Viro Satana

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Name:Viro Satana
Gym Membership:--
Hometown:Rena City, Grouda
Occupation:Bounty Hunter

"That was your last chance. Get lost before I smash up that pretty face you're so proud of."


Viro Satana comes off as an aloof anti-hero. She's no-one's woman, a drifter born to fight alone. This is really an elaborate façade, though. Viro possesses an intellect borne of college and experiance. She has, however, played the part of "Durge" for so long now that the name 'Viro' means very little to her.

Her life outlook is rather simple to understand from an outside standpoint. Viro simply wants to do her own thing. Anyone who gets in her way is likely to get a pounding. Her 'own thing' includes whatever she decides she wants to do at the time, be it travel, fight, or business. Of note, 'Business' tends to involve one or both of the first two items, as Viro is a mercenary of some renown.

Viro does not hold back in combat. Viro does not like fighting men. This is mostly because men tend to hold back against her. But since she doesn't hold back in combat, and she is perfectly okay with defending herself, Viro usually berates the offending male after her victory in a way that might make her seem sexist. In short, this is one of the ways to piss Viro off.

Men who can consistantly defeat Viro earn a bit of respect from the lady, but she's not likely to show any compassion where just anyone can see it.

Various other things rouse Viro's temper, such as whiners and braggarts, loud obnoxious children, irresponsible parents, and rap music. The offenders of these transgressions will be sacked.

Given Viro Satana is her own woman, it’s no small secret she abhors organizations. While she did once serve in the Tiamogan Inquisition, the apprehension of a High Priest in the Cult of Darkrai cost her a partner and her arm. Rashid Gilznia, the priest in question, was not executed but rather placed under watch. Viro left the Inquisition in disgust, taking with her the replacement arm offered in return for the capture.

While Viro may align herself temporarily with any group for the right price, she won't stay for long. She does what her contract states, takes her payment, and departs. As any true businesswoman of her era, if the conditions are right, she may consider taking more contracts from that organization.

Viro, however, prefers working freelance. This is especially true when it comes to bounty hunting. She refuses to share bounties with others, to the point of trashing any interlopers as well as the bounty itself so she doesn't have to split the reward.


Viro was born and raised in Rena City's outskirts, growing up in the shadow of the Inquisition and the iron hand of Tiamoga's authoritarian government. While many tried to ignore the existence of the Inquisition, Viro groomed herself to join its ranks, working through the Knights until noticed and promoted into service of the Inquisition at the age of 19.

Viro spent the next two years in direct opposition to the Cult of Darkrai, tracking and arresting bit members alongside her partner, Teana Lanster. The pair formed a strong bond, always seeking the larger arrests. Eventually an ambitious Viro convinced Teana to go after a high priest known as Rashid Gilznia.

The pair cornered Rashid in his temple at the summit of Mt. Trial in the Groudan mountains. While Teana offered him a chance to surrender, the priest of course refused and attacked. The battle was surprisingly short, with Rashid falling off a cliff. In a final act, he hurled his weapon - A massive claymore. This sword chopped through the ledge that the girls were standing on.

Teana fell forward, Viro backwards, though she managed to scramble forward and snatch her partner's leg before she could fall completely. The pair exchanged a brief look. This is when gravity exerted its pull on Rashid's discarded sword. The falling blade cleaved Viro's left arm off just past the shoulder.

The rest of the Inquisitors arrived too late. Viro was bundled up and removed. Search parties located Rashid - Still alive - but could not find Teana's body anywhere. When the Priest was merely imprisoned, pending trial and without proper evidence, that was the last straw. Viro left the Inquisition in disguist, taking with her the iron arm they had grafted where the old one had once been.

Viro has been working as a bounty hunter ever since, under the name "Durge".


Viro's left arm is a cybernetic replacement to the organic arm that she lost during her last arrest as a Tiamogan Inquisitor. While the arm itself terminates just above the elbow, a rugged system inside the bicep and shoulder plates locks with and assumes control of two specialized devices that were intended to enable Viro to continue to work unhindered as an Inquisitor.

  • Gauntlet - The part most often seen is the Gauntlet. This looks exactly like what it sounds. The Gauntlet part is a steel glove, identical in basic design to Viro's organic right hand. However, the Gauntlet's grip far exceeds her natural grasp, and it has a broader range of motion due to not being physically connected to her elbow.
  • Blade - The Blade is a redesign of the longsword Viro carried as an Inquisitor. The hilt has been replaced by a specially modified reciever that interfaces with her upper arm in a way identical to the Gauntlet. Just as with the gauntlet, the Blade part is capable of maneuvering in unnatural ways as it is not physically connected to her arm.
  • Buster - An illegal modification made to the Gauntlet somewhat recently. When activating the Buster, the hand portion of the Gauntlet folds back into the wrist, extending a chargable energy weapon. As it is not physically connected to Viro's arm, the Buster can float freely and attack from any angle, making its shots extremely difficult to predict.


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