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The Democratic Republic of Uto

Given that The Council and The League are both headquartered in New Ginseng and that the scope of both of these organizations are global. There was a need for a more localized government so that the issues of Contiki would not overburden these particular organizations. The resultant government is the only government to be artificially created by order of The Council and succeed. All other governments have come into creation on their own and have been given recognized status by The Council. While the country's full name is The Democratic Republic of Uto, in common language it is most often shortened to Uto.

Social Structure

The culture of Uto is based on capitalism. As such there are the typical divide between the haves and have nots. This is especially noticable in New Ginseng which happens to be the capital of the entire planet, there is no attempt to even hide this as the lower classes are shoved into the lower floors while the upper classes enjoy a view from higher up the upper structure both figuratively and literally in terms of being relegated to the higher floors. The primary spaceport for Poqmori is also located close to New Ginseng making it a center for anyone wishing to go to any colonies.

Political Structure

The Democratic Republic of Uto is actually an extension of The Council and is a representative democracy. They created the government to deal with more local issues to Contiki while they were able to focus on the more pressing global issues. It is the only artificially created government by The Council that has managed to not only succeed but thrive. As a result of being artificially created they actually are forced to operate under The Council's constitution.


The People of Uto engage in regular democratic elections for both members of The Council as everyone on Poqmori does as well as electing members of the House of Law. These elected members set the laws for the population of Uto. The members of the House of Law are elected for a term of 1 year, there are a total of X seats. Those with seats on The Council are elected for a term of 2 years, there are only 17 seats to cover all of Poqmori. The Prime Minister of Poqmori is elected for a term of 4 years and is also known as the speaker of the council. The Government of Uto can best be described as a large bureaucracy but thankfully most people know where to direct you if you ask them for something rather than having to dig around multiple places.


THe Democratic Republic of Uto has traditionally been neutral in all conflicts. Partly because of this they have become a major center for diplomacy and are generally accepted as neutral ground for enemies to meet each other. As a result of this policy even Tiamoga who is traditionally at odds with almost everyone at some point of another is willing to use Uto as a location for diplomacy.

National Relations

  • Allied With
    • Noone
  • Neutral To
    • Everyone
  • Hostile With
    • Noone

Economic Structure

Uto is a capitalist society with a consumer culture. However, they also do have many socialist programs to help the poor and unfortunate get onto their feet. These welfare programs are not very pervasive and tend to not be very well advertised. The idea being if someone is too lazy to even look for help they don't deserve it.


Uto and The Council both are major importer of many electronic gadgets such as pokedexes and the like as well as and aerospace components.


Uto's major export is alcohol based fuels as well as some specialty food products.

Spiritual Structure

The Democratic Republic of Uto has no specific spiritual structure. They are officially neutral towards any and all religions that have respectful worship practices that fall within legal structure (IE. no pokemon sacrifices and such)

Religious Beliefs

The religious beliefs of Uto are wide and varied. The only deviation is that the beliefs of Tiamoga are not quite mainstream. Worship of the Trinity is quite popular and a number of Arceus worshiping sects have arisen over time.