silver colored Metagross emerges from the smoke, eyes still glowing red as it's limbs begins to shift and it's morphlogy changes to resemble a biped. It spreads it's arms wide, it's ancient cybernetic vision locking onto Florisa, Sarin, Helio, and Gerich as it fires off a salavo of magnet-propelled micro-missiles while countless more henchmen fall. Finally, when the heros have just seemed to have defeated all the baddies except the shamen, this appears. Ironic, eh? As for Minerva's tank? EAT EYE BEAMS.

Apperantly the crack that was heard was Rakor's wing snapping as Quin sets him down. He's still hurt, but at least it's not near as bad as it could of been. He is breathing a bit raggedly as he just got smashed pretty hard by that thunderbolt. He opens his eyes and coughs, causing some of his charred feathers to fall. He opens his eyes a bit to see Quin. "Either the after-life is full of Zubats.. or I'm still alive." he offers a weak grin and takes the offered full restore. He slowly gets up and winces at his wing. "Well.. I'm not going to be fly....." his sentance is cut off as he spots the Metagross. "Okay.... That's scary." he mutters and looks around. He looks to quin. "Get into the air and be carefull." he then start doing something.... stupid, again. He runs towards one of the turrents, intending... well. He isn't sure what he's intending, but the others need some kind of help. As he approches the Turrent.. He aims it at the Metagross and then pulls the trigger button, burst fires, then tries to use quick attack to get back to cover before another attack, but his broken wing is slowing him down.

Florisa's eyes widen as projectiles fly toward her. Thinking quickly, she...dives? Yes, somehow water appears below her and she disappears beneath the ground. A few moments later she shoots up beneath the shaman. That is, if the barrier doesn't extend underground.

Sarin yowls, diving for cover as the area is riddled with some sort of missile weapon fire from that Metagross thing, throwing debris in the air from the blasts. ITS A GUNDAM! Only not. It's freaky either darn way. Muttergrumble. Just as things were starting to look up. "Someone deal with that flaming glue factory's shielding! Dynamo, scramble that hunk of junk!" "Mag-ne-mite." <Scrambler activating.> Recovering from his previous shock from the 'chu, the Magnemite buzzes in the air, current crackling around its body and then pulsing a Thunderwave to try and lock up that Metagross' joints. Or something. Some days its just better to not try and figure out just how Pokemon attacks work. Then Sarin darts in herself, lunging at one of its legs as she strikes, radiating a dark glow from her hands as she swipes at it with Shadow Claw. It should break out even for effectiveness considering the type combination its dealing with.

The shell impacts harmlessly on the shield and Minerva curses. "It has a force field. Pull us back, Tyler." "WHAAAT?!" The tank halts, then begins retreating backwards with the eyelasers chasing it back behind the barn Quin had been perched on earlier. "We need to figure out what's producing that shield.." She jumps out of the tank at this point, "Tyler, take her back to headquarters. She's too battered and the weapons are no good now anyway." With a "WHAAAT?", Tyler reaches up to close the hatch, then swings the MADAT around into a retreat. Minerva raises her shotgun, tapping her chin with her free hand, "..We have to hit that loser controling it..But how..?" she thinks out loud.

Helio after her little caution from transforming into the Gligar, she shifts herself back, this time towards a Raichu.... grinning evily... Tail sparking up a bit as she starts to chant, the area beginning to rain. "This one's just for myself...." she grins, looking at the metagross and around it... o O (Think... think... Metagross.. Fire and Ground weakness.... but that forcefield should be weak against something...) she sighs and lets out a loud "RAIIIIIICHUUUUUUU!" as her body gets encased in electricity, launching herself at the Metagross with her own version of a Volt Tackle... a Thunder infused Raichu taking off towards the Metagross with Pidgeotto wings..

Glenn stays in cover and leans out slightly to take a look at the big ole monstrosity. Her eyes narrow and she sighs dramatically, expressing her distaste for situations like this. "Why can't they be /normal/ badguys like in Sub-Electronica? Why do they need giant robots..." Should the barrier ever become released, she'll move very slowly through cover, diving from place to place, trying to get to the robot's feet. She feels the rage coming on. She needs to smash a face. That horse might have another one after him.

