Utsura Kinoko

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Name:Utsura Kinoko
Gym Membership:--
Hometown:Shinjuku Province, Peth
Occupation:Combat Chef

"Shout at top of lung! Help focus energy! You try sometime, yes?"


Kinoko's personality initially seems chaotic. She's a very flighty and easily distracted young woman, though her principles are very deeply rooted in her mindset. Her admirable goals of starting a professional restaurant and perfecting her culinary skills are offset by her self-confidence.

Kinoko is, in fact, quite conceited. She believes her way is the best way in most situations and tends to shun those who seem emotionally or physically weak to her. Her self-conceit stems from her outstanding martial arts skills as well as her ability to adapt and produce unique culinary delights consistently. Her philosophy of 'I'm right and you're wrong' can make her a bit difficult to deal with, if not outright annoying.

However, Kinoko can learn. While she may look like another waitress with a fantastic physique in a short dress, her adapted fighting style punishes anyone daring enough to do more than ogle from a distance. This is a kind of attention Kinoko's ego feeds on, with her looks based in physical training and good genetics from her mother's side.

She's a bit obsessive. And quite excitable. Kinoko has a tendency for flying off the handle when things don't go her way. When someone attacks her indirectly, Kinoko's temper has a tendency of blocking out more rational thinking, resulting in a china-girl rampage until the culprit is brought to justice.

On the flipside, she's easily distracted by a variety of things, primarily money and beautiful men. She has a particular weakness for Bishounen types and is liable to swoon over anyone who fits the description. However, this won't protect any bishounen from a kick in the face if they prove to be a jerk or a pervert.

Kinoko has a pretty broad definition for 'Jerks', too. This pretty much encompasses anyone that actively opposes her way of thinking. There are few exceptions to this. People who simply tell her something she's doing is not a good idea are not 'jerks'. They're just wrong.


Growing up isn't easy in the untamed jungles of Peth's Shinjuku Province. Young Kinoko spent a majority of her youth learning martial arts from her father and her great grandfather, pulling teachings from several schools and, through vigorous training, combining all of them into her own unique style through her teenage years. But it wasn't fighting that Kinoko was really drawn to.

She spent an equally intense amount of time around her mother, learning the basics and finer points of cooking. Once she was old enough, Kinoko left home with the blessings of her parents. When she was supposed to join the Imperial Army, however, Kinoko applied herself instead to her true passion of cooking. She put herself through various culinary schools, using her fighting skills to fund her tuitions.

Once Kinoko completed her culinary instruction (Passing with flying colors on all courses), she set about finding work with her honed skills of culinary mastery. However, she discovered that the Huma restaurant she got a job with believed only in bringing joy to their customers by creating dishes using love. While the sentiment was wonderful, Kinoko felt their dishes were unacceptably average. She soon left Huma to work for Hanagata.

It became clear that the Hanagata restaurant was also sub-par. Completely different from Huma, Hanagata believed in producing superior foods by using only the best ingredients. Kinoko once again felt she could do better, and eventually left Hanagata's employ. She decided that the best dishes could be produced through both love and quality ingredients, not simply one or the other, and thus declared that she would open her own restaurant to prove herself right.


Kinoko's dialogue is not so great. She is fluent in Imperial Pethese, but her Utoan is a bit broken and disjointed. She often does not understand metaphors, and makes strange comparisons. When frustrated, Kinoko often swears in the Imperial Language.

Kinoko has a habit of shouting very loudly in combat. She believes that shouting at the tops of one's lungs helps focus her chi and yields better results. Kinoko is also known to shout names of her martial arts techniques, though she waxes into Imperial Pethese so gauging what she's doing through this can be difficult.

Kinoko wears two clasps. One keeps her hair bound in a loop shape, and the other holds her ears together and gives the illusion that they are, in fact, a ponytail. Her hair clasp bears Shinjuku-dialect Pethese Kanji that translates to 'Pride'. The clasp that holds her ears bears a similar Kanji marking that translates to 'Master'.

Utsura Style

Kinoko is a practicioner of Utsura-style Kung Fu. It's an ancient martial art that incorporates traditional pokemon attacks in devastating and often brutal fashions. As her entire family line, as far back as it can be traced, consists entirely of Mimilop pokemorphs, the style is specifically tailored for the species and may prove difficult for others. Many disciplines use theatrical blasts of chi energy, and fights are intense and fast-paced.

