Auron Lartius

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Name:Auron Lartius
Species:Cyndaquil-morph (Dittokin)
Gym Membership:None
Occupation:Bounty Hunter


Auron is a quiet, collected dittokin for hire. He mainly sticks to the streets of New Ginseng, dressed in his usual attire, which is a dark colored jacket with matching trousers and a pair of tinted glasses and bandana to cover his face. Exactly what kind of jobs this Cyndaquil morph is willing to take is still up in the air to most, appearently...


A man of few words. Auron's friendly enough, but just doesn't like to talk as much as others do. He tends to take the cool, calculating approach towards matters, and figure out things ahead of time. This does make him a sage of some sorts, so he's usually a good one to talk to if you're confused, or need a friendly word of advice.


Auron was born a Cyndaquil, of course, away in the remote lands in Helsing. He was a happy enough boy, albeit a tad quiet. His family had wealth, they acted as merchants, selling various trinkets and artifacts found from the past by setting up exploration operations all over Poqmori, and often sending their son Auron to oversee production when he turned fifteen. If the ruins happened to be dangerous however...that's when Auron learned to fight. He spent his time praticing on the wild mon that dwelled in there, sharpening his skills while his family made the profit.

It was Auron's eighteenth birthday when he was finally arranged to go to Contiki for a supposidly large find. With only his two most trusted scouters, a Gengar-morph named Amos and a Raichu-morph named Simon he was to explore a large underground ruins and blaze the trail for the excavation crew. Arriving on site, the three came to realize, there was no ruins. Things seemed to fall apart in a matter of minutes. Several powerful morphs sprang from the bushes and slaughtered Auron's team, wounding him severely, but not the point which he couldn't slip away into a ditch in the chaos.

Auron lay wounded for many hours in that ditch after the attackers had fled from murdering his companions. On the blink of death, he saw a flickering pink light in the darkness of the night. It spoke to him, telling him that it could mend his broken body and save his life, at a cost...of becoming one of 'their' kin. Auron, obviously not wanted to die, gave his consent to the mysterious being. The last thing he could remember was being submerged into a strange fluid, then darkness. After he awoke the next morning, to his amazement the events of the prior night where no dream. With his fully healed body, he pressed to the nearby town of New Ginseng and settled down there until the present, not caring to return to his old job when it had cost him his two most trusted allies. In this time, it also gave him plenty of time to come to realize