Quin is actually doing her own idea, the Gligar following behind her as she carefully takes an apple from her top, to hurl towards the rapidash dude, or at least where she thinks he is. Its likely she can find him. ._. He's been loud recently. The gligar assists in tossing the apple. She considers, since the crackling is done. She takes a long moment to let her butterfree out. She gives one soft click a chirp and a go around gesture, nodding to the lil 'free. She elbows the Gligar. "Tcktckskree." The Butterfree silently flutters behind the metagross, or attempts to, hopefully does and concentrates on its soul The attractively dressed jester-free soon unleashes all of its rageful dark feelings. yes. The butterfree has a dark hidden power man. Quin's ears however lift, slowly. She points at the gligar, then looks around, taking her time to sneaksneaksneak toward the metagross. climbing up on a stack of Hay, taking her time to focus her wings, flick flick flicking them before forming up a large cutting razor like wind of air at the metagross hoping it hits.

Gerich's protection, as good as it is, managed to protect him through the micro-missile fire, though he was a bit disoriented for a couple seconds. It's gone now, but he'll manage. As for those around him, somehting came to mind, though he'd have to wait for Helio to fly by overhead. At least her shadow would be enough. Once it was over him, he was gone. Dropped right through the ground, only to end up behind the Rapidash with both saber claws drawn. "You've picked the wrong clan to mess with, bud..." He said while the point of one of his weapons sat on his neck, on top of the spinal cord.

On the edge of the battlefield, a young Growlithe-morph in a long coat unfolds his arms, pushing the wide brim of his hat up slowly to take a look at the ensuing battle. His expression does not change. He's so still, he might be mistaken for a statue. He shows no interest in participating in the conflict. The odd thing is... ...He wasn't there a few minutes ago...

Xanthus' shield seems to cause all the assaults on him to harmlessly riochete, although, when it's all over and done with, his barrier seems to be flickering a tad. His visor locks in on Helio, all the electricity left over has left her with an awfully big negetive charge.. The golem puts it hands out and sends out a powerful magnetic wave of minus charge, and we all know like charges repel. And this one is quite powerful. "Perhaps. But if you kill me, then you won't know how to stop my weapon.. But for now, I suggest you move." Balius (the Rapidash morph) tank rolls to the side and jumps onto the Metagross's knee cap as he stomps on the ground powerfully to send a powerful Earthqauke through the area. "You all will die. Surrender and I might spare you from Xanthus' iron fist. So ironic... The Elder Rosc'Tesc built him to defend against my kind, but now we'll see who has the last laugh." As for Loretta? She's still racked up in between too pillars in front of the cater, mumbling softly.

Florisa apparently emerged just in time to see Balius roll away. She growls in frustration, then gets hit with an earthquake. She cries out as the powerful shockwaves rip through her serpentine form, but somehow survives the hit. Then, she takes a moment to Recover again, then looks between the shaman and Loretta. Gerich seems to be going after the Rapidash, and Florisa knows how effective he is, so she turns her attention toward Loretta. She slithers over and begins gnawing on the bindings holding Loretta to the poles.

Rakor sighs as using the turrent was useless. He sinks next to a rock and winces as he grabs his wing. Without being able to fly, he's nothing but a liability now. He curses his luck, but pulls up his camera. He may not have the ability to fight any further, but he can still tape what's going on, just in case that thing gets loose. He sighs, thinking. "That thing -has- to have a weakness." he winces and almost drops his camera due to the pain in his wing as he starts taping again. He zooms in on Loretta and hrms. "She's the one who is still glowing... I wonder if she could actually control him." he sighs and starts dragging himself along the ground slowly towards Loretta. Staying on the ground and moving slowly is almost as much of a punishment to the bird as the pain in his wing is. He looks back and notices a bit of bone poking out of his feathers and blood trickling down. "I really hope if I live, the Pokemon center can take care of that."