Basic Fighting

  • Hochifu - Not an attack. Hochifu is a parrying discipline used for evasions.
  • Ekichinshi - (Battle Meditation) - Rest/Sleep Talk
  • Kinokouji - (Kinoko Decoy) - Substitute
  • Jitenshakyaku (Bicycle Kick) - Double Hit
    • "Jitenshakyaku! Cha! Toh!"
  • Asanagi (Barrier) - Magic Coat/Endure
    • "Asanagi~! CHA!"

Burst Fighting

  • Bakushu - Not an attack. Bakushu is a 'burst dash' used as a prelude to some of Kinoko's moves.
    • "Bakushu!"
  • Senri/Hyappo Shinshou (Long-Distance/Every Way Impression) - Quick Attack
    • "Bakushu! Senri-SHINSHOU~!"
    • "Bakushu! Cha-! Hyappo SHINSHOU~!!"
  • Wakuashige (Slide Kick) - Pound
    • "Bakushu! Waku-ASHIGE~!"
  • Genkiken (Cheerful Fist) - Drain Punch
    • "Bakushu! GENKIKEN!"

Special Moves

  • Shoryuken (Rising Dragon Fist) - Sky Uppercut
    • "You see result of one thousand generations! Utsura Style, Piercing Sky! SHOORYUKEN!"
  • Souzendageki (Confuse Strike) - Dizzy Punch
    • "Utsura Style, Twisting Wall! SouzendaGEKI~!"
  • Ryuujin (Dragon Kick) - Jump Kick
    • "Utsura Style, Severing Wind! RYUUJIN~!"

Elemental Attacks

  • Hadengeki (Severing Wave Attack) - Water Pulse
    • "Utsura-Style, Ultimate Wave! Chaa~! HadenGEKI~!"
  • Raijinshou (Thunder God Rise) - Thunderbolt
    • "Utsura-Style, Furious Sky God! Iyaa, RaiJINshou!"
  • Raihirashindou (Lightning Palm Stun) - Thunder Wave
    • "Utsura-Style, Sky God's Touch! Raihira-! SHINDOU!"

Super Moves

  • Geki Saishinshou (Furious Shallow Impression) - Mirror Coat
    • "Utsura-Style, Soul Lance! Ge! Ki! Sai! SHINSHOU!"
  • Renhoukyaku (Darling Destroyer Girl) - Focus Blast
    • "Utsura-Style, Blistering sphere! RenhouKYAKU!"
  • Ichiyukashiideshou (I'm Charming, Right?) - Giga Impact
    • "Kinoko-Style! IE! CHI! YU! KA! SHI! DE! SHOOUU~!"
  • Setou Rippuku Fiah (Peak Raging Flame) - Hyper Beam
    • "Kinoko-Style! Power Spike! Iyah.. Setou! Rippuku! FIAH!"

As Kinoko has not yet mastered Utsura-style Kung Fu, more techniques are bound to appear in this listing.


Kinoko does not believe in training pokemon, as her sole devotion is to improving her own fighting skills. She has no problem fighting pokemon, and no problem with trainers. However, Kinoko does help her siblings train in Utsura-Style Kung Fu.

  • Utsura Puchiko - Kinoko's little sister. She is a 10-year-old Buneary-morph. Puchiko idolizes Kinoko, and endeavors to be just like her some day. However, Puchiko has a rebellious streak and doesn't respond well to Great Grandfather Utsura's teaching style, so she was sent to live with her big sister. Puchiko's hobby is chasing cats.
  • Utsura Tatemaki - Kinoko's great grandfather, often referred to simply as Great Grandfather Utsura or Old Man Utsura. Tatemaki is the grandmaster of Utsura-style Kung Fu. He is a skilled and cunning warrior, and has had many battles with the grandmasters of other schools over his hundred year lifetime. As Sensei of the Utsura clan, his teachings are extremely strict and sometimes ridiculously vague. He has a hands-on approach to discipline, and has at least once struck Kinoko in the head from across the ocean between Peth and Contiki.


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