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Player Character
Species:Flareon (as of Mar 19, 2007)
Age:24 (1524)
Home:New Ginseng, Chappai Housing
Work:Tarada University Instructor
Affiliations:Tarada University
Badges Acquired: None (Prior badges lost)

Brought into this new world through a Celebi egg, the 'vee didn't have much of a chance to pack his bags, disappearing from the old world and arriving in the new through one of their teleport stations...


Initialiy standoffish, he's was taking things slow and easy, having retreated to the Bash and Brawl as that's the only surviving place from the old world. Ask him about world events or anything related to the modern day, or bring a Ditto near him and he'll be wary, and perhaps outright surly. But bring up pokemon, training or tactics and alot of his old personality will come out.

That was before.. but now? With his recent engagement to his fiancee Loretta Truesdale, and having evolved to a Flareon on the same day, he's been dealing with a few issues like his latest string of losses in battle due to of all things, confusion attacks. And working as an instructor at the Tarada University has definately caused him to question his previous philosophy. His hot blood keeps him from being able to maintain the focus he had as an eevee, and that tears at him a bit. More then a bit really.

There's other things going on with him too but he won't spill them easily.


Early Life

Initially born over 1500 years ago, his backgroud is essntially a history lesson and he knows it. Born in a small farming town, he moved into the city after getting his Zigzagoon, saving it from a bunch of houndours who wanted to turn the 'mon into lunch. Once in the city he grew in both talent, and position until he ended up running for and accepting the position as Council member for the normal types, in addition to his position as the Steel gym leader. Soon after these achievements he disappeared...

A New Dynasty

Going to bed one moment and stepping out of a teleporter in the new world shook him up a bit, as the eevee is still adapting to arriving in this new world. Many of the things he's seen thus far mystify him a bit, though he does a good job of not showing it. What he does know though is his time as a steel gym leader and on the council helps to give him the strength to carry on, despite what may have happened.

For note.. a (VERY small) part of him still believes that this is really just a Ditto scheme to get him to spill secrets, since he was also head of the militia for the old world. But with his new life here, he's grown comfortable.. though he'll still not spill anything that isn't public knowledge. This belief though is rapidly being dashed.

Historical Note

He /has/ been called 'legendary' by one or two others that he's met recently, and on occasional had invoked an aura of Awe from a few residents, both of which he is fairly uncomfortable with still. His historical achievements have included proving that a mon doesn't have to match the type of gym he leads, something that even the highest ranked officers in the League had been reluctant to sanction. But sanction it they did and he did the job well.

His badge, 'determination' was also proven to be the hardest one ever to earn. Before his disappearance, only a very small handful were awarded. Even he wouldn't wear it unless he passed his own challenges, which took months to do.


He is indeed OLD, his knowledge well and dated and learning the new way of things is going to take him a long time. The Pokedexes of 1500 years ago he can use, but the newest ones to come out along with the new breeds of pokemon that had appeared after his disappearance he'll be at a loss to handle. It doesn't mean he can't try. It just means it will take him a bit of time to learn how.

Training Style

Some video on whiskey's training regime, meant to promote flexibility and thinking fast. (These are based on RL examples of course, NONE of them of the player)