Oh ow f'king ow ow OW! The quake ripping through the ground literally knocks Sarin off her feet, and facefirst into the shaking ground with a yowl of pain. Holy hell that hurt something aweful. Thank the gods it wasn't a Ground type using it, and she only lands in a beat up heap. Dynamo is less lucky, even off a non-same type that smashes the hell out of the doubly weak electric-steel type, clattering to the ground next to her. Sarin emits a deep groan, shuddering a bit, and taking a few moments before she can move enough to recall the battered magnet-mon and get partway to her feet. She's going to be hurting for days now. "Officially.. hate... giant robot fuckin..." The rest just trails off into random sputtering and swearing. Damn that thing for being immune to poison. And, not having much other options at the moment... Is Steel resistant to water? Does it really matter? Oh, fuck it all. Drawing what remaining strength she has, Sarin spews out a Bubblebeam at the rampaging ancient... thing. At this point, she doesn't care, she just wants to hurt the damn thing.

Iron wings spread, and Minerva takes to the air in a way that doesn't seem possible. Above the roar of the earthquake, she skims the situation from a higher altitude, loading anti-armor SABOT rounds into her shotgun as she examines the battlefield. Seeing Loretta already being tended to, she levels her weapon at that Rapidash and fires from the air.

BOOOOOM. The dust flies into Glenn's eyes as she ducks out of cover and the cover shatters like nothing, sending her flying through the air, her mace flipping through the air, and hitting the dirt to tumble and stick there. The Cubone herself hits the ground harshly, her training not been extensive enough to prepare her for that attack, and she ends up tumbling sideways, stopping slowly, her bone helmet laying off to the side. She isn't dead. That /hurt/, but it was not fatal for her, no. She slowly rises up by her hands and knees, her hair-- Because she is a morph --blocking her face in a ragged looking way. And falling on her face again. She was way too close to be safe.

Quin's butt goes back into the air, her body swooping to supersonic the Metagross. SKREE.. SKREEEEEE.. The Butterfree moves to land on Quin's belly, her hand going to him. "Get the fuck outta my front yard ya god damn pervert. Rynos is a fuckin' pedo! He tried to make Ciere a harem boy!" she shrieks out, her ears flat she yelled, her chest jiggling a bit due to the fact she was wearing a frilly floofy dress. " .. Bet." she clicks four times, holds up three fingers and slams them downwards. The Gligar nods and begins to take a deep breath, soon resembling a dragon, his body glowing as he sends out the force of dragons, attackin as strong as he can. ( Dragon!) . "Bibbity." she makes soft shh shh noises, swirling her fingers. The butterfree complies by starting a nasty whirlwind attack, Well as nasty as such a tiny bug can. For being blind, she's a nasty competitor. Quin seems to be stirring up her air, hands raising up oever her head, he r expression all out bitchy. Looks like she's preparing an attack.

"How about you tell me what the hell you've used Loretta for and why. I might let you live if you tell me..." Gerich really was starting to go off the deep end, with the virus beginning to come back to life. It was already starting to show in a subtle way. The biggest hint was that his tendrils were beginning to move on their own again while still concealed by the coat. He pressed the knife against the Rapidash's neck a little more. "Answer me, or I swear that you will suffer a torment far worse than death! You will experience things so horrendous that anything you have ever experienced or will go through will utterly pale in comparison." The other blade was put at his neck now. "I swear these things to you on the graves of my ancestors. Not even my death will protect you from my wrath, this I assure you!"

The growlithe-morph down the hill does not move, even as the shockwaves of the ancient war machine's Earthquake bear down upon him. There's an odd bending effect, and the rippling earth splits around him to either side, then reforms behind him, leaving a circular impression of undisturbed earth at his feet. The stranger refolds his arms, remaining otherwise still. Watching with pupilless, ruby-like eyes.

"When Rynos killed the women... That fool Rosc'Tesc used the amulet that bound his spirit to the mortal plane to revive her. In doing so, he's given me a chance to control his greatest weapon... You can take the women now. I need her not. You, however..." Balius' body suddenly flares up in a burst of flames, melting the blades at his throat and likely causing serious burns to the ice cat if he doesn't move back a tad and take his hands off him. "...I suggest you just run. There's no hope for you any more. Xanthus! It's time to use your greatest weapon! STARMOS!" he thrusts his arm into the arm as the clouds seem to part. Xanthus looks up and fires an eyebeam into the sky, creating a large bomb of energy that slowly begins to descend towards the battlefield. "Run all you want.. It's too late..." Loretta groans and falls onto Florisa, whining softly and shivering. "...w-what's...happening to me..." her eyes begin to glow as well as the Metagross suddenly glares at the two and throws a punch for the two. The Weavile cries out softly as a ghostly voice floods her head and repels the attack with powerful shield of her own. "...even with the power of the Elders... I..don't think we can defeat him now..." she whimpers, Florisa can probably feel the tremendous power coursing through her.

