Vincent Ibister

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Name:Vincent Leander Ibister
Gym Membership:None
Occupation:Trainee Fighter


Vincent is just a Vaporeon boy out there to get strong and make a name for himself in the gym circuit. Rarely seen with out his best friend Damien, his first and foremost goal is to fight with all sorts of opponents so he'll be well tempered for the day he enters the Pokemon League.


Charming, collected and curious. Vincent's personality is made of these three primary C's. He tries to maintain a polite demeanor with strangers, unless they offend him, and a cheery pleasant one around his friends. Overall, he's generally easy going for the most part and quite easy to befriend with just little bit of politeness and friendly show.


Vincent dresses as a fighter would. Simple in his dark colored muscle shirt with loose kaki pants, both quite easy to replace since he spars so much and incidently damages his clothes. His jacket however, is a bit more meaningful. A simple white fabric with golden colored lace, it's usually around his waist, but he rarely actually wears it. Why is this, no one quite knows.


Vincent was born a simple Eevee boy in Mikon City to a loving, but rather wealthy pair of morphs, an Epseon and a Flareon. Kind, but rather on the restrictive side, Vincent's parents kept their son sheltered, with the intention of him excelling in school and eventually becoming an attonery for the family law firm. Books and endless nights of tendious study weren't what interested him, however. It was only when he was finally gratuating high school and preparing for college when he met Damien. Fascinated by his prowress in battle, Vincent disobied his parents and left with him to spar on the registration date for law school. After a grueling sparing match, in which the inexperenced Eevee was able to take his frustration out on Damien, (even though he lost), it was then when he decided that the life of an attonery wasn't for him. Bidding his parents farewell and ingoring their condemnations against his choice, he left with Damien for New Ginseng in hope of challenging the gyms there and growing strong. Upon arriving, Vincent soon lost hope, however.. Will all the strong challengers he witnessed day after day compete, he decided he would never be good enough to face them. It was then when Damien offered him the choice to evolve: his lucky water stone which he found as a Shroomish. With the promise of friendship between the two and his new found power, Vincent whole heartedly hopes to become a formible fighter and not return to his parents until he's proven his choice was the right now.