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Ground Rules

I am, at the insistence of many, creating a list of expectations, both mine of the wizzes, and the wizzes of me.

When I hand out a Archwizard role (W3) these roles will be:

  • Absolute: You will be top of the chain for your particular role, I will not overrule any of the high wizards without discussion with you and only you.
  • Exclusive: Noone else will be operating in the same role as you unless you hire on someone to help you. The archwizards will have the right to hire their own staff. Roles between archwizards have domains they are in charge of and should not cross over into others domains..
  • Your responsibility: I will not accept any player request to review your decision, I will do so if another high wizard asks, and only that circumstance. I will review complaints and cite abuse but decisions will be simply passed onto the archwizard presiding the role.
  • Accountable: Because of the unique amount of power and responsibility I am laying on each one of you, if the power is misused, I will come down so hard you won't want to know me. Also those who are not performing their role regularly will be replaced.


This being said here are the Archwizard roles. These roles are effectively co-head roles, maybe even bigger because of my resistance to overrule in the future. Note that effectively, if you as an archwizard forms a staff under your role, your staffers may have W2 (wizard). The requirements for staffers under an archwizard are similar to that of the archwizard, except not as firm, and also, staffers are selected by the hiring archwizard for that role.

Server Wiz

  • Player: Alynna
  • Responsibilities: Keep the game running.
  • Requirements: Be me.

Code Wiz

  • Player: Alynna
  • Responsibilities: Review and fix bugs in code. Implement new code as needed.
  • Requirements: Assuming I was to hand this role out, being proficient in FB6 and ProtoMUCK MUF code is required.

Theme Wiz

  • Player: Alynna
  • Responsibilities: Review and resolve theme for inconsistency. Clarify theme points. Document theme. Create new theme points as needed to keep the game fun.
  • Requirements: This role will not be handed out.

Build Wiz

  • Player: (None)
  • Responsibilities: Maintain the grid, build new areas as needed, add and remove rooms for players. Optionally maintain a build staff
  • Requirements: Knowledge of MUCK building commands, preferably with ProtoMUCK semantics, is required..

Plot Wiz

  • Player: Giselle
  • Responsibilities: Run plots regularly. Within the scope of theme, form plots and organizations that enhance game play.
  • Requirements: Previous proven storytelling experience, a record of good RP.

Dex wiz

  • Player: Helio
  • Responsibilities: Maintain the pokedex and correct/update it as needed.
  • Requirements: An almost obsessive knowledge of the pokedex. Knowledge of setting MUCK properties a big plus.

Player Relations wiz

  • Player: (None)
  • Responsibilities: Resolve player disputes. Submit problem players for potential discipline.
  • Requirements: Patience, good people skills, self-control, good problem resolution skills.

Helpstaff wiz

  • Player: (None)
  • Responsibilities: Help new players, manage a helpstaff of players doing the same, approve and disapprove new characters.
  • Requirements: Good people skills, knowledge of MUCK commands.