Florisa catches Loretta and sets her down gently, then gulps and looks up at the meteor of energy falling toward them. <Th-there has to be a way...> she says. It doesn't seem there is any use in running at this point, as the explosion that would likely result from the impact of that energy would be powerful to say the least. But...maybe she can counter it. She fires a pillar of water up at it, hoping to take away from its power.

She can't take much more. And especially not another massive attack like this. Sarin's already tired, weak, and half ready to pass out as it is. Though it looks like Florisa did get Loretta... oh, wait, now she remembers who the the Weavile is... but that's besides the point. They came to get her, so that's done. Hopefully its good enough. Though at least she's got something for a bit of support, as her Staryu pops out of its pokeball and lets her slump on it. Mainly so it can use its weird floaty ability to start hauling her off the field of battle. Good thing she's small and light.

Helio groans a bit a she picks hirself up.. grumbling a bit as she looks around, spying the growlithe morph as her ears flatten towards her head... backing slightly away from him... Not sure if anyone has seen him yet she speaks softly... "ARe you friend or foe?"

It's a ridiculous, I know, but Glenn slooowly gets up to her knees, and then reaches up to pat her head...and grumbles loudly as she painfully searches for her skull helmet, even with impending doom overhead. When she does get it, the first thing she sees when shakily getting to her feet is that Growlithe off to the side, but...he looks untouched. "... I must have hit my head, I'm seeing things." Irony in that sentence, not sure where. Then she slooowly looks upwards. "... Well, shit. So much for my life goals." Not fearless, oh, she's plenty afraid, she's just in enough pain to be more afraid of moving too fast.

Quin holds out her hand "I will not run." she hissed, a razor edged wind rushing past her at the forcefield, her own body flighting, she's caught 'sight' of something, She puts her fingers together, swisshing her finigers. Her hands go up, slowly, her ear flattened. She summons the Butterfree back to its ball, stuffing the ball up into her hat. She stops midflight, the Gligar taking his monocle off to wipe on her dress, reapplying it, her ears skewed.

Gerich hisses rather loudly. Damn, that melting steel stung! He backed off a couple feet and shook his hands in the air. "Alright, you've had your chance." He said before grabbing at something from behind his back, though there was nothing in view for what he was taking. He slams whatever it was down on to the ground while still holding it, and his old sword had formed and left a scar on the ground form the impact. What would happen in the next couple seconds was a blur that he wouldn't even remember because the virus now had complete control again. As heavy as the sword looked, Gerich swing it blindingly fast at the Rapidash, who was aiming to land several slashes against his target, though anything that would have been fatal would have ended up being a mental assault rather than physical damage. Assuming he hit, anyway.

The growlithe down the hill barely reacts to Helio's approach. When he speaks, his tone is mechanical. Almost alien. "I am an observer." There's a brief burst of pressure, a psionic silhouette that blankets the area for miles. Felt only as a small presence to most - Completely ignored by the resident Dark types - it equates to a splitting headache to the one Psychic present. Slowly, the stranger raises one hand towards the rampaging Xanthus, fingers up, and makes a slow crushing motion. "...You have more pressing matters."

Balius seems to be ancipating Gerich's moves quite easily, just chuckling softly as he side-steps most of the beast kitty's cats. "Your anger makes you like an open book to me, boy. It's so easy it brings a tear to my eye." But he pauses for a moment looks up to Xanthus when the huge Metagross morph emits a strange whining noise. His visor seems to be blurring a tad from supernatural interferance. Suddenly, the dome forcefield that protects him seems to bend, crushing in on itself with shower of sparks. "...WHAT!?" Balius looks up as Loretta finally gets to her feet and stretches, unsheathing both blades as a fiery blue aura whips around her. "Now! With the power of the Elders! We must finish him while he's weak!" she rockets through the air, blades glowing with mystic energy as she impales the golem in the chest plate, causing a whine from the mechanical mon while a few explosions rupture from it's joints, pillars of energy rending through it's armor plating from the inside as it collaspes onto it's back, writhing weakly. What happened to the Horse man? The ground shaking from the robot falling send him rolling down the crater, tumbling into the sink hole in which Xanthus came from. "Aeeeeeyrrriii!" Looks like the bad guy has fallen but...what about Meteo?

