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This page contains a pretty much exact copy of the information given in the tutorial rooms in the muck. We placed this here as well for your convenience.


What's in a name? A lot actually, considering that this is a role play environment. For the most part, your name is what everyone will be calling you, though you might end up getting a nick name if you have one of those really large names that people don't feel like typing all the time.

Names like Charles, Alex, and Paul are acceptable, as well as names like Noris, Fola, Geail, and Trak. However, names like l33tmaster, Superpikachu, 1kool4you, and the like will not be allowed. On the other hand… if you did have a name like NV-323, or Superchu and had a background that explained it, such as you're an Electrode or Porygon and that is your code number or you're some person that thinks they are a super hero or what not, that will be allowed. It is highly discouraged to pick a name that is from a popular television show, movie, or point in history. Offensive names are also not allowed. There is pretty much no way around this, we will see your name when it's time for you to get validated and will ask you to change it if it's improper.

Fear not if you already have a bad name, or you forgot to capitalize it. If at any time you need to change your name, type in the following command.

@name <object>=<name> [<password>]

For example. Say you named yourself jack, but you need to fix the caps, you would type in "@name jack=Jack mypassword" with out the quotes, and where 'mypassword' is your password.


No matter what you'd like to be here, you're going to have to chargen yourself to enter the grid. It is a fairly simple process and most people have no trouble doing it their first time around. First off, to chargen yourself, you must type in the following:

+chargen <your name>

So, for example, if your name was Cid, you would type in "+chargen Cid" without the quotes.

After this you will be prompted to select your character type: That being, your gender, species, and morphology. You can choose between being male, female, hermaphrodite, gendershifter, or neuter for your gender. For your species, you may put in the name or the pokemon number. For your morphology, you can be a pokemon, a pokemorph [anthro], wild-pokemon, or a dittokin.

A word of clarification to those who are new to the theme here: A wild-pokemon is a type of pokemon that acts like an animal and isn't able to communicate with pokemorphs. Dittokin are normal pokemon or pokemorphs who have been infected with a virus by the ditto or alternatively are the spawn of a ditto on non-ditto relationship. They have a solid stable base form but are capable of learning other forms and transforming.

Example on how to do this would be to type +pokechooser male vulpix pokemon.

It is worth noting that different pokemon have different costs, which will be seen in the freebie's menu, which comes next. To see these costs, check the dex entry by typing +dex/pokemon nameornumber. Such as... +dex/pokemon 105 or +dex/pokemon pikachu

Next thing for you to is to spend your freebies. Freebies are basically things you spend to help improve the stat growth on your character. It is recommended that you spend a few if you plan on using your character for battles.

Type +freebies to see the areas you can put them in, and then type +freebie type=amount to spend or unspend points [max 4], and then +finish when you are done.


Now that you've made your character, you're going to need to describe yourself. One of the key things about making a character, is trying to make yourself be original. A straight up copy of a different character from a tv show or anime in many cases will get you looked at strangely, and unless it's at a costume party, make you lose major points oocly with people.

When describing yourself, it's good to try to have your description last at least two paragraphs, though one paragraph for pokemon tends to be acceptable. One good way to see if you have a good description is if you can draw a picture in your mind with /only/ the words you used in your description. Thing like the color of your skin or fur, your hair shape and color, eye color, interesting marks on your face or ears, jewelry, your clothing, and how it fits on your body are all things worth putting in your description. Many people like to split their descriptions into two or three paragraphs; one on the face, and either one or two on the body and clothing.

To add a description, go into editplayer and choose option 2. If it asks you "Would you like to convert this description to standard MPI (this may not work for complex MPI or MUF-based descriptions)? (YES/no)" and you've already written a description earlier, say yes, if not, say no. If you said no, you will probably be starting on line 3, if this is the case, you should delete lines 1 -3 by typing ".del 1 3" if you need help, type ".h".

In the room, there are objects that show example descriptions of different quality levels. Type "look name" for either one you'd like to see, where name is the name of the object.

Info File

You're nearly finished. Now that you have your look decided, it's time to fill in the meat of your character, what makes you, you. +info is used to store data about your character that normally is helped to tell the character points of your character. With this, you and add a lot of information about your character that you want people to know about.

We require all players to at least have information about their background, attitude, and rating. Background is basically their back story, attitude is their normal temperament and how they normally act, and rating is to tell others the level of scenes you are willing to RP in, think of it as movie ratings. There are other things you can add to your info file, such as your character's full name, age, any organizations they are in, their voice actor, mate[s], or what ever information you care to share about them publicly. Note: If you want to share your sexual likes, use wixxx. Type wixxx #help for more info.

To start adding info, type "+info/set name=information" where name is what the info field is, and information is what you want to put in. If you are going to be writing a backgrounds longer than one paragraph, it's recommended to name the fields "Background1, Background2, etc" To keep them in order. For examples of info files, type +info player to see a player's info.


For many of you, this is probably the part you were waiting for, COMBAT. Combat on pokemon dynasty is fairly simple, once you understand how it's done. Before we begin, it would be best for you to see the differences between our system and the real pokemon system.

