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Personal Statistics

Name - Thionette

Species - Stunky Morph

Age - 20

Gender - Hermophrodite (Predominately female appearance)

Size - 5' 10" (and the tail is just as long)

Primary Coloration - Purple-gray, white stripe down back and tail, white hair

Gym/Badges - Alpha (Founding Member)

Occupation - Repair Technician, Junk Collector


Thionette is what a lot of people would call 'tomboy'. Despite her predominately feminine appearance, she's a very rough and rowdy individual who likes to do what she enjoys simply for doing it. Thionette tends to be very blunt and to the point, diving headlong into a situation without wasting time to fuss over it. She's not intentionally mean to others, but with her forward and sometimes brash nature, she doesn't care trying to soften up things when she tells it like it is, and can come off seeming harsh and insensitive when she's simply being truthful. On the other paw, it also makes her very honest and trustworthy, abiet in a blunt way. If its on her mind, she'll say it. She doesn't try to hide that she's a herm, but she doesn't make a big deal out of it either; with her looks most just assume she's a very... headstrong woman. She also has an exceptional knack for machinery, similar to her father who had been an engineer before settling down to a rural lifestyle. Moreso in rebuilding and repairing than being inventive, though she can be quite creative in just how she fixes something depending on what materials she has handy. She loves the challenge more than anything else, though being able to make money off it helps too.
Thionette likes to fight, but is not excessively aggressive or interested in hurting anyone. She loves a good ol' brawl though, and often mentions the countless times she's beaten her brothers at 'wrasslin' (often adding that she means the beating up kind). She enjoys the thrill, the challenge, and the exercise in general. Fortunately for most of her opponents, she prefers melee combat, and only uses the 'chemical warfare' of her species sparingly. Thionette won't go out of her way to pick a fit, but she will stubbornly stand up for herself and others, and has little trouble finishing what someone else might foolishly start with her.


Thionette grew up on a farm. Or more so, the modern equivilant of a farm, as much crop farming is done through hydroponics to ensure both quanity and quality, and a good deal of livestock is handled through supervised automation. Her father was an engineer though, so the hi-tech approach suited him fine, marrying her mother and settling down to take care of her family's farmstead. Despite the modernized means though, much of the rural lifestyle and culture remained, it just adjusted to the times like everything else. There was still plenty of work to go around, as well as fun to be had in the countryside. And being the only 'girl' growing up in a family full of boys, Thionette tended to follow after them and do most the same jobs and the same past times as they did. As far as most were concerned, she was just one of the guys. Even when puberty started to say otherwise. But when you grow up in the country, it starts to loose its excitement after a while. You can only climb the same tree and beat your brothers in wrestling so many times. Fortunately, Thionette inherited more from her father than just being able to fight. She also got his knack for mechanics, and the experience in using it helping keep the techno-farm together and running at his side. Now she's moved onto the big city, to use her talents and toughness for something that will hopefully be just as exciting as her childhood had been before.


Thionette is one of the founding members of the Alpha, AKA the PWWF, gym. She's also its maintenance person and tech guru for keeping the arena equipment running smoothly and whatever other fix-it jobs come along. In addition to her Vulpix 'pet' she's begun training a Pinsir for actual compatition and gym matches.


Thionette is the 'mother' of Matrix, and her companion unit Noone. That is to say, she's the effigy pokemon's creator.