Florisa blinks as the previously almost unable to move Loretta suddenly attacks and impales the robot-thing. Florisa is surprised to say the least. She doesn't want to hit it with a hydro pump, as she might hit Loretta or someone else, and surf would be even worse. Maybe a water pulse will do. She opens her mouth and sends a barrage of watery sound waves into the machine.

Helio grins a bit as shi smirks, watching FLorisa's water pulse, shi gets hir own idea and lets a thunder attack away as well, letting the thunder bounce off the water in a nice shower of sparks, hoping to hit Florisa's target as well... "How about a shocking experience for you, Metagross." she mutters... "And to say I wanted one for the longest time..."

Glenn slowly goes over to pick up her mace before the presence flows through the area, and her hand grips the handle of her weapon. Her skull helmet's carvings wildly change color for a few moments at the moment she feels this presence, she doesn't notice it and passes it off as a stray breeze. She pulls the mace up and places it against her shoulder with a wince, looks up at the sky right as the big metal monster starts to fall...slowly walks toward the Metagross...then runs, then LEAPS! And smashes the club straight down into one of the already damaged parts of the large beast, preferably more towards the top of it, with her club glowing faintly with the ground-type energies that make Bone Club so different from smacking someone with a piece of wood.

Quin takes a deep breath, unbraiding her long purple hair, her ears flattening back as she irritatedly focuses deep in herself, moving the grass itself, to send atop .. probally a tractor or possibly the metagross .. Its not like she can tell the difference from this distance. Sure it isn't strong or effective, but sometimes it just feels good to dump a bunch of grass clipings on something. She then loses her footing, falling over backwards onto her ass, coughing a bit, hand on her knee. "Eep."

After watching the Rapidash fall into the crater, Gerich spit on to the ground, placing his sword into the ground and leaning on it for a second. He said nothing for that short period of time while he recouperated. After a few short seconds, he pulled out his Reaver and readied himself. He launched the blade as hard as he could to make contact where the breakage had started. In case that wasn't enough, There had already been a blast of ethereal energy trailing behind the Reaver that he had released only a second or two later.

Down the hillside, that suspicious growlithe morph seems to have disappeared. High in the sky, a monster of metal and flesh manifests above the slowly descending fireball. Orienting itself to face down, this unknown monster thrusts a broad, taloned hand forward. The fingers and hand swing back, and a cannon barrel takes their place, flipping out of the lower wrist and locking in to place. There's a blast of blue... The sphere's orange glow turns crystal clear, almost blue. In a quick action, the beast slings its other hand forward, launching a small white sphere, which passes through the frozen energy's surface. There's a flicker, a blast of white light, and a sound like shattering glass. ...It begins to snow.

Xanthus releases a metal grinding cry of pain as the electrified water blast hits his gaping chest wound, creating more sparks as a club and a tractor(?) smashes into his hull, and finally, the Weavile's Reaver. Loretta twists her energy enbued katana around a bit, the entire body of the robot glowing white with energy. She narrows her eyes, then grabs Glenn and slings her over her shoulder and jumps away, the huge machine exploding in a pillar of energy and fiery doom. When it clears, there's no debris, no trance that this ever happened...except the damage done to the land. But, there is always snow to hide that. She just says silent for a moment, sheathing her blades and looking into the rising sun as the birds begin to chirp again. When...she smiles faintly, the odd bahavior having passed over her. "It's finally over."

As a blanket of beautiful snow beguns to cover the once savage battlefield, a growlithe morph in a long black coat may be seen walking back into the forest. 'It was not as I had sensed.' he thinks to himself. '...I may not need to meddle in mortal affairs so much after all.'