Sei Truesdale

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Name:Seirya/Seizon Truesdale
Gym Membership:Assassin's Guild (Theta)
Badges:Celestial, Concert, Foxfire, Iris, Power, Rouge's Seal, Spirit, Wave.
Rating:G-XXX (If warranted)
Alignment:Lawful Neutral (Eh, it fits.)
Occupation:Assassin for Seirya, Hitman for Seizon
Voice Actor:Seirya-To be determined. Seizon-American Vash the Stampede


Sei was born to Westen and Eliza Truesdale, she the third child of the two after older brother Gerich, and older sister Loretta. Her parents, after raising both a son and daughter, had their own thoughts and ideals of now how to proerly raise a child after their trials with her elder siblings. Thus as she grew up, she got the upmost care from her clan, a princess of the darkness if you will.

When she was old enough to talk, she was taught how to speak properly, intelligently. Whens he could walk, she was made to hop, skip, jump and run for physical training. When she could properly grip, she was taught how to use weapons. Studying was divided up between her mother with math and reading, science with her father Science was more or less, chemistry for poison purposes), and physical training was all left up to her Grandfather, Kaiser.

At ten, she received her first sword from her grandfather, thusly named Dawn. Something to symbolize her start of her years as a...hunter.

At twelve, Grandpa Kaiser started teaching her how to use her body in techniques. Mainly. the old man taught her an age old Truesdale move of changing genders. Seirya was never born a gendershifter, she was taught -how- to do it, in case she need to do it and sneak in. Thus, Seizon was born, alter-ego to the strong ego of Seirya.

Grandpa Kaiser taught her how to change, but not how to control. And through the years she never practiced changing on purpose and back. She'd also supress some deep seated ideals. All this would come back to hunt her, as Seizon began to develop is own mind. Soon enough, he had sort of his own conscious, would randomly take 'over' the body. Soon enough though, after minds had balanced out and horomones settled, she would learn how to change into Seizon at will but still remain in some bit of control, lest he hit on every female that come across his way.


Sei, overall that is, is generally...neutral, but each of them tend to be good or bad. Seirya for instance, while neutral, acts coldly to those she doesn't know, wouldn't bother to help them, and picks on those she does know, even if its in a nice way. Seizon meanwhile is generally kind, willing to help, doesn't like to fight females (Some goofy sort of code of honor if not job related), and over all friendly. Thats not to say, Seirya won't ever be nice, or Seizon won't randomly shoot you.

Weapons List

Seizon and Seirya tend to be polar opposites when it comes to weapons, each of them having different tastes for how to kill: Seirya preferring the silent, stealth way of the assassin while Seizon cares less, opting out for a 'hitman' style of killing...ballistics, and what not.

Seirya incororates melee weapons into her arsenal. They are as following:

Obsidian- Her signature weapon. Its shape is that of a katana blade, but where a normal katana would meet the sword hilt, it turns and then curves down like a shotel's blade does. The blade of this weapon is black as is the edge, complete with a black swordguard, a hilt of crimson, and black lacing to wrap it for gripping.

Claw and Fang-Her first weapons of choice when she really came to know Poqmori. A pair of silver Shotel, with retractable chains on the ends that she could use to fling her shotels out and retract in classic Kratos style.

Maelstorm-This is her last weapon of choice, nothing more then a silver, long bladed nodachi. Its of a simple seven eet long, most the feet invested into the blade (It was five feet, making the handle two feet).

Seizon opts out instead for regular gunplay. Why let opponent get close when you can blow them away afterall?:

Lock and Stock-A simple pair of six shot pistols, the first guns he'd normally grab in a fight. They're silver, but with black accents.

Nameless and Absence-The second pair of guns he usually has hidden up in his coat. These are more built for taking down heavier enemies. A pair of .45 caliburs with elongated barrels. Think Dirty Harry x2.

Nobody-Can't take down something with his two heavier guns? His last weapon he could lug around on him (And be actually able to move well), is a short barreled or sawed-off shot gun. This too was held in cloak behind his back, kept back there until he -really- would need a reason to use it.


Seirya and seizon dress opposite. Yeah, they really don't like to be confused with one another...really. Interestingly though they both went to have their outfits customized from the same fellow deep in Sub-Electronica. Seirya dresses in her white and black affair with the title of Ivory, while Seizon has a black and silver number, called of course, Ebony

Despite this, they both wear one thing: A silver weavile skull. This is to represent their fallen tutor and mentor of Porfir, as well as mark a emblem for their own little assassin guild.