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Melee Weapon: Any weapon with a melee range that requires the weapon to connect a physical path between the wielder and the victim to cause an effect. 'Brawling' weapons like Brass Knuckles would also fall under this designation for simplicity.

Ranged Weapon: Any weapon which does not provide a physical path between the wielder and the victim to cause an effect. Firearms are also ranged weapons.

Firearm: Any high-powered (usually via controlled chemical explosion) ranged projectile device operating under its own special rules and is generally illegal.


1) A Ranged Weapon MAY NOT permit the user to engage 'Requires Contact' attacks from a distance.
(IE. You cant use your Low Kick attack from a distance by saying your slingshot hits the guy in the balls)

2) A Melee Weapon MAY be used to help focus a ranged attack and suffers no ill effects.
(IE. You can claim that your thunderbolt attack is focused through your metal staff before it hits the target)

Firearm Specific Rules

1) Will generally have their own attacks in the pokedex if they're needed.
(IE. They'll have their own attack in the system that can be +rolled and +proved)

2) Any critical hit scored with a firearm will result in serious injury up to and including loss of limbs or even death.
(System: +spendhp to 0. +inflict fainted. Miracle Berries will keep you from dying but not restore the fainted status. You arent in any condition to fight)

3) Characters with firearms MUST be given the OK by staff and/or obtain said firearms within a staff-run TP. If someone is claiming to have a firearm just ask them to +prove attackname and/or applicable +jnote.
(IE. If they cant PROVE it, they don't HAVE it)

4) Firearms are considered deadly weapons and will be treated as such by police and military.
(IE. ICA=ICC clause)

Acceptable Weapons

Melee: Anything as long as it doesn't contain a firearm device within it (IE. No Gunblades)

Ranged: Any non-firearm device including but not limited to Javelins, Spears, Bows, Slingshots, Crossbows, Boomerangs, and even Thrown Rocks.

Firearm: NONE, limited to Military and Police use. Examples of Firearms include Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, Machine Guns, etc...