Differences: Pokemon and pokemorphs are not limited to 4 attacks. Attacks grow more powerful when you train them. Enhancer items can be trained to be more effective. You can use more than one enhancer at a time. Hold items currently aren't programmed in.

Before you can battle, you'll have to have you or your pokemon learn some skills. We will teach you how to create puppets later, but for now, let's work on yourself.

There are two ways to learn new attacks, either by doing +buy [before validation] or +learn [after validation]. Finding which attacks you can use is fairly simple. All you need to do is type +dex/pokemon species. It will show you your species' pokedex entry and every attack in green will be available, assuming that is your species. If you are trying to learn tackle, for example, you would type "+buy tackle=1" where 1 is the number of xp you want to spend on the attack. The level of yourself and your attacks are calculated fairly simply. The level of anything is the square root of it's exp.

To use your attacks, type '+attack skillname=target'. For attacks that work on yourself or the environment, just type without a target. When you learn a new skill, you are going to need to +heal yourself first. Type '+heal' to do this when near a healing machine or in a pokemon center, this room has one provided for you to try this. You can also heal others by typing +heal name.

In combat and in spars, a normal round of combat works as follows: Each character wanting to participate types goiic. Then someone types '+init' to find the turn order. And then everyone +declares their attack by typing '+declare string', Normally people type in the attack and target in declare. Once everyone finishes, one person types +commit, then all moves are shown. Then, in turn order, the attacks are acted out, then rolled by using '+roll' or '+attack' Continue from +init when everyone finishes until one team is left.

If you'd like, you can learn your skills now, or later. If you have an attack, you're welcome to test it on the room by attacking 'here'. While you're here, test out the dex command. By typing +dex name, you will be able to see a character's sheet, though the more private information [attacks, and items] will not be seen unless you are the person's trainer [explained later].


If your going to own a pokemon, and it's not going to be a player character, you are going to need to learn how to create puppets, if not, you may skip this room. Puppets behave similarly to player characters, though they are directly owned and controlled by a player. Just like players, puppets must also be validated. Though, unlike players, puppets do not require a +info file, though they do require a description and are allowed freebies. Puppets also have no xp growth outside of training, so it is in your best intrest to spend all of your puppet's freebies.

To creating a puppet isn't too difficult. All you need to do is pick a name for your puppet and an action command. The action command is what you must type before you begin to direct the puppet. Say that you were going to have a puppet with an action command of pup, if you wanted your puppet to talk, you would type "pup 'blah". This also works for if you are chargening your puppet, "pup +chargen puppetname".

Type @puppet name=action to create your puppet. It is recommended and highly encouraged for you to not create a puppet with the same name as their action. After this, just go though the chargen process with your puppet.

You will also need to own your puppet to be able to train it. To do this, type 'puppetcommand +pokemon/owner yourname' so you will be able to train them. To train your pokemon, type '+pokemon/train name=amount'. When training your pokemon, you will be using your TXP, or Training eXperience Points. Your TXP in the beginning stays constant to your total XP, when you gain a badge, the rate of your TXP compared to your total XP will raise by 50% per badge. I.E. Going from 100%, to 150%, to 200%, etc etc.

If at any time you forget your action command for your puppet, you can type "exa me" to see a list of information about yourself, and your puppet commands are included in the "actions/exits" list.

It is also recommended for you to set yourself as the home of your puppet, so while holding your puppet, type for your puppet, "actioncommand @link me=here" to have your puppet linked to yourself. You can then type gohome for them to instantly move to your body if you accidentally leave them somewhere. Just like toys, you need to pick up your puppets when you're finished with them.

End Notes

If you would like to learn more about the other channels, type 'comsys' and a number of options will be shown to you. In the OOC Nexus, there are a few dropped documents that may be helpful to you, so feel free to look them over.

There are a few last minute things that should be mentioned before you leave. This is a RP world, and as such it is enforced that you roleplay when your being in character. In order to gain experience points, you must be set IC or IIC and actively roleplaying. To be set IC, type goic. For IIC type goiic. There is also OOC and IDL, goooc and goidl. You must also be RPing with a group of at least 3 to gain experience. You can also gain experience by using the +Vote system. The vote system is used to give votes of extra xp to players when you feel that they are doing a good job RPing. You may give a player 1 to 3 votes per tick, as long as you still have votes to give. To use, type "+vote player=number". Alternatively, you can use "+voteall number" to vote everyone in the room that is set IC or IIC and that isn't idle. To talk oocly, type ooc before you say what you wish to say. To do long emotes with out your name on the front, type spoof before beginning.

Also, your going to need to read the muck's message board. To do this type +bbread to see the boards. Please be sure to read boards 2 and 4, this is required. Everything else, your welcome to read when you have time. Also a handy command to know is '+bbcatchup all', this will lable all the unrequired reading as read, thus removing any login board spam of boards you don't want to read.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask us. We hope you enjoy your stay at Pokemon Dynasty.