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Name:Valerik Roltsworth von Faldeparte
Gym Membership:None
Occupation:Regal / Pokemon Trainer


Valerik is one of the only humans remaining on Poqmori. Which is considerably odd, considering the species died out years ago. Why is he alive? He's from the past. Valerik came to the future one day when he found a 'shiny rock' in Old Ginseng park which was actually a Selebii Egg. When he bent over to take it, he suddenly awoke in New Ginseng's City Centre. Now, farther from home than he's ever been, he's taken up the hobby of Pokemon training. Whether it's for protection from the people he angers with his bad attitude or for competitive reasons is only really known by him.


To put it simply, it stinks. Since he was born a noble back in the old days, Valerik is a perfect example of a spoiled rich youth. He's arrogant, stubborn and complains often to and about other and has so many vain thoughts in his head about himself, he could be a hot-air balloon. He treats other people and mon alike as if they are his servants. He is perhaps able to make friends and have a moment or two...if someone would put up with his attitude problem for more than five minutes.


Valerik claims to a noble, but that is of questionable origin. His family, House Faldeparte has considerable riches, but no political power. He was born in Faldeparte manor hidden in the some remote lands in the far reaches of the earth raised by his wealthy parents. The lord and lady spent luscious amounts of money hiring all sorts of private tutors to each the boy the arts of the world, reading, fine writing, marksmanship and swordsmanship to which all he succeeded extravagantly well in. With high hopes for their son, his father took him on a hunting trip to celebrate his sixteenth birthday, and to test out the hunting rifle he had received the day prior to that. While in the forest on his trip, his coach was attacked by a pack of wild Mightyena. Lord Faldeparte along with his seven other servants were ripped to pieces before Valerik's eyes and he barely escaped alive, with the help of his hunting rifle and his acute aim, he was able to kill the few hounds that pursued him after he fled the scene of the ambush. After wondering through the forest for three days, starving, he arrived in Ginseng City.

A New Dynasty

After one day's rather average events in Gensing, Valerik found an odd 'shiny rock' he deamed lucky in the park. When he bent over to pick it up, the next thing he knew he was standing in New Ginseng's City Park, as if awakening from a long dream. The change in scenery hasn't done much to change the noble's attitude, just given him another reason to complain. Maybe he'll find a few new faces to bother, or something... Until then, he's figured he might as well train a few new pokemon to help defend himself from those who aren't impressed with his attitude.