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This page contains spoilers, like OMG Tiamoga nukes UTO!


Tiamoga has come to be as a result of the dispersal of the Order of Souls at the close of the ditto war. Most of the hardcore and affluent members moved over to Grouda. Initially Tiamoga was a democractic state which had supported the separation of church and state. With the influx of immigrants from the Order, the state was effectively forced to make conessions over time and with the election of the Orthodox Party to a landslide of a majority almost 500 years later the result was fairly disasterous. They worked within the system to destroy the system. They effectively rewrote the entire Tiamogan consitition and turned the country into a theocratic oligarchy ruled by the religious leaders of the country. As they say 'the last act of any democracy is to elect a dictatorship' and with Tiamoga as proof, it served as a signpost for other nations to avoid the same fate.

Social Structure

As one would expect the Tiamogan social structure is entirely religion based. The religious leader of Tiamoga is refered to as 'Archon' and this title is until death. In the reality that Tiamoga instills within their population, people are made to believe that the Archon has a direct connection to the Trinity and is able to divine and interpret their will to direct the people and thus the only person capable of ruling the populace. Below them is the Inquisition, then the Priests and lastly the Knights with the citizens at the lowest rung of the social ladder. As a result of the structure is is easy to climb or fall in social standing by joining the priests or knights, although ending up as an inquisitor generally requires a promotion from either of those entry points. Under the Inquisition comes the priests. They effectively function as the backbone of Tiamogan society. They take confessions and are the closest connection to political power that most people are able to interact with on a regular basis.

Political Structure

As stated before the Archon is the religious leader of Tiamogan society. It is common belief that the Archon has a direct connection to the Trinity and is the only one capable of ruling the populace. Directly below the Archon is the Inquisition. They effectively function as the secret police and intelligence agency rolled up in one. The inquisitors at the lower end of their ranking scheme generally keep their jobs secret from everyone including their own families. The more affluent and those who have a more public role in the inquisition are the ones who tend to make their jobs known or public. Regardless, a visit from an Inquisitor is a very stressful event to say the least. Under the Inquisition comes the priests. They effectively function as the backbone of Tiamogan society. They take confessions and are the closest connection to political power that most people are able to interact with on a regular basis. They are also the ones responsible for electing a new Archon when the present one dies. Traditionally they tend to come from the Inquisition or Knights rather than from the Priests directly. The Knights are the lowest rung of the ladder before the citizens. Knights generally function as police and military of Tiamoga. They provide the grunt work and muscle for the Inquisition and priests when they don't have enough numbers to pull things off.


The previously stated Archon is not only the religious head of Tiamoga, but the political leader as well. Religion and government are so intermingled that they cannot be told apart at this point. Citizens are dutiful and honest, as all forms of dishonesty and theivery are severely punished by the Inquisition and the Knights. People often live in fear of the Tiamogan Inquisition, as there are rumored incidents of entire families being apprehended for even minimal crimes. With the looming threat of the Darkrai Cult, things can only get more stressful for the average person.


The nation of Tiamoga is often regarded as a black sheep by the other nations. It is seen as an aggressive political entity, and most diplomats take special care not to upset Tiamogan dignitaries. The massive emphasis on religion and punishment, and the iron hand of the government itself results in this nation's diplomats being taken very seriously on all matters relating to political aggression. Due to the massively differant religious beliefs, Tiamoga is currently in a state of Cold War with the Imperial Order of Peth.

National Relations

Tiamoga is

Economic Structure

Tiamoga's economy is surprisingly stable. With an almost complete lack of theivery for fear of the Inquisition. Because of this, while many people leave Tiamoga's oppressive society, many more immigrate to the nation for the safety that the looming shadow of the Inquisition provides for honest, hard-working folk.


Tiamoga lacks the infrastructure to successfully produce much of the food and materials that it requires to maintain development. Building materials are constantly imported from the Tundria Union, including refined metals and wood. Grudgingly, Tiamoga is a customer of Peth's major export: Food products. This may be the only reason the two nations haven't gone to war yet.


Some would say that Tiamoga's primary export is its own people. This is of course an exaggeration. Tiamoga's exports are mainly petroleum-based fuels and all manners of ores and silicate glass refined from the harsh landscape of desert and mountains. Most of the raw ore is exported to the Tundria Union to be refined.

Spiritual Structure

It's believed by many citizens that the Archon has a direct connection to the Trinity - Mew, Celebi, and Jirachi - and communes with them on a regular basis to determine the best way to lead the nation. The word 'Tiamoga' literally means 'True of the Trinity' in the local language. The religion is based heavily on the beliefs of the ancient Order of Souls, of which Tiamoga's society is descended from. However, Tiamogan society believes that Arceus is a heretical pokemon, a false god. Similar views are placed with the Godslayer and the Gatekeeper, Nuhvok, and the Dark Lord of Nightmares, Darkrai. Worship of these figures - Or even acknowledging their existence - is considered heresy and often results in a 'visit' by the Inquisition.

The Tiamogan Inquisition

The Inquisition is a special force of religious police. They can be compared to the KGB or the Gestapo as the secret hand of the Archon. While the Tiamogan Knights are the official police, and the Inquisition is officially a special unit, it is actually the Inquisition that handles most - If not all - of the crimes that occur within Tiamoga's borders. Citizens live in fear of a visit from the Inquisition, as it usually results in the host 'disappearing'. The Tiamogan Inquisition operates on two levels. The lower ranks of the group operate undercover, acting as informants and observers on the lookout for illegal activities. The higher ranks wear uniforms. These are often the Inquisitors who pay house calls, assisted usually by Tiamogan Knights or lower-ranked Inquisitors in uniform. The Inquisition headquarters is located in the Capital, in the very shadow of the Archon's private estate.Media:Example.ogg