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Name:Youki Hogake
Occupation:University Student/Taekwando Red Belt/Campus Newspaper Photographer
Voice Actor:TBD
Rating:G-X, ask first if X+


For the most part, Youki Hokage's life was generally normal, as normal as it could get for someone like her, especially being the 'daughter' of Kishin Hokage, lead player for a major league Soccer team. Although born with a genetic condition that often appeared in her mothers side of the family, she grew up about as normal as she an intelligent young Vulpix could, even if she preferred roughhousing and playing with action figures with the boys more than anything girlish. For the first part of her life, her and her father were very close, despite the fact that he was rarely home. He was a good guy although being a Houndoom, and was honest and kind, and modest even with his talents on the soccer field. He and Youki's mother, a Ninetales by the name of Emilyn, working as a meteorologist, supported Youki despite her condition, even when Youki began to become much more predominantly female while still remaining as spunky and tomboyish as ever.

Much of this came to a crashing halt when Youki's father was badly injured during a hiking outing after her thirteenth birthday. At first it seemed like a simple break, but there was more damage than the doctors first expected, and the leg healed poorly. After a while it healed enough for Kishin to return to playing soccer, but he never could play the way he used to. In the matter of a season, he went from the star player to benchwarmer, and he often took his frustration out with alcohol. He degenerated quickly from the kindhearted man Youki first knew to a bitter, disgruntled drunk, falling into an endless depression until his death in a drunk driving accident. A heartbroken Youki fell into depression herself soon after.

But the depression didn't last. Her uncle, a Primeape-morph Taekwondo master by the name of Lin Fao, took her under his wing and taught her the arts of Taekwondo and Tai Chi. With teachings of focus and discipline mixed together with the martial arts training intended to put her inherited abilities and fire attacks to good use, she soon pulled herself from her depression, and quickly rose through the ranks of the rest of his pupils. She practiced with an almost with a sort of stubborn determination which at one point lead her to befriend and begin training the young Riolu pokemon, Ketsui, who has stuck with her ever since. She found time to graduate high school on time, and with her interests in photography and writing, she headed off to the nearby college where she could continue her martial arts training while furthering her studies.

Family Background

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Stubborn and spunky, Youki isn't quite what one would expect from a typical Vulpix morph with the exception of her short fused temper. Although distinctly very feminine in form, her more masculine nature shows itself in a somewhat tomboyish personality as she prefers to practice Taekwondo or play video games over pampering herself or shopping. Granted, she doesn't mind it now and again... She just doesn't show that side too often. But besides that, she is a very kindhearted Vulpix, intelligent, creative, modest and generous, and furiously loyal to her friends to the point where she would readily fight for them. While hobby wise she enjoys to write her own things, she's an avid reader, occasional pokemon trainer, and somewhat of a shutterbug. Even sometimes she can be convinced to go out and have a good night on the town. She downright loves to hang around kids, often seen playing soccer or video games with them, or teaching the younger Taekwondo students. But just don't get on her bad side, she knows Kung Fu. She's not necessarily quick to anger, thanks to her discipline training as a martial artist, but she can still be considered short tempered, and when she gets angry, things start heating up, literally. On top of it all, she's a horrible liar. She can't lie to save her life. Well, maybe to save her life, but otherwise it's pretty obvious when she's not telling the truth.

Physical Appearance

Being a Vulpix morph, Youki is rather short. She stands at about 5" and maybe about 110lbs, with a majority of it muscle. She is predominantly female, even though she is a hermaphrodite. Her coloration is pretty much typical, except for the white streak of fur down her front, her white hand-paws, black hindpaws and the black tips to her ears and tails. Typically seen in taekwando training pants and a tank top, unless she's at classes, in which she wears the typical University uniform with slacks instead of a skirt. See in-game desc for more details.

Fighting Style

Youki's style when it comes to actual combat as opposed to Taekwondo practice or competitions is somewhat different. She mixes the actual taekwando style itself with a mix of her own moves, using typical Pokemon moves to augment her attacks and making them more effective outside of the actual ring. Often this is in the form of using faint attack to attack from the shadows, or to properly feint an opponent, or with fire attacks, using them as 'phantom punches' where she doesn't land a physical hit, but punches to send her flames at the opponent. Outside of the ring she fights using her hands more than her feet, adding a little bit of boxing into the mix. So she it isn't unusual to see her resorting to straight out punches. But she is well known to be able to use an opponents height and weight against them.


Even though a pokemorph, Youki still trains pokemon. Only for her, it's not just for fun. She just enjoys the companionship and the challenge, and has formed a sort of family-like bond with her young Ketsui, acting as both brother and sister to her. But that doesn't keep them from battling. Like her Taekwando, Youki sees pokemon battling is another form of martial arts disipline, a sport for pokemon, and encourages Ketsui to practice and to take part in it. Though more often than not she acts more like the Riolu's older sister/brother than a trainer.


Ketsui is just a young Riolu, no more than two years old and very much a child. She's usually energetic to the point where she's somewhat of a mischievous troublemaker. Granted, she typically listens to Youki, but she's picked up many of the Vulpix-morphs habits, like playing video games instead of doing work, and the two of them are often goofing off together when they're not practicing. She's picked up a bit of a chocolate addiction, much to the horror of many people who know that chocolate is dangerous to canines, but she shares the cast iron stomach that is present in the Riolu and Lucario line.

Player Note

You might notice that I use 'she' and 'her' instead of the typically accepted hermaphrodite pronouns of 'shi' and 'hir'. This is because it's a pain in the tail to remember the alternate pronouns, and in either case, Youki looks close enough to entirely female for it not to matter... too much, anyway.